10 HD DVDs available for under $10

Are you regretting the day you bought the HD DVD add-on for your Xbox 360? Don't fret - here's a list of ten movies you can get on HD DVD for under ten bucks.

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Silogon3833d ago

no thanks, I just went and bought 30 coasters at all mart for my coffee table yesterday. I don't need anymore.

thegamergene3833d ago

Hah. I've got an huge collection of awesome HD movies and spent an average of $12 per movie. Enjoy your DVD of Transformers (or paying $25-$40 for the Blu-ray when it comes out) ... :)

The gaming GOD3833d ago

when you see their sequels are only on dvd and/or blu ray

thegamergene3833d ago

What's outdated about a movie in 1080p? I don't own an expensive 5.1 system that supports DTS HD, so Blu-ray's better sound is a moot point. I think paying a similar price for a 480p DVD is outdated.

Fear and Loathing is one of the best film transfers I have ever seen - also not available on Blu-ray.

Just for the record, I have a PS3 and an extensive library of Blu-ray movies - I don't see the point in sticking to one side. I've got cheap HD DVDs on one side and newer but ridiculously expensive Blu-ray movies on the other.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3833d ago

Why would you tell someone else to enjoy spending 25$-$40 on "BD" when you have to do the same? I can sell you some awesome vhs tapes for a great deal since you don't mind switching from one player to the next! Okay I kid I kidd!

Seriously though If you go on amazon they have so many blu ray deals it's only around $5-$8 more expensive. As for those movies not available on BD it's great that you still have the option to watch them in HD

Seraphim3833d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I wouldn't say rediculously expensive Blu Rays. You just need to know where to shop. At Blu Ray discs are normally a reasonable price. Ranging from $19-24 for most titles with some as high as $28. At $19 I have no problem buying a movie I want. If it weren't for the $19 I'd have passed on I am Legend, and I would've waited for Batman in July as well. But for $19 why not buy if you want it? Especially when it costs $17-20 on dvd. Since hd has come out movie studios have upped the cost of dvds back up to $20 on a lot of releases. Probably to persuade people to pay the few extra bucks to get the hd version and convert... Anyway @ $24 it really depends on the movie [Gladiator, Fear and Loathing, and a few others I'd definitely drop $24 on], and at $28 I normally don't care how good it is. More often than not I won't buy it for $28+ [Simpsons Movie, $19 great, $28 you can piss off]. These places like Walmart, Circuit City who normally charge $30+ for most, if not all Blu Rays is rediculous. But knowing where to shop is the key to paying a decent price on Blu Ray movies. That and waiting/looking for deals like the ones and has from time to time... I just wonder how many idiots go out to Walmart or Circuit City and allow themselves to be raped on Blu Ray movies...

But the fact of the matter is that if you own both then yeah, why not give your dead player some more movies for cheaper. If you can get Batman on HD-DVD for $10 while the Blu Ray release in July costs $19 why spend more just to get it on Blu Ray? And if you already have a HD-DVD then you might as well pick up all those movies you want or feel are worth the $10 you can get them for. There's really no good reason not to. You arleady have the HD-DVD player and it's not like you're going to send in a perfectly good, new, HD-DVD player in to be recycled...

thegamergene3832d ago

@Seraphim - You're right - part of me saying ridiculously expensive is living in Australia. Prices average AU$40 - which is very close to US$40. Even our big retailers that heavily discount video games and CDs are happy to leave the price at $40 with the occasional buy two get one free deal - which is often not worth it due to such a limited selection.

For a while importing from Amazon US was an option, but just about every Blu-ray released since HD DVD "died" has a Region 1 lock - even older stuff like Resevoir Dogs - so it's useless to my PAL PlayStation 3. Weird considering one of the things I love about the PlayStation 3 is being able to import games.

I wouldn't care so much if they hurried up and released the damn things here. Cloverfield and Resevoir Dogs would be an instant buy even at full retail price.

The gaming GOD3832d ago

You misunderstand

It's not the disc features, tech, and quality that will make it outdated. It's the lack of support that will make it outdated.

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Bill Gates3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Hey here you go BABOONS, you morons should buy into this so you can help destroy Blu-Ray and the PS3........AHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHHA HA


thegamergene3832d ago

Sorry to get you excited :) The headline is slightly ambiguous but description made it clear. There's still some good deals there though!

skillednutter3832d ago

...thats a tad expensive for HDDVD the ways things are going, where doing them for about £2.20 each over the weekend got 10 films for under £25 Delivered

All Five Harry Potters
V for Vendetta
Batman Begins

thegamergene3832d ago

Wow. Wish I'd known about that one. I'll be scouring more often now!

da7dal3832d ago

What is HD-DVD I have never heard of it... ;0

oliverasadi3832d ago

its good to get cuz it has shaq in it