Project CARS Looks Lovely On Oculus Rift - New Video Shows 10 Minutes Of Gameplay

YouTube’s ‘Betta Lines’ has shared a new video, featuring 9 minutes of gameplay footage from Project CARS running on Oculus Rift.

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iNFAMOUZ11359d ago

not really a great example as your mostly in a stiff position

imtheman20131359d ago

I disagree. Having never tried VR, I can't speak from personal experience, but from what I've seen it seems as though games with cockpit positions, such as racing games and flight/space sims, are where VR thrives. I believe that these types of games would be the most enjoyable because when I'm driving a car or (hypothetically) flying a plane, the only thing that's really moving is my head.

In a first person game, say Skyrim, the VR would probably look very nice, but there'd be a disconnect between the camera controls of the right analog stick (or mouse) and my VR headset controls. This could lead to disorientation and being uncomfortable.

Whereas a game like Project CARS has no camera controls, other than moving ones head, so disorientation or becoming uncomfortable is almost impossible. Unless, of course, the headset itself isn't pleasant to wear.

Dee_911359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Yea, i don't think that was the point of that video at all.It was to show what it would feel like actually racing... in a racing game in vr.To me it looks like VR is the future of racing games for me.That was incredible and it sold me. Too bad my wheel wont work with ps4.I don't know how I feel about buying project morpheus and a new wheel or if it would be cheaper than using my current wheel and possibly having to buy a better pc if my current one isn't up to scratch and buy oculus rift... either way my wallet is going to shrink considerably...

hkgamer1359d ago

vr definitely seems to improve your experience in racing games and may in a sense give you an advantage since its easier to know whats around you. however, when looking at mirrors and stuff when driving real life, you tend to just move your eyes more than your head. im probably just nitpicking too much though.

jhoward5851359d ago

I agree, not really a great example as your mostly in a stiff position.

he could've look around in his car to show off the power of the VR. I'd really like to see him look behind him or look in the back seat of his car.

gapecanpie1359d ago

Oculus Rift the best in VR tech, nothing else even comes close!!!

Oculs Rift and PC FTW!

KakashiHotake1359d ago

And how would you know this? Have you tried any other VR sets to compare it to? Please explain.

system221359d ago

ahh is that road atlanta i see?

Hanuman1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I've driven thousands of miles in Forza2 multiplayer on this track. Such good memories..

CloudRap1359d ago

any word on Morpheus support?

amnalehu1359d ago

they have announced they will support Morpheus.

strangeaeon1359d ago

I experienced this in Ultra HD on the way to work this morning.

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The story is too old to be commented.