New on EU PlayStation Store: Velocity 2X, Don’t Starve PS Vita, Danganronpa 2 & more.

First up this week, Velocity 2X is the visually dazzling, action-packed sequel to Velocity Ultra, featuring amazing puzzle-platforming action alongside award-winning shooter gameplay! No longer are you confined to your ship, as now you can continue the fight on foot. Velocity 2X is available today on PS4 and PS Vita and best of all, included in PS Plus for September

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TongkatAli1194d ago

This week is crazy good. I got Danganronpa 2, Velocity 2X and the final Muramasa DLC.

F U Sony

Gravity_DoGG1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

danganronpa 2 for free on eu ps plus for vita?.. I can't even find the game on the store. not even if I search for it...

Edit: my bad. thought it was ps plus..
-Don't kill me :b

Ultr1194d ago

:D haha my heart stopped for a second when I read danganronpa2 "free" xD

Gravity_DoGG1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

double post. .

nirwanda1194d ago

Don't starve on vita is cross platform buy, so it's free if you got it on the ps4 even without the dlc.

DefenderOfDoom21194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

METRO 2033 REDUX will be my first game i will play , when i get a PS4 this holiday . I played METRO LAST LITE and all the DLC on my PS3 . It was awesome!! Due to fact i did not own a X360, i did not play 2033 . ///// EDIT# Oops , my comment was meant for different article .