Ubisoft Looks To T-Bone To Salvage Watch_Dogs After Aiden Fails To Impress

In a day and age where character development and emotional connection to that character is just as important as great graphics. It is no surprise that Ubisoft are slowly trying to introduce a new protagonist into the world of Watch_Dogs, especially after Aiden Pearce's lack-luster performance.

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Frankskint1200d ago

I thought T-Bone was the worst character of them all.

LightDiego1200d ago

To be honest, all the characters are uninteresting.

CloudRap1200d ago

Especially emotionless wannabe batman

amyortega1311200d ago

I kinda liked old braid chin. Here's hoping for a Jordi DLC too.

Christopher1200d ago

Exactly. If there was one huge problem with the game, it's that no one in it was at all interesting or worth expanding upon.

WeAreLegion1200d ago

At this point, a legitimate Watch_Doge game would be a heck of a lot more interesting.

N4g_null1200d ago

Who still plays watchdogs? What happened to making a game that is fun to play game play wise. Shallow game design. Must be a next gen feature. Hopefully you guys can turn this ship around before it comes into port fully set aflame.

elninels1200d ago

They were all pretty bad.

we're talking about a fully grown white male calling himself t-bone, rocking grey dreads and piercings. What

DragonKnight1200d ago

Uhh, have none of you met this guy?


Behold the best character in Watch Dogs.

Conzul1200d ago

Jordi was great, but sadly we didn't see enough of him...

ShinMaster1200d ago

Jordi was the better character!

Although he did steal Kazuma Kiryu's clothes...

DragonKnight1200d ago

@Conzul: That's what I'm saying, he needs his own game. He oozes personality. I mean, they could make a game with Jordi that could compete with Hitman if they did it properly. His personality is very different to 47, but I found him to be hilarious.

@ShinMaster: Damn, you're not kidding. Jordi is nearly identical looking to Kazuma. Ubisoft's slacking.

crxss1200d ago

there's only one character that needs salvaging... but spoilers prevent me from mentioning that person.

gamer4lifeyo1199d ago

Agreed. I was so disappointed in the story. It utterly failed in getting me to care about any of the characters. Who ever wrote the story should receive 10 lashes at public square, it was that awful, lol. I'm still pissed I bought digitally, for 60 fuckin dollars! I'm stuck with it forever!

christian hour1199d ago

Every character just screamed "focus study". It was horrible. The games characters were just an absolute joke of trying to recreate something that may have sold successfully in the past without actually trying to figure out or understand what it was that made them sell in the first place. PR is a joke.

This kinda stuff always reminds me of the Labia opening scenes to Monkey Dust (please tell me SOMEONE has seen the show, Monkey Dust?)

bixxel1195d ago

Jordi is hands down the best character of WD.

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AngelicIceDiamond1200d ago

I never played it but I heard the supporting cast was better than Aiden.

I heard Aiden was a fun as watching a snail race.

Chicago's big I'm sure they can find a new lead role to take Aidens place.

Frankskint1200d ago

Aiden was as bland as they come. His voice felt forced, like he had a frog in his throat, and i just didn't buy his distraught after his niece died story.

This is DLC is nothing but a cash grab.

LamerTamer1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

There seems to be allot of hate but I beat the game and I don't think the characters were that bad. Not saying the best ever but none of the characters were as terrible as you would think by reading the comments. As far as Aiden being boring, I don't really see it. YOU are the character and what you do is what is fun or not. You can be as exciting or as boring as you want mostly.

I thought some of the car chases etc were fun. Driving was hard when in 3rd person but if you switched to bumper cam FPV during a chase it was actually pretty easy.

If being chased by cops and you can't shake them I found driving to shore and getting in a boat was a sure fire escape, I guess there are no police boats.

Grenade launchers against fixer vehicles was good fun, lots of 'splosions and wreckage.

I thought I would hate WD but ended up liking it more than I thought.

Flavor1199d ago

I would play as the rat face hacker Defalt.

