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Nintendo are Opening up to Fans

From GamesReviews:

"Nintendo understands that they are in the uphill climb. The first step to recovery: admittance. Thankfully, Nintendo execs are not just sitting on their gold thrones using their millions of dollars to 'get by' until the next Nintendo console launches. They truly believe the Wii U can be turned around, and all their effort as of late has been to market anything and everything coming out for their systems." (3DS, Bayonetta 2, Wii U)

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tlougotg  +   363d ago
They are opening up to lack of sales! They need to cut out that narrow minded thinking and give consumers what they want. They need to make a robust and effective online, a system that's advanced and not underpowered compared to competition and invest in innovative new ips. They are too stuck in the past in thinking and software wise and need to step it up.

By the way i cant wait for the next gen Nintendo system, i have a feeling due to these poor sales they will make an affordable but great system that can fight with the best of them. I look forward to its unveiling.
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bullymangLer  +   363d ago
leave the sales up to sony and microsoft, as that is all they are in it for . . cough cough No Bayonetta 2 support from both Sony and Microsoft cough cough < exposed!!

And yes its true nintendo is opening up to fans . I still remember when Nintendo was like, "if its a rumor, we dont answer", and now, they cant stop inter-acting with anything and everyone. .


p.s. . why is sony even trying to compete with the big N ? when no sony exclusive on any sony gaming machine so far, is more challenging than even DKC: Return, or DKTF ? especially since just 2 hits you are dead ..

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tlougotg  +   362d ago
Your comment is as ridiculous as your blind fanboyism. Every company is in it for sales lol i remember you fan boys saying Nintendo will never do dlc Bcus their so honorable lol u guys kill me because of course now they are. It's a business.

As for quality lol this generation won't be no different from last so i don't know what your saying. Sony will invest in New ips, homerun with some, still push new features on system, have better third party this time around while Nintendo does what? Bayonetta2 wow! And Mario, Luigi, kong, etc and still have last gen features and bs online. They better change their thinking.

There's a reason ps4 sold more units in nine months then Wii u has sold to date. Stop blindly defending you come off desperate. Sony does it all, good hardware, good price, best ips, new ips, best devs, best features, best price.
lunatic0001  +   362d ago
Isn't that what Sony had to do with the ps3 when it launched...thinking that a 600 dollar console will sell because it was PlayStation and when they were doing bad it knocked them of their high horse and now they are listening to the fans with the ps4 so they won't make the same mistakes as they did when the ps3 launched
GordonKnight  +   362d ago

The fans wanted wanted a DLC for Mario Kart 8 and Nintendo listened.

Thanks Nintnedo for listening!!!!
AdamRoffel  +   362d ago
"Sony does it all, good hardware, good price, best ips, new ips, best devs, best features, best price."

True Fanboyism at its finest. You cannot have rational conversation with other hardware fans (not fanboy) owners when you make unguided statements like this.
CloudRap  +   363d ago
Just ride out the Wiiu this gen wont be more than 4-5 years anyways but put some serious horsepower in that next console.
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NattyGraham  +   363d ago
5 games per year won't cut it
randomass171  +   363d ago
Their release chart showed a lot more than five games for this year and next.
BlackWolf  +   363d ago
You mean this?


PS: SMTxFE and Devil's Third are not on the list, so that's two more.
marloc_x  +   363d ago
Your wit is as sharp as a beach ball..
Scissorman82  +   363d ago
Nintendo needs to play to it strengths. It has a such a great wealth of gaming characters and franchises that are simply not being utilized. Why don't we have a new Metroid title yet? Why do series like Startropics remain a distant memory instead of being revived? Why doesn't Smash Bros. roster feel like a celebration of Nintendo's vast and rich history? There is so much that could be done. Nintendo's 2015 line-up looks great but it still isn't enough.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   363d ago
I disagree on the part about smash bros.
Have you even seen the new details about All-Star mode?
Scissorman82  +   363d ago
I have seen the details. And? Is it adding a bunch of new characters that haven't been revealed yet? No, it isn't. Take a look at this image:


From that pic alone you can see that 4 characters are from one singular franchise. As for Pac-Man, I'd hardly call that series representative of the vintage NES or Nintendo experience. I'm just saying that the roster could have been so much more. Little Mac and Mega Man are examples of what I'm talking about.
WECKmaster329  +   363d ago
We need a new F-Zero, and for goodness sake, I want to see Mach Rider get revived. Although I have never played Mach Rider, it's still a game that I could totally see getting a revive. F-Zero has been too dormant as it has been more than a decade since GX was released. That game needs an HD remake if there is not going to be a sequel yet.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   363d ago
I take it you only glanced at the pic of the article about all star mode?
Because that's what it sounds like, considering you didn't make any mention of the fact that it details the release year of every character and has you fight them in chronological order, as a homage to their history.

