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Pokken Tournament Devs Want Pokken Tournament To Be a High-End Game

Pokken Tournament Developers are setting their sites high on the Pokemon dream game many fans have wanted. (Arcade, Pokkén Tournament, Wii U)

Kevlar009  +   19d ago
Pokken for Evo
ABizzel1  +   19d ago
I don't see how, when they don't have a big mix-up game. It could be there Year 1, but I don't see it being a hardcore stay.
AWBrawler  +   18d ago
SO we're judging it already? sheeesh you guys are harsh.
ABizzel1  +   18d ago

Did you not see my comment below, and as the developer said. There's no high and low mix-up game which means it's more than likely similar to the Naruto games (which Namco also develops), so being a competitive Evo game is unlikely, but once again that doesn't mean it won't be a fun game.
scissor_runner  +   18d ago
The high low mix up could be exchanged for stances which would actually make this fighter closer to pokemon.

You have a rock paper scissor situation in real time. If they are talking high end I hope they are talking solid state uber shader high end with tons of partical effects with at least 4 teraflops worth of power. There are a few high end arcade boxes out there that use pc parts so I would say bring it!
Darkfist  +   19d ago
it would be better if the gameplay was like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm.
ABizzel1  +   19d ago
That's pretty much what's it should be like according to not the developer, by not having high and low mix-ups. It's a casual fighter, but that doesn't mean it's not a good game.

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