ThatOneGuyThere1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I want 2 things from Watch Dogs:

1) Multiplayer for the mini games (digital trips)
2) More digital trips.

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3-4-51200d ago

Whoever they hired to create these characters should not continue doing so.

Sugreev20011200d ago

Same here. Aidan was boring, but he wasn't tedious to be with, unlike T-bone.

FullmetalRoyale1199d ago

The only thing that even made me slightly raise an eyebrow is when he promptly whoops you when you meet him for the first time, after he gets you drunk, and in spite of the fact that Aiden uses his nightstick. I thought it was sort of interesting, but that is genuinely one of the peaks for me, and that is simply ridiculous.

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EdnaJones971200d ago

i am so picking this up. T-Bone reminded me of an old hill billy neighbor that used to live around the neighborhood. He had all these do not disturb signs outside his barbed wired gate, to keep us meddling kids out. LOL

Won't be surprised if he was a hacker like good ole T-Bone steak.

CloudRap1200d ago

Got 30$ off Destiny for it, dont regret it one bit. It really made me appreciate GTA.

FullmetalRoyale1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I swear I'm not raggin on Watch Dogs, but when I was playing it earlier today(I got to the part where you meet T-Bone) I legitimately had *the thought "This actually is making me want to purchase GTA when it comes out." My recent time with Watch Dogs has actually got me fondly remembering Los Santos, and I am not a huge GTA fan myself, but that world they built is impressive, and I think I'll be visiting again.

Christopher1200d ago

They have a requirement to put out DLC for a specific amount of time to meet season pass, or whatever it's called, subscribers.

Capt-FuzzyPants1200d ago

I'm still trying to beat it. I just got to T-Bone. I'm playing it in a bout 3 1 hour spurts a week.

alvinmiller921200d ago

I don't know if it was a combination of the bad driving, or just aiden that put me off this game.

ArronNelson1200d ago

Aiden wasn't so bad. Though he did sound like a raspier version of Batman.

thricetold1200d ago

As soon as I realized that the driving wasn't going to improve I stopped playing. Gave it about an hour or two to get used to it, but nope, it still sucked.

LamerTamer1200d ago

Have you tried using bumper cam FPV? I hated driving till I did this. The downside is for some reason you can't look around in FPV, so I navigated the city in 3rd person then when the action started I switched to FPV, seemed to make the control easier.

zeuanimals1200d ago

Open world Ubisoft games really piss me off. They always follow the same formula now, and it's just not fun at all. Climb or get through a tower/building and/or do puzzle to unlock areas of the map or to unlock fast travel points. Have a bunch of random side activities that just feel like chores and also have a bunch of collectibles throughout the map.

I'd prefer if they made Watch Dogs linear and just focused on polishing the missions, stealth, and overall gameplay than adding all of this useless crap. Max Payne 3 is very enjoyable and all you do is go through a linear story and shoot people, there's literally nothing else but the mechanics and gameplay are satisfying enough to carry the game. The mechanics in Watch Dogs was not enough and the side crap was just filler.

Rebel_Scum1200d ago

Couldn't agree more. I'm playing though it now and focusing solely on main missions which for the most part are really good.

It is a poor mans GTA in terms of overall quality though. Watch Dogs 2 should be a really interesting improvement.

Sugreev20011200d ago

The driving was atrociously bad. The privacy invasions and gang hideouts were the only thing great about the game. The storyline was good, but the ending felt rushed.

Randostar1200d ago

Ubisoft are the masters of the mediocre!

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henrythomas2841200d ago

Why is the RC truck called Eugene?

edwardhuff6631200d ago

Because Eugene is the name of his grandaddy when they used to make moonshine together and sell it illegally on the back of his pick up truck.

danniellelewis1200d ago

Is this true? Sounds like something Ubi would make part of the Bad Blood DLC script.

edwardhuff6631200d ago

@Danniellelewis i was actually joking though honestly speaking this could make for a better backstory than what was currently offered on Watch_Dogs