Also, how is adding things like Duck Hunt, classic Mega Man instead of X, and giving Little Mac a wire frame costume straight from his arcade days, amongst other things, not a demonstration of celebrating the rich history of the characters?
I don't think you looked very deeply into all the nostalgia references packed into this game...
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Scissorman82  +   363d ago
I know about these references. But if you go back to my first comment I clearly just mention the roster as my main gripe. Of the confirmed characters we have 5 from the Mario universe and 4 from the Pokemon franchise. That's a decent chunk of the roster to be devoted to only two video game franchises.

Would it have been so difficult to cut a Mario character in favor of Mike Jones or Zoda of Startropics? Why not ditch one of the four Legend of Zelda characters (whom have all been in previous installments) and put in an Excitebike Racer as a character? Why not try harder to get more 3rd Party characters in there that were a part of Nintendo's early success? Adventure Island? Bubble Bobble? Blaster Master? Castlevania? Adventures of Lolo? Better still, why not have Bayonetta in the roster?

I appreciate the references but they don't do much for me if the roster is more or less the same tired franchises.
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Spotie  +   363d ago
You're barking up the wrong tree. It takes an act of God for the monkey here to see something wrong with anything Nintendo does.

It wouldn't kill Nintendo to move to other franchises for their character selections. It wouldn't hurt to push something other than Mario and Pokemon as hard as they push Mario and Pokemon. The games may still be quality, but Nintendo relies entirely too heavily on the star power of a handful of faces.
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weekev15  +   363d ago
As a huge Nintendo fan, i kind of agree with you. We have had a wealth of platformers recently on both WiiU and 3DS, why don't Nintendo do a next gen Excitebike, Wave Race, FZero. Or go screw MS for smothering the Rare IPs and get some classic 3D adventure platformers a la Conker and Banjo but under a different name.

I do love Mario and DK but variety is.the spice of life it would have been nice to bookend this gen with those titles instead of releasing them so close together.

Smash Roster is ok in my book. Yes theyve missed out on Nostalgia points but im loving the fire emblem, xenoblade, kid icarus attention. Feels like a nod to modern era Nintendo.
truechainz  +   363d ago
Was with you until you mentioned smash. It is very likely that in addition to Pac-Man, Mega Man, Little mac, wii fit trainer, and Sonic it is likely that the roster will include the freakin DUCK HUNT DOG. I find it hard to believe you even ask for more to represent a Nintendo's history when there is even a possibility that Duck Hunt Dog could be in smash. I mean in this roster alone the dream match-up of Mario vs. Sonic vs. Pac-Man vs. Mega man can happen. This roster is the best and most diverse blend of modern and classic characters to really exist for Nintendo. Not to mention the looming possibility of DLC. I mean heaven forbid 2 of the highest selling and widest spanning series have multiple characters too.
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Blueraven316  +   363d ago
As far as consoles they should give up. I can predict the next kidtendo system. Another Mario, Mario kart, Zelda, kiddy game and smash brothers game. Maybe they'll throw in a DK. It's pretty much the same. It's been downhill in sales since nes. Wii was a fluke and wiiu is proving that. They have great 1st party games but you cannot rely on 1st party alone. I don't think 3rd care to work with them when they can makes millions with sony and Microsoft.
weekev15  +   363d ago
Must be super cool being as grown up and mature as you.
KaladinStormblessed  +   363d ago
Please just leave if you're not going to say anything at least somewhat intelligent. Saying its "the same" is just stupid. With your logic we shouldn't be having sequels at all. And there's like 1 zelda game every 5 years. Same with mariokart and smashbros. They're not yearly franchises and they always have a big improvement or change to gameplay and graphics. And "Kiddy game?" What's that even supposed to mean? A game doesn't have to be rated M to be good.
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swice  +   363d ago
Well blueraven, at least we live in a world where you have many other options to suit your gaming needs.

