Spore Sex: The Beast With Two Backs

Behold, the beast with two backs!

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Syronicus3830d ago

Why would anybody create such a creature? Is it supposed to be funny?

bym051d3830d ago

It's not funny? It looked pretty funny to me.

MK_Red3830d ago

Wow, that was fast. Both Spore and LittleBigPlanet are gonna need serious modding if they want to avoid unneccessary controversy.

Fanboy Slaughter3830d ago

Was that a sad attempt at a donkey punch I saw at the end there?


Charmers3830d ago

I don't know some people really need to lighten up and smile a bit. That spore creature certainly made me chuckle and if the truth be known it had my 68 year old mother in hysterics she just couldn't stop laughing (it is much better with the sound turned up). It was very creative gave me a good laugh and thanks to the guy that did it.

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