Shadow of Mordor - Graphic Kills Montage

Talion chops head, back-stabs, possesses, and stomps Uruks in this graphic Middle-earth montage.

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GusBricker874d ago

I hope it doesn't get too repetitive, but I'm loving the teleporting with your bow stuff.

Palitera874d ago

In case you want to see it LIVE right now.

bixxel873d ago

I'm doing that in Dishonored now with a combination of Blink+Folding Sword

Enemy874d ago

My god these beheadings look epic as hell. Loving the cloth physics on his cape too.

bixxel873d ago

Beheadings look epic? man,video games are making u violent.Just kidding!

Ozmoses874d ago

Already paid off in full.. Only thing in the way is college... But I will play regardless for multiple hours.

stubee34874d ago

This and destiny will keep me busy.

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