PlayStation Japan’s Press Conference Liked by 58,7% of Japanese Audience; 22.1% Didn’t Like it

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia held its press conference on the 1st, and they impressed many with a whole lot of titles, especially for the PS4, but how did the Japanese audience like it? the majority did, but a sizable percentage wasn't as pleased.

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Snookies121142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Honestly I was bored with it until they started dropping bombs near the end. Like Disgaea, Persona, Ys and Dragon Quest...

Abriael1142d ago

I actually liked a lot almost all of it, but the new president has a lot less presence than Kawano did.

cleft51142d ago

I can see how the press conference would be liked in Japan. Obviously it didn't have enough flash for a western press conference but considering recent events in Japan a low key press conference like this makes sense.

mikeslemonade1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Doesn't matter if they don't like it. Clearly the Japanese video game audience has bad taste. I suggest they start catering somewhere else.

The problem is you make DS and Wii1 type games you will neglect the rest of the world. The World>Japan, simple right?

HeartlessGamer1142d ago

Same here it was putting me to sleep but when they started showing Japanese games I was wide awake

HeWhoWalks1142d ago

That was the idea. Knock out all the Western stuff first, then close out with what the Japanese want. It wasn't meant to be an entertainment show for Western audiences.

HentaiMasterRace1142d ago

Needs more Vita that's why, they barely care for consoles. nowadays.

BitbyDeath1142d ago

Can't please everyone, some were saying there was too much Vita.

jujubee881142d ago

wth are you talking about?

BitbyDeath1142d ago

They announced 20+ games for Vita at the conference, the first part of the conference was taken up with nothing but Vita, places like Neogaf were saying it was too much and they wanted PS4 content to be shown.

Did you watch it?

ShadowWolf7121142d ago

lol the same crowd whining about how Sony hates the Vita and laughing cuz the Vita was "dead"?

They're just mad it hurt their meme.

paul-p19881142d ago

Can never have too much Vita, I love mine, and after the farce that was Gamescom a few weeks before where the Vita was treated like a ginger stepchild it needed the attention it deserved!

Now if only they would announce that God Eater 2: Rage Burst will be coming to the West...

novurdim1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Neogaf are not japanese, that's just silly mentioning them in this topic. Only two more or less strong new exclusive games has been announced for Vita (Samurai and Luminous Arc), other traditionally portable games are forced to go multiplat and it has taken less than a quarter of the show.
Of course they are not pleased when the most popular playstation device in Japan today is handled like that.

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Beetey1142d ago

It got more Vita than all of the other conferences combined.

DonDon1142d ago

Still that isn't saying much though.

KwietStorm1142d ago

I figured that's why the whole first portion of the show was Vita...

novurdim1142d ago

Less than a quarter of the show for the most popular ps device of the year in japan and only two not-so-big new exclusives. GJ, Sony.
Now imagine if vita is on stage for 45 minutes at E3 with ps4 taking up the remaining 15. That's pretty much what happened for japanese gamers, it's stupid to apply neogaf logic to them.

KillaManiac1142d ago

I just hope they didnt announce too much stuff at this pre-event to cause their actual conference to look boring and bad.

They really did announce alot.

OUROSMAG1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

The pre conference is the conference, the stream on the 17th is something entirely different. It was drummed up to steal some of MS's thunder for the show cause of their launch.

kalkano1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

I was bored throughout the whole thing, until Dragon Quest at the end...then I was angry, because it's an action game. Even the few turn-based games they showed looked like shovelware, with the ridiculous cardboard-cutouts once again rearing their ugly heads. It astounds me that these companies are still pulling that crap on consoles.

Edit: Also, I'm not a Persona/SMT fan.

Revengeance1142d ago

Well that's because you're a very close-minded individual. You have a mindset that ALL JRPGs need to be turn-based to be good. This is 2014 not 2000. If all JRPGs stuck with this same formula it would've been a boring genre.

kingdom181142d ago

Well as much as I agree with part of what you've said, it has been a really long time since we have had that classic true JRPG formula through and through on Consoles.

kalkano1142d ago

^ Exactly. It's easy to say things like that for people like you, Revengeance, when almost every single console RPG is action-oriented. I don't want every RPG to be turn-based. I just want SOME respectable turn-based RPGs on consoles.