Leave the Nintendo games to people who actually appreciate and understand what it means to be a Nintendo gamer.
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Blueraven316  +   363d ago
The truth is the truth. If telling the truth is hating then whatever. They've been making sequels for games that have been around since the 80s.
swice  +   362d ago
I wonder why they've been making sequels of games since the 80's...
There must be some reason

Probably because they're really good, but that's my opinion.
truechainz  +   363d ago
Funny you mention 3rd party making millions yet complain about sequels when the 3rd party games making the most money are sequels...not to mention I'm sure you did a great job predicting the 3 new Ip's nintendo announced this E3. It is irrelevant though as by your comment it is clear you came to just insult and not be informed about your topic.
KaladinStormblessed  +   363d ago
I can predict the next Xbox and PS that's for sure. Exact same thing with upgraded specs. Oh and don't forget the yearly cods and Assasin creeds, Forza and GT, maybe a few fifa's and Maddens in there too. You know, the usual.
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Blueraven316  +   363d ago
And don't forget better console sales. Look if you cannot see that it's been a downward spiral since nes then you're blind. They had a fluky hit with wii and it's back to the GameCube numbers. If you want to follow Nintendo blindly without people telling the truth then go to vgchartz. There you can live in a Nintendo fantasy world and look at fake figures lol
KaladinStormblessed  +   362d ago
When were we ever talking about sales? Never. We're talking about games here. And yes I agree the WiiU sales aren't that great, but it's picking up and is currently outselling XBox one week over week, and don't bringing in the year head start excuse, that doesn't change the fact that it's CURRENT sales numbers are less than WiiU's. And this is from NPD, a reliable source. I do know the facts and I'm not some delusional fanboy. Yes the PS4 will beat WiiU in sales, but I don't care. I just want to play the funnest games, which for me are currently and will be on WiiU.
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weekev15  +   362d ago
I probably wouldnt waste your time arguing with someone who calls Nintendo "kidtendo" hes clearly too grown up to play games just because they are fun. If its not an annualised franchise with realistic visuals he aint interested. Oh and the sales numbers must be good too as they massively help enjoyment of a game.
paul-p1988  +   362d ago
"Nintendo opening up to fans" - but still ignoring them when they ask for region free consoles...gg...
BigDuo  +   362d ago
Nintendo's problem cannot be merely solved with releasing a new console that is equally as powerful and has similar architecture as Sony and Microsoft's. To believe that is to be ignorant of Nintendo's fundamental problems that are deeply rooted in its development philosophy and unwillingness to compete directly in a market with more resource-rich rivals that have already captured the mind share of the audience it has generally lacked. Ironically, Wii U's largest demographic consists of young adolescents and adults (the demographics Nintendo hasn't been marketing much at), but the big picture is that those supporters of Nintendo (including myself) are an overall small group of dedicated fans. Nintendo's fan base has shrunken over the years, so they have lost a lot of their former veteran fans for various reasons, and with the Wii U, Nintendo has come out with a console that is unappealing to kids and teens, so they lost that demographic to mobile platforms and perhaps even PS4. With new approaches like Amiibo and perhaps even Splatoon, Nintendo hopes it can be successful in targeting a younger audience on Wii U.

Nintendo can build a console with similar architecture and make it as powerful as the other consoles.They can give it a reasonable price point and market it effectively and have better install base growth. They can release strong launch games. They can even improve their development environment for third parties. Some third parties will take the risk in supporting it early too... but guess what? There is no guarantee it will work out for Nintendo even if they put such an immense effort to go back to being a direct competitor and trying to remain a family-friendly company while still trying to appeal to gamers that want the type of software they don't often make themselves.

If third party games do not sell, then third parties will begin to grow concerned about why their not selling, and eventually change their plans to support it any further. Nintendo lacks mind share with the majority of the hardcore audience because it doesn't aggressively cultivate that audience. When you think Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Madden, and so on ,you do not think of Nintendo platforms. When your friends buy an Xbox or a PlayStation, your not likely going to buy a Nintendo console because you want to play on the same consoles as they are. You'll want to do online multiplayer together. Nintendo only ocasisonally offers mature software, about 99% of which it publishes through 2nd party partnerships. It provides this software to its customers because it acknowledges that there is a market for it on their platforms, but most people that want those kind of games buy platforms that are much more reliable in releasing that type of software, such platform holders are further backed up by the mutual relationship they have with third parties because most of them all go after the same target demographics. I'm not saying it cannot be done by Nintendo, but it is a very steep uphill battle for Nintendo to attempt to fix. Nintendo seems to be too full of price and stubbornness to want to make such necessary changes that would have it compete against Sony and Microsoft in ways they were not able to do so successfully in the past.
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