Mozilla prepares for Firefox 3 release and plans for 3.1

Ars Technica writes: "Mozilla has announced that June 17 is the official date of the much-anticipated Firefox 3 release. Developers and open source software enthusiasts are planning parties all over the world to celebrate the occasion. I'll be covering the release from Mozilla headquarters in Mountain View at the official Camp Firefox event.
Mozilla is encouraging users to participate, too, by helping the Firefox team set the record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours. The total number of unique downloads that take place on release day will be submitted for potential inclusion in the Guinness World Records. Over a million users have already signed up to pledge their support."

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Ice2ms3834d ago

Wow At The Time Of Me Writing This 1,339,866 have plegded to Download this on Day one the servers are going to under a great deal of pressure tommorrow. 1,339,866 is only the people who said before hand that they were going to download it there could be another few 100,000 who just show up tomorrow and download it without pledging oO

himdeel3834d ago

...about a new version of Firefox! I'll be downloading this on day one. Firefox is a wonderful application.