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Red Dead Redemption 2 Development Gearing Up?

Play: "Rockstar appears to be ramping up development on something and it seems likely that it's Red Dead Redemption 2." (PS4, Red Dead Redemption 2, Xbox One)

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ANIALATOR136  +   27d ago
Where does it mention Red Dead at all as what they're working on?
Bloodborn  +   27d ago
Nowhere of course, it would be stupid to announce the game this way. I secretely hope that they are hiring for Agent but RDR2 is the most logical eventuality right now.
LightDiego  +   27d ago
I still think the next game from Rockstar will be Agent too, but probably we will play a sequel for RDR soon.
CloudRap  +   27d ago
They confirmed its been cancelled like a month ago
elninels  +   27d ago

Gamefly said they will not be carrying this a ps3 rental. I dont think any more information than that camw put.

Hardly a cancellation from rockstar.
Palitera  +   27d ago
"That Red Dead Redemption 2 development is now getting under way seems even more likely given that Rockstar San Diego, the studio behind Red Dead Redemption, is currently hiring for a lot of positions – 37, to be precise."

In his clickbaity idea, Rockstar San Diego can't do anything apart from RDR.

silenius  +   27d ago
I work for a vfx company, and back in March of 2014 there was a Matte painter who in his HD had some images of RDR2 concept art. When I asked if it was legit, he replied positively... So don't worry guys, its going to happen :)
ikkokucrisis  +   27d ago
great, i loved this game. now remove auto-aim, thanks...
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Perjoss  +   27d ago
You just gotta love 'news' headlines with a question mark on the end

assdan  +   27d ago
Based on how rock star releases games, it would make sense if rdr2 would be the next one they make.
Orionsangel  +   27d ago
It's nothing more than a speculation article, meh!
TheSaint  +   27d ago
There is no doubt in my mind that a RDR sequel is coming, RDR was too much of a success for it not to be.
Crazay  +   27d ago
pretty sure it was already in development. Same as Bully 2.
Hellsvacancy  +   27d ago
I'd love a new Red Dead game as much as the next gamer, however, I would rather R* made a new ip, a sci-fi maybe (hopefully)

Basically I don't want them to be forever making sequels, you KNOW damn well GTA6 will be released at some point this gen
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sikandar201  +   27d ago
Sci-fi really???
R* are better with Action, Adventure genre.. There is no need for them to develop any Sci-Fi related game..
Wigriff  +   27d ago
There's no point in being against them branching out; they're obviously very capable creatively.
Hellsvacancy  +   27d ago
So you telling me R* couldn't make an action, adventure sci fi game, most sci fi films/games are action adventure

I think you underestimate R*
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MysticStrummer  +   27d ago
Because action adventure sci-fi doesn't exist?

nucky64  +   27d ago
@hells.....there is enough sci-fi games already - give me RDR2!!!! I need a new-gen western fix.

edit: at everyone below who says it would be RDR3 - if it continues from redemption - it's 2. the first game was "red dead REVOLVER" #2 was REDEMPTION.....so if another red dead REDEMPTION is made,it'll be 2 - as in the second REDEMPTION game. how is this hard to understand?
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The franchise is "RED DEAD", it is likely the next game would retain that naming scheme, and change the last word in the title... "Red Dead Revolution" was rumored to be the new title many moons ago.
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TH3BR3W  +   26d ago
Most likely it would be called read dead revenge or retribution cause of how redemption ended.
Aberdasher  +   26d ago
Red Dead Revengeance.

I'll shut the door on my way out.
Aberdasher  +   25d ago
Most of the sci-fi titles available now or upcoming are FPS's. Would you really say no to an open world sci-fi epic done by R*? Blade Runner/Total Recall/Fifth Element-esque elements, like Dfooster said. The more I think about this, the more I want it.
Dfooster  +   27d ago
Yeah I agree. Remember the chase scene from attack of the clones in those hover cars I've always imagined a rockstar GTA style version of that in kind of a bladerunner film noire style. Let's be honest that hasn't been done yet or at least successfully.
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I liked Red Dead , but R* doesn't realease game sequels so fast , they may have openly suggested that they are gonna do it but that doesn't mean anything , a new Bully is more likely to happen as they said that after MP3 is done they might start working on it
kydrice  +   27d ago
GTA4 and GTA5 were 5 years apart. RDR is almost 5 years old.
Paytaa  +   27d ago
Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption were also 5 years apart.
Hanuman  +   27d ago
MysticStrummer  +   27d ago
Go 'way, baitin'!
TH3BR3W  +   26d ago
"I don't think we have time for a hand job joe... sheeyah huh..."

