MGS4 easy way to collect Drebin points

Easy way to collect Drebin points ..
1-You will find this place in act 1 ( after you first see akiba in the drum ).
2-equip AK102 .
3-enjoy killing, and collect the weapons .

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morganfell3834d ago

You can do this in plenty of places in the game with PMC and Militia. Also, notice how long the weapons are staying on the ground? He is playing an easier mode - Solid Normal or below. On harder difficulties such as Big Boss Hard and up you only have a limited amount of time to collect weapons before they disappear.

alza3em3834d ago

Great video I will try it right now

SacT0wnF1n3st3834d ago

I'll do it right after I beat this game. This game is worth to play over and over. Loving it.

PoSTedUP3834d ago

wow thats pretty cheap.

i didnt get laughing octopus's face camo : ( is there any way were i can go back to a saved game, get a item, then port it over to a different saved game?

Lionsguard3834d ago

you're not missing out on much it's rather creepy and disturbing seeing her head on snake's body. Now if his suit was able mimic L.O's body suit as well then yea that'd be pretty sweet.

Tetsuryu3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

It's impossible, unfortunately you'll only be able to override another save. The only thing you can do is play through the game again (after finishing it) and you'll have another shot at it, your items and Drebin Points can carry over to a new game (only on the same save file). However, the only alternative is to download a save with the already acquired items and copy it to your PS3.

Note: This is a EU Save. Use at your own discretion.

PoSTedUP3834d ago

yea but thats just the way i am, i really want it knowing now that i could of got it. i didnt know i could at first.....i got rageing ravens face camo though, i made sure i did.

@ tetsuryu- thanks for the info brother, thats crazy that your drebin points carry over, the game has so much replay value. so i cant get octopuses face camo from an earlier save on to one of my most recent saves huh. o well, thanks for the help anyways. ima check out that web site, thanks.

@ kydrice- yea that would be pretty insane if you could wear her suit.
i wonder if you wear her face or anyone else's, you wont be recognized as the enemy. i got the mgs1 snake face camo : P

last_snake3834d ago

can i replay ACT 1 after i passed it?

if not, hopfully i will do it the next time after i beat the game

Tetsuryu3834d ago

Unfortunately no, only through another playthrough.

rexor07173834d ago

Could they patch in a act selection mode. That game needs that, especially act 3&4. Probably the best part of a videogame ever to me.

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