Nano Assault Neo Coming To PS4

Developer Shin’en has just announced that their twin-stick shooter Nano Assault Neo is coming to PS4.

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marloc_x1443d ago

Very nice game! More participants on the leader boards will be fun :)

FamilyGuy1443d ago

Really cool, looks like a current gen Super Stardust. Definitely picking it up, never even knew this was on the Wii-u.

not_UKRsoldier1443d ago

It would be nice if it came out on the X1 as well. This is literally only one of a handful of games I would even get on the Wii.

Venox20081443d ago

This game is amazing I have finished it on Wii U ..

ThunderPulse1443d ago

WiiU just lost an Exclusive!

RAFFwaff1443d ago

Great game when your consoles struggling for great games....

Loadedklip1443d ago

Excellent game and looks amazing too. It deserves as many sales as possible so I'm glad it's going to PS4