Red Dead Redemption 2 Development Gearing Up?

Play: "Rockstar appears to be ramping up development on something and it seems likely that it's Red Dead Redemption 2."

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ANIALATOR136996d ago

Where does it mention Red Dead at all as what they're working on?

nX996d ago

Nowhere of course, it would be stupid to announce the game this way. I secretely hope that they are hiring for Agent but RDR2 is the most logical eventuality right now.

LightDiego996d ago

I still think the next game from Rockstar will be Agent too, but probably we will play a sequel for RDR soon.

CloudRap996d ago

They confirmed its been cancelled like a month ago

elninels996d ago


Gamefly said they will not be carrying this a ps3 rental. I dont think any more information than that camw put.

Hardly a cancellation from rockstar.

Palitera996d ago

"That Red Dead Redemption 2 development is now getting under way seems even more likely given that Rockstar San Diego, the studio behind Red Dead Redemption, is currently hiring for a lot of positions – 37, to be precise."

In his clickbaity idea, Rockstar San Diego can't do anything apart from RDR.


silenius996d ago

I work for a vfx company, and back in March of 2014 there was a Matte painter who in his HD had some images of RDR2 concept art. When I asked if it was legit, he replied positively... So don't worry guys, its going to happen :)

ikkokucrisis995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

great, i loved this game. now remove auto-aim, thanks...

Perjoss995d ago

You just gotta love 'news' headlines with a question mark on the end


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assdan996d ago

Based on how rock star releases games, it would make sense if rdr2 would be the next one they make.

Orionsangel996d ago

It's nothing more than a speculation article, meh!

TheSaint995d ago

There is no doubt in my mind that a RDR sequel is coming, RDR was too much of a success for it not to be.

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Crazay996d ago

pretty sure it was already in development. Same as Bully 2.

Hellsvacancy996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

I'd love a new Red Dead game as much as the next gamer, however, I would rather R* made a new ip, a sci-fi maybe (hopefully)

Basically I don't want them to be forever making sequels, you KNOW damn well GTA6 will be released at some point this gen

sikandar201996d ago

Sci-fi really???
R* are better with Action, Adventure genre.. There is no need for them to develop any Sci-Fi related game..

Wigriff996d ago

There's no point in being against them branching out; they're obviously very capable creatively.

Hellsvacancy996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

So you telling me R* couldn't make an action, adventure sci fi game, most sci fi films/games are action adventure

I think you underestimate R*

MysticStrummer995d ago

Because action adventure sci-fi doesn't exist?


nucky64996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

@hells.....there is enough sci-fi games already - give me RDR2!!!! I need a new-gen western fix.

edit: at everyone below who says it would be RDR3 - if it continues from redemption - it's 2. the first game was "red dead REVOLVER" #2 was if another red dead REDEMPTION is made,it'll be 2 - as in the second REDEMPTION game. how is this hard to understand?

OCEANGROWNKUSH995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

The franchise is "RED DEAD", it is likely the next game would retain that naming scheme, and change the last word in the title... "Red Dead Revolution" was rumored to be the new title many moons ago.

TH3BR3W995d ago

Most likely it would be called read dead revenge or retribution cause of how redemption ended.

Aberdasher995d ago

Red Dead Revengeance.

I'll shut the door on my way out.

Aberdasher993d ago

Most of the sci-fi titles available now or upcoming are FPS's. Would you really say no to an open world sci-fi epic done by R*? Blade Runner/Total Recall/Fifth Element-esque elements, like Dfooster said. The more I think about this, the more I want it.

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Dfooster995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Yeah I agree. Remember the chase scene from attack of the clones in those hover cars I've always imagined a rockstar GTA style version of that in kind of a bladerunner film noire style. Let's be honest that hasn't been done yet or at least successfully.

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods996d ago

I liked Red Dead , but R* doesn't realease game sequels so fast , they may have openly suggested that they are gonna do it but that doesn't mean anything , a new Bully is more likely to happen as they said that after MP3 is done they might start working on it

kydrice996d ago

GTA4 and GTA5 were 5 years apart. RDR is almost 5 years old.

Paytaa996d ago

Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption were also 5 years apart.

TH3BR3W995d ago

"I don't think we have time for a hand job joe... sheeyah huh..."

F'king love idiocracy lol

CrowbaitBob995d ago

I like your goat. There, I said it.