Six DS games break million sales mark

Logically, what goes up, must come down. But no one seems to have told Nintendo this, because it's dinky DS continues to climb higher and higher in terms of popularity.

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PS360WII4384d ago

Nintendo just doing there thing and everyones happy.

PS360WII4384d ago

They forgot that 2 Pokemon games are for the DS and has sold 3 million already! So they can make that 8 titles go past the 1 million make!

specialguest4383d ago

Nintendo as a developer, ALWAYS make great top selling games. that's how they managed to survive. third-party developers that make games for Nintendo tend to do average in sales.

PS360WII4383d ago

Nintendo as a hardware maker ALWAYS makes the best handheld. That's how they survive in the home consoles also. They just focus in on gaming