Inception1142d ago

"then I was angry, because it's an action game"

FYI, Dragon Quest Heroes is a spin-off, just like other DQ spin-off not using turn-based RPG. So it's weird that you got angry, when in fact a lot of DQ spin-off are not a turn-based RPG. I take it you are not a fans of Dragon Quest and have problems with anger management.

But i have no idea why you watch the conference till the end when RPG such as Ys, Persona 5, or Disgaea 5 not even make you interested.

kalkano1141d ago

Because I'm paranoid. No, seriously. The entire industry seems to be trying to kill off turn-based RPGs (which are the entire reason I even play games).

Every time I see an action game made for what is a, predominately, turn-based series, I get this creeping feeling that this is only step 1, and the rest of the series is going to follow that path.

It happened to my two favorite series' (Shining Force, and Final Fantasy). I've seen it happen with many other series' (Lufia, Arc the Lad, etc.)

Dragon Quest 9 was originally an action-RPG, before the Japanese fans revolted, and made them change it. Dragon Quest Heroes feels like their second try. It feels like they're trying to ease the fans into it with a spinoff, before revealing Dragon Quest 11 as an action-RPG.

I feel like I'm being forced out of gaming. I've largely been retro gaming for the last decade. I VERY BADLY want to be able to play modern turn-based games; but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

So, yeah, I'm paranoid. But, I have very good reasons to be paranoid.

Xof1141d ago

It's never too late to become a Persona/SMT fan.

As for Dragon Quest... be angry at it for being an action game, but then be happy it's an action game: that makes it the ONLY Dragon Quest game with even the tiniest chance of being released outside of Japan.

kalkano1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

It being released outside of Japan, instead of DQ7 3DS, would only make me angrier, and there's zero chance I'd buy it. It's a misconception that the west doesn't like turn-based. The west is fine with turn-based. It's the pathetic production values that usually come with modern turn-based, that pushes people away.

kalkano1141d ago

In response to the Persona/SMT comment:

I'm very put off by the whole setting/concept of the games. I'd probably like the gameplay, but I can't get past the setting.

Also, and I may be wrong about this, but I believe these series' rely on the same cardboard-cutout story scene crutch that the vast majority of modern JRPGs use. That instantly rips me out of the world, and makes me not want to play.

Xof1141d ago

Two (counter) points:

1. The majority of -games- alternate between narrative (delivered in cutscenes) and gameplay. This is not something inherent to SMT games, or JRPGs, or RPGs--it is inherent to the medium. Only very recently have we had games that deliver narratives through ambient or environmental narration--and even then, only partially. If you can't tolerate that kind of discrete narrative, I can only weep for all of the fantastic games you'll never be able to appreciate.

2. Which setting/concept do you dislike? The modern-day Japanese high-school setting where you fight demons by night, and forge friendships and take classes by day? The post-apocalyptic hellscapes where you struggle to discern the truth of the world? The bizzare sci-fi fantasy worlds that mix the fantastical with the technological? The isolated dungeons filled with nothing but demons and horror? Taking part in Biblical battles between God and Satan--and choosing a side? Being a pre-war Japanese detective who wanders around solving mysteries and investigating the paranormal?

That just seems like a silly complaint given how marvelously diverse the SMT/P games' settings are.

llxKonanxll1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. It got me hyped up enough to get an imported White/Lime Green Vita 2000 model imported from Japan. They're games looked really interesting and i hope they make western releases really soon.

hkgamer1142d ago

i know its your decision and your preference but you may regret getting a lime green handheld.

ive decided to only buy white or black, because when i look back at some of the consoles or handheld colours i have purchased i always think, wth was i thinking back then.

but thats just me.

llxKonanxll1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

It's white on the face, lime green on the back. I personally think it looks great. I was getting bored of having black everything. That's just me.

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