The Japan Preview: 6-15 Edition (Metal Gear Solid 4 debuts)

VGChartz writes: "Metal Gear Solid 4 debuted for the PS3 this week, and it is the first PS3 title in Japan to top 210,000 units in its first week of sales. The game topped out at about 460,000 units according to the preliminary data, with most of the sales from the non-bundled packages of the game meaning the game sold strongly to both new PS3 owners and to the existing audience. Other titles in the top twenty sold much more mundane totals. No title in the preliminary data topped 40,000 units except for Metal Gear Solid 4. With the market largely down except for Metal Gear Solid 4 and PS3 hardware, games on Nintendo platforms accounted for 11 of the top 20 games in the preliminary data."

Key Points:

-With the debut of Metal Gear Solid 4, PS3 titles in the preliminary data accounted for nearly 500,000 units of software sold, far higher than DS, in second place, at about 80,000 units of software sold.
-There appears to have been no significant bump in PS3 software sales to accompany Metal Gear Solid 4 sales.

Hardware Predicted Totals:

PS3: 45,000 to 70,000 units range
PSP: 50,000 to 60,000 units range
Wii: 40,000 to 50,000 units range
DSL: 28,000 to 38,000 units range
PS2: 4,000 to 8,000 units range
360: 1,000 to 1,800 units range

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Silogon3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Ok, am I stuck like 4 days behind you all? where I live it is Sunday/monday. Mgs4 came out Thursday. How can sales data for a week be in until wed to Thursday?

Sales data is so inconsistent it isn't even worth following. Play your games, stop wishing for its success over your own.

Oh, never-mind it's Vg charts. We all know they're about as reliable as a pedophile distributing girlscout cookies.

Britjadg3835d ago

hmm not convinced.

ps3 will undoubtedly receive a slight hardware push but i doubt it'll outsell wii. i'm keen to be disproven but i doubt it has happened.

and why are psp sales up?

XBOX 3603835d ago

"and why are psp sales up?"

You're just noticing the monstrous PSP sales this year in Japan?

TOSgamer3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

PSP has been dominating Japan since the redesign last year in July. Sony's sold over 4 million units in 11 months. As for the PS3 just like the article states this is the biggest opening week for any PS3 game in Japan more then doubling the first week sales of DMC 4 which sold about 206k copies. A big boost in hardware isn't unexpected.

mikeslemonade3835d ago

Hot Shot Golfs bumped PS3 sales to around that much so MGS4 can easily do that.

Xiru3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

PSP has been winning in japan for over half a year now. If only PSP sales were that good all over the globe. I love my PSP and my PS3. This will probably be the only week where the PSP and PS3 outsell the DS and Wii in Japan. Oh and just thought i'd throw out there that PS3 outsold 360 this week in Japan 45 to 1! Nice choice Square Enix!

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Aclay3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Metal Gear Solid 4 is the game that the majority of all Japanese PS3 owners have been waiting for. I already knew that MGS4 would be a big hit in Japan and if MGS4 sold 400,000+ units in Japan so far, then I know for a fact that MGS4 has already sold 1 million units in the U.S. alone.

I definantly can't wait until the June NPD numbers are released as well as the Hardware Unit sale numbers for Europe and Japan for June.

Syronicus3835d ago

To be honest, I see the sales of the PS3 being a tad higher. Correct me if I am wrong but MGS4 was a title that was what many in Japan were waiting for and I suspect we will see a huge spike in PS3 sales come next months real reports.

Xiru3835d ago

Does anyone know what Sony's stance on the 80gb is? Are they bringing it back in Japan and the US? If so, it could easily do 20k a week in Japan. I also believe it would raise sales to 50k+ a week in the US. I really hope Sony doesn't blow this momentum.

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