360: The New RPG King?

The Playstation 2 was famous because it had an extensive library of Japanese and Western RPGs. Sadly the same can't be said for the Playstation 3, which has been on the market ever since November, 2006. After almost two years, the Playstation 3 has very little to offer the role playing enthusiasts.

Microsoft on the other hand seems to be the opposite. It appears that Microsoft is fighting tooth and nail to offer gamers a diverse selection of RPGs which vary in both western and eastern themes.

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jazzking20013837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

well sadly its true that the 360 is the RPG king.
In one or two years i hope that the PS3 becomes king

Breakfast3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

im predicting....30 disagrees.

Edit: uhoh...edited your comment for more 'neutralness'

I guess i will too.

I predict 15 agrees, and 30 disagrees because your first line.

DJtyler3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

The 360 is the place for RPG fans. For now. The PS3 can reclaim the RPG crown but only if the Final Fantasy series remains exclusively on Playstation.

BulletToothtony3837d ago

The 360 is going to start getting some rpgs well into its 2 year mark...

I'm expecting the ps3 to do the same.. sometime around the end of this year beginning of next the ps3 should be getting some rpg as well.. but it would appear that this gen the money is into shooters.

So a lot of devs are leaning towards that side.. if White Knight and other rpgs do well, we might see a lot more rpgs on the ps3

CrazzyMan3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Wild Arms 4
Grandia 3
Kingdom Hearts 2
Final Fantasy XII
Tales of Legendia
Valkyrie Profile 2
Tales of the Abyss
Suikoden V
Rogue Galaxy
Disgaea 2
Persona 3
Odin Sphere

Enchanted Arms(multi)
Blue Dragon
Eternal Sonata(multi)
Mass Effect(multi)

Lost Odyssey
Tales of Vesperia(not confirmed to be x360 only)
Infinite Undiscovery
Last Remnant(multi)
Fable 2(good chance multi - yes pc)

Alright! Let`s let x360 to be the king in 2008. =))
Since in 2009, we know who will be the KING. =]

alster233837d ago

fable 2 multi? u meanit will come to the PC? lionhead studios is owned by M$

BobDog3837d ago

alster, so is windows, so ur right they prolly wont make it for mac lol

plenty a tool3837d ago

what has the ps2 got to do with anything??

it's clear that the ps3 is lacking, whilst the 360 has got quite a few, and some more in the works. i'm just playing mass effect, which i got last that is some serious quality right there. i can understand why the sony fans are a little hurt that the 360 has the most rpgs, and will well into 2010. especially after years of claiming no diversity on the xbox, only to be trumped in nearly every genre, and then have the sony europe boss come out and say that the ps3 is the new shooter console...ouch.

SaiyanFury3837d ago

I may receive some disagrees here, but there's one factor that a lot of people seem to forget with JRPGs. JRPG developers often like to come up with a completely new game engine for each new game, and that results in long development times. The Xbox 360 was the first system to market and therefore gives developers a full extra year to develop games for a "next-gen" console. The big JRPGs take 3+ years to develop which can explain why we're seeing all of these games on the 360 first. The PS3 was an entire year late to the party. There are PS3 RPGs on the way in the guise of Disgaea 3 and Valkyria Chronicles as well as Final Fantasy XIII. My point is that as the PS3 gets a bit older the games should be delivered. Simple console chronological analysis can show that. Star Ocean is a series that is notoriously long in development. I was annoyed that it would be on 360, but seeing how long a game in the series can take, it's not entirely surprising. Just a few personal thoughts here. Feel free to disagree, but please explain your opinions.

JsonHenry3837d ago

The PC is the king of RPGs.

SaiyanFury3836d ago

I'll agree with you that the PC is the king of western-style open ended RPGs. But Japanese RPGs are a whole other branch. While it's true that a few titles have been ported to the PC in the past in the guise of Final Fantasy VII, FFVIII, and a couple of others, about 95% or more of them are released on consoles.

kewlkat0073836d ago

you always crack me up...

Mr BlueScreen3836d ago

does any one smell smu-mu-mu-mu-moke?-?-? 000100100010010001001001000000 001001001010110010001001

CrazzyMan3836d ago

Who was the KING of RPG till 2008? YES PS2.
Or you Think, That after first RPG coming On x360 in 2006, it become a KING? LOL.

