Pokken Tournament Devs Want Pokken Tournament To Be a High-End Game

Pokken Tournament Developers are setting their sites high on the Pokemon dream game many fans have wanted.

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ABizzel11197d ago

I don't see how, when they don't have a big mix-up game. It could be there Year 1, but I don't see it being a hardcore stay.

AWBrawler1197d ago

SO we're judging it already? sheeesh you guys are harsh.

ABizzel11196d ago


Did you not see my comment below, and as the developer said. There's no high and low mix-up game which means it's more than likely similar to the Naruto games (which Namco also develops), so being a competitive Evo game is unlikely, but once again that doesn't mean it won't be a fun game.

N4g_null1196d ago

The high low mix up could be exchanged for stances which would actually make this fighter closer to pokemon.

You have a rock paper scissor situation in real time. If they are talking high end I hope they are talking solid state uber shader high end with tons of partical effects with at least 4 teraflops worth of power. There are a few high end arcade boxes out there that use pc parts so I would say bring it!

Darkfist1197d ago

it would be better if the gameplay was like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm.

ABizzel11197d ago

That's pretty much what's it should be like according to not the developer, by not having high and low mix-ups. It's a casual fighter, but that doesn't mean it's not a good game.