F'king love idiocracy lol
CrowbaitBob  +   26d ago
I like your goat. There, I said it.
-Foxtrot  +   27d ago
Read Dead 3


How are people not getting this
Rimgal  +   27d ago
C'mon dude Red Dead Redemption is not sequel to Red Dead Revolver, is more like a spiritual successor.

It has nothing to do with the original, the only thing they kept from the earlier one was the idea of dead-eye targeting.

And Rockstar didn't develop the first one, they just published it.
-Foxtrot  +   27d ago
"C'mon dude Red Dead Redemption is not sequel to Red Dead Revolver"

Which is why Redemption wasn't called Red Dead Revolver 2.

It's the third Red Dead game in the series so it would be known as Red Dead 3 at the minute while we get an official subtitle.
Rimgal  +   27d ago
But I really hope they do a sequel to Red Dead Redemption.


Is one of my favorites games, and despite I loved the ending, I really wish I could play another game with John Marston that is not a prequel. One of the best characters i ever saw, and I'm including movies too.
Why do Rockstar had to kill him
Capcom never finished the game, how complete it was when it was handed over to Rockstar? Idk, but R* did develop, and finish the game from that point forward.
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vallentiin  +   27d ago
How are you not getting that if its a sequal or prequal to RDR its RDR2 and if its a completely new game its RD 3 or RD *******
Fez  +   27d ago
Surely it has to be Red Dead R_ _ _ _ _.

There's no reason to do a sequel since the game was wrapped up nicely in a single package.

Red Dead Retribution...nah, Red Dead Remembrance...nope, Red Dead Rebellion <- I like that last one! Heard it here first :)
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KiwiViper85  +   27d ago
Red Dead Revenge?
CorndogBurglar  +   27d ago
Red Dead Restitution. You have to pay money back to the families of every character you kill.

Red Dead Riverdance. You have to Riverdance your way to glory.

Red Dead Rikshaw. Dirt road racing while pulling a carriage.

Red Dead Resistance. Lead a resistance against the corrupt government that screwed over John Martson in the previous game.
bloodybutcher  +   27d ago
Red Dead Rectum?
iNFAMOUZ1  +   27d ago
hopefully, man i had some fun in the first one, especially getting lost and just looking at the moon light, so peaceful, then every now and then go into town and catch all the crazy gun action

it says Rockstar San Diego is the developer of the multi-million selling blockbuster Red Dead Redemption as well as other highly acclaimed hits such as the Midnight Club racing series, Red Dead Revolver, Table Tennis and the Smuggler's Run series. RAGE, Rockstar's central technology group, also resides in the San Diego studio and develops the

basically mentions red dead first, instead of their other franchises, red dead wasn't their first one, get it???
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Fez  +   27d ago
[while looking at the moon light]
*so peaceful*

