IE8 development: Microsoft should learn from Apple, Mozilla

Ars Technica writes: "Internet Explorer 8 is set to be Microsoft's most standards compliant browser ever. After originally stating that IE8 would default to the same noncompliant behavior exhibited by IE7, Microsoft relented and plumped for standard-by-default. The first beta of IE8 was released in March and it did indeed default to standards compliance. Web developers have been clamouring for standards compliance for a long time; IE is a long way behind the competition, requiring considerable hacks and workarounds to get pages working properly. IE8 should make things a lot better-but it will still fall far short of the standards set by Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Some of these problems are technical, but others are cultural. Where the other browser developers are open and communicative, Microsoft is still leaving web developers in the dark."

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Durffen3834d ago

Microsoft really should learn something from Apple of Mozilla. I prefer both Fire Fox and Safari over Internet Explorer.

RussDeBuss3833d ago

...........prefers IE over firefox. At the minute I use IE7 on my vista machine and have tried the firefox 3 latest RC and to be honest find IE7 loads pages faster. Havn't tried IE8 yet as I dont like early microshaft software as it usually takes them forever to make it work properly but for now IE7 does me just fine.

Pain3833d ago

its to busy trying to copying like always.