COD: Advanced Warfare Touted "Best Game of Our Lives" By Schofield; A Lot Of Polish Added Recently

Sledgehammer's Glen Schofield thinks Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the best game they ever made, and praised the team for refining the game a lot in the last few weeks.

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LavaLampGoo1444d ago

I know they're working hard, but I just really can't get excited by new Call of Duty games, even when they try something new...

Alexious1444d ago

I used to think like that, but I have a feel this is going to be different. Hopefully

TeaRunner1443d ago

Just hate where COD has gone over the years. Since CoD4:Modern Warfare everything has gotten so damn ambitious with the developer (under pressure ofcourse) having to try find a new twist everytime with the game.
It used to be a fun military shooter, with some really well thought out geometric map.
Now I have the feeling the creator has to be like; "lets turn this map into a theme park!", "this map is a football stadium!", or "this can be a lazer-tag area!".

Wish they could just go back and really plan out maps again, instead of just dropping props on a field.

And while im at it. Go back to just a few meaningful perks and killstreaks (3 is enough!). The game has lost all it's competitiveness in favor of all the crap customization. Everyone's got a different f*n banner or logo or flag or whatever, but it really doesn't mean sh*t anymore...

hougigo1443d ago

Don't worry baby, this time it'll be different!

MazzingerZ1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

...of THEIR lifes which might be something exciting for COD fans, not for console gamers

EvilWay1444d ago

I don't know how I feel about the exo's to be honest. I always thought cod was good because it was a basic military shooter. I am happy they are trying something new but I feel it might turn on them. A lot of competitive eSports/MLG players have stated they do not like the exo suits in the game and that they might be taken out of competitive play, that is very concerning.

I do feel as there will be a huge skill gap in this game compared to other Cods however. You will see players who are very good than a lot that are very bad. Another problem I see is that you will see a lot of rooftop camping instead of fighting on the ground in Deathmatch type game modes.

My other concern is the exo abilities (shild, stim, etc..) I think they might be very overpowered when used correctly. Also I don't like that each gun has something special about it (extra damage in first couple rounds, etc..) I think they should just have the gun stats and not add extra perks to the guns, because it will make one or two guns vastly superior to all the others, like we saw in Cod Ghosts (Remmington R5 and Vector).

I am willing to give the game a shot but I have no expectations with this game at all because I am basically done with Cod, if this idea of change doesn't workout the series is completely doomed

DonDon1443d ago

eSports doesn't pay Ac5ivision's bills--customers do. And from the sales of Ghosts, it's clear that COD is stale. It needs something new. If current COD esports players are too scared, than they will find new players.

Brix901443d ago

Funny seeing how a lot of pro players I follow that actually win tournaments are excited about gameplay idk who you are talking about. Only thing that I've seen hate about was no dead silence. Exo abilities last very few seconds. AW has over 300 guns 10 variations of each gun. I doubt that we will run into the same situation as Ghosts. I respect your opinion but I'm clarifying a few thing for you.

EvilWay1443d ago

Yea which is why they are thinking about disabling exos from eSports right?

Brix901443d ago

Banning Exos suits won't fix the Dead Silence problem

CloudRap1443d ago

Every gun in Ghost was Overpowered and over accurate not just the R5 and Vector.

kaiserfranz1444d ago

Let's hope this is more than just the usual hype, I need a new shooter!

Exies71444d ago

Get Destiny, it looks amazing. Unless you're not into scifi shooters, then you may wanna stay clear.

Exies71444d ago

Yea, okay. Best game, my ass. I didn't even like TLOU, but it was leaps and bounds above any other COD game that has released. Call of Duty is a cash cow formula, and the only reason it's making such new changes are because of the several solid FPS games that have released or are releasing soon.

Don't get me wrong. If you love COD, fine, I'm happy people enjoy it. But come on,...

Rimgal1444d ago

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the best game Sledgehammer ever made. Not the best game ever made.

Exies71443d ago

Well, then. I guess I'm just a fool who should have actually read the article. `-`

EvilWay1443d ago

Isn't it the only game they ever made?

Rimgal1443d ago

Don't worry, you didn't missed out that much, by not reading the article.

brewskiebob1444d ago

I grew up on quake and unreal tournament so this cod is right up my alley. I just hope its well balanced

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