"AHH! A cougar! Die cougar!!"
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bloodybutcher  +   27d ago
Or cougar-man. And donkey-lady.
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CloudRap  +   27d ago
I hope they do Norcal during the gold rush as a setting. You could have early San Francisco,
the bay, even Yosemite, it would be the most logical setting.
Master-H  +   27d ago
I'd rather get Bully 2 first, then a new RDR.
Me too! I don't get all those dislikes , Bully was awesome! RDR was good too but I think it can wait a bit! Or a new Midnight Club would be awesome! :) RDR had a good story but it was released 4 years ago while those two games are a lot older so they have greater chances to be seen rather than a new Red Dead
jdaboss  +   26d ago
I'd rather not.
smashman98  +   27d ago
Why does everyone one call the suposed sequel red dead redemption 2
when it would be part 3 in the series its probably gonna be called red dead resomethingtion
kydrice  +   27d ago
So you want us to call it "Red Dead Resomethingtion" instead of Read Dead Redemption 2? You do realize by us calling it RDR2 is just a placeholder name right?
smashman98  +   27d ago
lol dude or red dead 3 would work
kalebninja  +   27d ago
but that placeholder makes no sense since the series is called red dead (and whatever they put here) the only appropriate placeholder would be red dead 3
SuperBlur  +   26d ago
We want GTAV 2 !
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Rimgal  +   27d ago
I hope so. But please not Jack, and not a prequel.
Number-Nine  +   27d ago
If there was a game to get a remastered version it's RDR and not GTAV
EdoubleD  +   27d ago
Man I want a new RDR so bad. I was so lost in that game, John Marston is one of my favourite characters in all of storytelling media.
castillo  +   27d ago
Isn't Marston dead so how is a two possible.
ThatOneRiggaNob  +   27d ago
Spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

at the end of the game you play as his son and i don't remember his son dying so there you go.
castillo  +   27d ago
So it shouldn't be called RDR2. If we are playing the Son.

Spoiler for what we know dad died in the barn.
Fez  +   27d ago
Could you imagine playing the whole game as his son... he was an awful character compared to John. I could see it if they completely changed his appearance and characteristics but I wouldn't want to play a game where the main character is a chubby whine merchant.

Plus they wrapped up the game nicely with no need for a sequel.
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nucky64  +   27d ago
could be a prequel when john rode with a gang.
wannabe gamer  +   26d ago
alot of people quit p[laying after he dies but they dont know u can do a final mission as the son. if you dont see the credits then it aint over
Trekster_Gamer  +   27d ago
Would preorder this game without a second thought!

Things to add, remakes that include character's from famous westerns!
wls1012  +   27d ago
I hope John's back, that would be finer than cream gravy
ICANPLAYGAMES2  +   27d ago
Oh hell yes!!! If indeed that is the case. Two thumbs up.
ps4fanboy  +   27d ago
I want Clint Eastwood as a cameo playable character and maybe long running story missions , recreate maybe the good the bad and the ugly... Oh yesssss.
jahfen83  +   27d ago
Yes please!
MAULxx  +   27d ago
I certainly hope so.
Adding a bit more meat to the online coop would be much appreciated.
Monkeycan8  +   27d ago
I really Hope it isn't called Red Dead Redemption 2. It needs to be Red Dead (Insert something that starts with an R)
ICANPLAYGAMES2  +   27d ago
Red Dead Renegade, with the son not just being satisfied with revenge, but becoming a full on outlaw in his own right.
wannabe gamer  +   27d ago
nah the son is living in a world that has left the wild west behind. they need to just go back in time a bit and do a whole new cast and arc.
ICANPLAYGAMES2  +   26d ago
@Wannabe - You mean the world has been trying to leave the Wild West behind, and while marginalized it resisted for quite some time, all while time, tech, and industrialization kept moving forward (it didn't happen instantly).
CerealKiller  +   27d ago
It could also be a new Midnight Club.
kalebninja  +   27d ago
I like how people will call it red dead redemption 2 when if anything it should be called red dead 3... or red dead revenge
ScaryMonkey  +   27d ago
Only it wont be called Red Dead Redemption 2, it will be called Red Dead: With a Vengeance.
PiperMCFierceson  +   27d ago
Jon marston was legend hope they can out do him , I kinda hated his son idk why
CaulkSlap  +   27d ago
Awesome. I kinda hope they do a next-gen edition of RDR and finally give us a PC version as well. Went back a bit ago and RDR actually looks surprisingly dated in some ways compared to how amazing it was at launch. At least I'd personally love to play it again updated before a Red Dead 3.
jznrpg  +   27d ago
Red Dead whateveryouwanttocallit please!
Dasteru  +   27d ago
Red Dead Pikachu. Pikachu riding around horse back with a shotgun = Best game ever.
wannabe gamer  +   27d ago
Red Dead Legends new characters and a new time in the wild west era.
Tru_Blu  +   27d ago
Yes please
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