Gamestyle: Velocity 2X Review

Futurlab made a bold claim that Velocity 2X is the game of the year 2014… They are not wrong.

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TongkatAli607d ago

Needs more ten and indie troll tears.

frezhblunts607d ago

Is it me or people are just making such a hype for this for no reason? Game of the year is that a joke? I got it for free and barely played it

One-Shot607d ago

How would you know since you "barely played it"?

Enemy607d ago

Nope, it's just that good. If it's not your type of game just say that. Not every game is going to be like COD.

frezhblunts607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

No i tried as hard as I can got really boring and very typical. I would sit back and play strider or resogun over this. I got the last of us remastered, second son and pvz as welll. I also have a wii u with games. I am not sure what type I would be i give all games a try before talking.

MilkMan607d ago

Game is OK, but this game is a one-off at best.

frezhblunts607d ago

oneshot is that a joke, 15 mins got to level 10 and experienced enough of the game from there, ive also watched someone on twitch near the end to confirm

Revengeance607d ago (Edited 607d ago )


15 min is NOT enough to judge a game.