Assassin's Creed Unity skills: Ubisoft details Head, Leg, Waist and Chest skills

Ubisoft detailed the RPG elements that are upgradeable for Arno. Plenty of skills and logic for AC Unity's protagonist.

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starchild1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

This game keeps sounding better and better to me. Unity has more RPG elements than any previous game in the franchise by far, and that is a very good thing in my opinion.

An open-world action/adventure stealth game with RPG elements set in historical time periods is basically my dream game and Unity is the closest any game has gotten to that.

skulz71503d ago

Exactly. I love history and Assassins Creed is the only open world game set in a historical time period. It astonishes me how they achieve to do this every year. The amount of research involved must be immense. I have real respect for the team as they try to do something no other game does, even if they do release every year.