Till 2008 KING was PS2.
During 2008 will be x360, since it will have most RPGs that year.
Since 2009 KING will be PS3(FFXIII, FFXIIIv).
Isn`t THAT obvious??? =))

Better luck next time. ;)

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Silogon3837d ago

Xbox 360 is the king on the account no one else showed up to challenge the throne. Sony is too busy stuck in last generation meddling with boring fps and Nintendo is too busy selling plastic devices and add ons to idiot consumers and dip **** mothers.

Xbox 360 is the king of RPG's in it, Bobby would've beat Daniel in the Karate Kid if only he didn't listen to John Crease and "put him out of commission" sadly he didn't listen to his inner self and instead went with the words of his master and got himself disqualified from the competition, knowing full well he could've beat Daniel and then went on to beat johnny in the all Valley Karate tournament.

But hey, I'm just talking to talk now.

sunnygrg3837d ago

I wouldnt say it is the King just yet, Prince maybe, but definitely not the king. Microsoft definitely has strong RPG lineups in 2008, and early 2009 as seen in the RPG press conference. But the PS3 isnt far behind yet. For some, FFXIII will undoubetly be a critical choice in making the $400 decision, and yes, we all know it will be huge in Japan, Europe and the Americas. Team ICO's new game, KH3 (Keeping my fingers crossed) will also keep fans guessing who is indeed the true RPG king.

Peace, Give me bubbles.

Veryangryxbot3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

360 has a few shiatty, average JRPGs. Can you believe how delusional these bots are suddenly getting? You are King of JRPG because you have a few average RPGs?

You know, come back when your console gets over 25 EXCLUSIVE triple A JRPGs including FF13 and VS13 every 2 years time.


Until then, you arent king of anything. Except king of last gen hardware and failure rates.

PS3 doesnt have a lot of JRPGs, that doesnt make the 360 king. Baby Blu Dragon and Lost oddysey arent worth shiat.

You think 2 shiatty Rpgs suddenly crown you king. Thats as stupid as a bum crowning himself billionaire in a park before more retarded bums because he found 10 bucks.

Pain3836d ago

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! M$ buys some JRPG elusiveness and its XBOX RPG king now!??

this M$ Spin damage control Summer FUD Crap is just getting reeking of Desperateness.

M$ FUD team on Full throttle!!!

Bellic Jr3837d ago

Yes. Yes the 360 holds the RPG crown. There I said it! Now I'm off to wash my mouth out with soap [email protected]

Syronicus3837d ago

But times change. I am sure that once some of the heavy hitters come out, the PS3 will get back in the game. I don't hear too many rumors about FFXIII coming to the 360 these days and to be honest, many will say once that game is released that it is the epitome of all JRPG's to hit any and all consoles. You could have 100 RPG's on the 360 but once FFXIII hits, they will all be in the bargain bin. It is good to see the 360 trying hard to gain more support from other fanbases though.

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CrazzyMan3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Anyway, IF you will feel better, you are FREE to THINK as you like.

I know only, that soon enough, i will ENJOY(and THAT is the most important thing) with:
Disgaea 3
Valkyrie Chronicles
Eternal Sonata
White Knight Story
Final Fantasy XIII
Last Remnant
Tears of Tiara
Cross Edge
Final Fantasy XIIIv

AND for ME PS3 will be the KING, since it will get the JRPG that i CARE.
For now x360 has NOTHING to compete with FFXIII, with the Rojal blood. =))
It`s not about Quantity, BUT about Quality.

BUT, as i said before, If that makes toy feel beeter about your purchase, go ahead. =))
Some people prefer to play just GOOD games and some only BEST. It`s about choice. =]

B-Rein3837d ago

i bet thers going to be more soon enough, and yeh, that also i will "ENJOY" these titles that are to come

GiantEnemyCrab3836d ago

haha. It sounds like you are trying to make yourself feel better. First listing PS2 RPG's and now listing a bunch of games that have no release date.

Disagree all you want but it's no question the 360 has more/better RPG's and seems to be continuing the trend in 08 and 09(StarOcean 4!!!!!!).