Rumor: Microsoft Avatars Will Be Playable, Licensed?

Kotaku: "Courtesy of the same leak that's spilled everything else today, there's a little more information to be had on the rumoured introduction of Microsoft's Avatar system. Some of the marketing material mentions that, like Miis are in stuff like Wii Sports, the Avatars will be implemented into "various arcade and retail games" as playable characters. Also mentioned are "hundreds of clothing options", a feature which is interesting when you look at the sample pic attached to the leak (above) and - provided it's real - see one of the characters is wearing an Incredibles shirt, suggesting that unlike Nintendo's offering, there'll be the option of clothing your Avatar in various licensed outfits. Maybe, and this is total conjecture, even a little Master Chief costume?"

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Silogon3835d ago

these are better and more recognizable than any Home Avatar could be. This si the theme Sony shouldve went with. They house incredible detail and a campy, fun look that rivals anything Nintendo could hope to achieve with the mii system.

As for Sony's home avatars, they look good but too real. The clothes and options are grounded in reality and nothing is exaggerated. Online these avatars will be bland, boring and uninspired. Who is going to tell tom from John on home? You won't.

But when you see disiticnt characters made up of whacky outfits, hair styles and over eggagerated features. You have an identity on line. Sony just doesn't understand this.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3835d ago

microsoft is smart though, they're going to hi-jack alot of wii customers with this one. especially if they do a price drop that makes the core the same price or lower than the wii. If you can only afford one system for your family and you, yourself are a casual gamer and just play madden, or just buy one game a year for yourself. why not get a 360 instead rushing to stores on shipment days trying to buy a wii. nintendo better get their production right in a hurry!

Andronix3835d ago

Silgon. You make an interesting point on the differences between the Xbox Avatar caricature versus PlayStation realistic look. Ultimately this is all subjective.

However I think the Avatar 'fun' look doesnt fit in with the 'cool male' image that Microsoft have tried to build for the Xbox 360. This year will see more older people pick up a PS3 for its blu-ray. Im [guessing] they will prefer the real-world look of Playstation HOME. Maybe this is what Microsoft wants is to go for the casual and younger gamer?

Pain3835d ago

dream on.

Home Avatars>>>Mii's and M$ ripoffs

"I think sony is aiming more at people who don't want to look like jimmy neutron" agree.

XBOX Home Rip-Off Confirmed!!!!

Kami3835d ago

how original of Microsoft.this original idea must be from the masterminds at M$. /sarcasm
first M$ wants to create the wii like controller and now this. wow, now i cant look at Microsoft with respect.

Seraphim3835d ago


I just wonder how much they'll charge for Avatar clothing. 5-6 Gamer Pics is about $1.25 [100 points]. So you get the shoes, pants, shirt, and maybe something else for 100 points as well? If it's Nike then its 200 points? Or anything name brand for that matter. And of course you can't choose what you want. Just like gamer pics it's going to be sold as a group w/ no option to pick and choose at all... another way for MS to make money. Certainly not off me. I still kind of feel bad about buying the Ninja Gaiden gamer pic. But I love the game and had 2400 points to burn w/ no upcoming games I want so figured wth, I'll use 800 of my points for gamer pics over time. Wanted the 1600 point card for Rez and Ikaruga but couldn't find one so I just bought the 4k card... Anyway, whatever the case it's not going to be hard to create better avatars than Mii's. Those things are awful. My parents recently bought a Wii. They got my gf hooked so we were over there today playing for a while and created a couple Mii's. Awful, just awful...

Andronix3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

LITTLE BIG PLANET will be a hit that will feature tons of customisable characters. HOME is coming, and Nintendo already has MIIs. This Autumn will be the breakout year for customisable avatars. Microsoft dont want to be late to the party. There is nothing wrong with using a great idea, every manufacturer uses rumble, but i cant help but worry that AVATARS will be a half-way house...

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power of Green 3835d ago

He waits for:

*Music ingame
*Ingame XMB
*PSN Video Store

Then he goes onto kill his time waiting buy playing his PS3 that has:

*Online in console
*Media in console
*Games with trophies function

Kami seems like an idiot...

Kami3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

did my comment burn you boy. ha. you know its the truth.
at least Sony has the decency of "twisting" the things that they copy. Sony copies and improvises. while M$ just copy the things exactly like they are.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3835d ago

the point is to make it better then the original! microsoft and sony are trying to add wii-like features so guys can say "honey lets just get this we can all use it cuz it can do everything the wii can and then some". Then they never let thier kids touch it!!

pwnsause3835d ago

Damage control by POG HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHHAHA, what a bot, what a bot!!!!! Laugh with me!!!!! MGS4 really made him feel butt hurt HHAHHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHA

heyheyhey3835d ago

why would he wait for Qore when it's been released? strange..

power of Green 3835d ago

PS3 is made in the Xbox's image. lol

Everything PS3 is and will be is because of the Xbox and the 360 everything you're waiting for on PS3 are idea's taken from this generation from the 360/MSFT.

PS3 would be an updated PS2 without the 360.

qwert3835d ago

Nice said jonny...I mean POG! nice piece of sh!t comment POG, you are on fire my asshole friend! we the xbots are only showing to PS3 fans that WE LOVE CRAP like our sh!ty exclusives and garbage rroded consoles Xbox 360! POG, that kami is out of your league: HE WILL NEVER MAKE SO DUMBSH!T COMMENTS LIKE YOU! YOU HAVE WON! YOU ARE THE MASTER OF BULLSH1T COMMENTS! YOU ARE THE GREAT! I like so much to be your neighbour!

princejb1343835d ago

"Everything PS3 is and will be is because of the Xbox and the 360 everything you're waiting for on PS3 are idea's taken from this generation from the 360/MSFT."

isn't it something of how MS saw how succesful sony was with the psx and wanted to join the console war also. Ain't that kind of like copying another companies image

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LinuxGuru3835d ago


Playing catch-up to the WII also, Microsoft?

HDMI, bigger hard drives, (failed) High-definition drive, and now MOTION controller and AVATARS???

Wow. This is pretty f*cking funny actually.

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