Alienation PS4 Interview: "Dark Souls Series Inspiration, 1080p/60FPS vs Gameplay, Xbox One & More"

One of the most pleasing reveal at PlayStation GamesCom 2014 press conference was a first glimpse at Alienation, a brand new title from the Dead Nation creator Housemarque. The developer showcased a spectacular looking teaser trailer, but it also raised plenty of questions.

Questions that Housemarque fans wanted answered. So, Gamepur recently got it touch with Tommaso De Benetti, Community Manager, Housemarque to know some more details about Alienation and what PlayStation 4 gamers can expect to see.

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badz1491331d ago

one of the highlight of Sony7s Gamescom for me for sure. can't wait!

Enemy1331d ago

Dark Souls inspiration huh? Get ready to cry, casuals.

Evilsnuggle1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

If Sony was smart they would buy Housemarque. Housemarque are a great game developer. Sony should also buy Ready at Dawn.

I hope that Housemarque focus on game play more than graphics 1080P 60fps should be the standard this generation. I wish Sony and Microsoft would have both gave both there consoles a little bit more GPU power 2-3 teraflops would have been nice.

Housemarque"At the moment I don't own an Xbox One mostly because, as crazy as it sounds, it's not officially out in Finland yet."

I just don't understand Microsoft logic. Why waste their time and money launching in Japan. When X1 hasn't launch in ever region in Europe. X1 will sell much more units in the Nordic region than in Japan.

Orbertron1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

Xbox Will be available the 5th of September for Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates

XtraTrstrL1331d ago

Sony seems to steer away from buying devs as 1st party. I mean, they could have got Square-Enix years ago when they bailed them out of financial crisis by buying enough shares. Instead, they respected them enough to just bail them out and let them go free. To be honest, in that case atleast, they should have bought them. Square-Enix would probably be a better company now, instead of going down that endless spiral and kind of betraying Sony, and sort of dissing PS3 and multiplatforming tons of past Sony exclusives and all that back in the day. It is what it is though, Sony still has the best 1st parties, other than Nintendo - who remains a monster with it's main franchises that basically single-handidly sell it's underpowered and otherwise not so interesting Wii-U.

k3rn3ll1331d ago

I like how people continually say "they have the best first parties other than nintendo" like we're talking bout a bunch of companies. Being second and 3rd out of of 3 isn't something to brag about

windblowsagain1331d ago

It's not about 2-3 teraflops.

PS4 output at 1080p is not a problem. GPU wise.

The problem is keeping the CPU running all cores parallel.

But GPU compute will help PS4 in alot of area's.

As for xbox one. It's underpowered in many ways. It'll get slightly better in some places. But not much.

Mkai281331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

If Sony's financial situation was like it was 10 years ago, then yeah I would've agreed on them buying them even tho it's an independent developer.

Although I do wish both Sony and especially Microsoft had invested in stronger hardware. At least that's what I thought at first. I believe the power is already there for both consoles, and developers will further draw out more from these consoles.. Microsoft SDKs are getting better every week, these games will look dramatically better in the coming years so I wouldn't worry about power..

Concerning Japan, Micro should've invested in a mobile console for japan. I believe that would make them more successful. And from what I here, Sony's PS4 is hurting a little in japan too. So, I don't know why Microsoft is even launching in Japan.

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mochachino1331d ago

I loved Resogun but top down shooters or 3/4 angle shooters aren't my thing. In fact I really don't like them at all. I hope the game is great for fans of the genre and all the best the studio in any case.

kevnb1331d ago

60fps improves gameplay