PSU Reviews Metal Gear Solid 4 10/10

PSU Writes:

The Bottom Line:
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a stellar entry in the series and ultimately one of the most rewarding videogame experiences of the decade. Absolutely essentially, regardless of whether you are a fan or not

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TheExecutive3808d ago

in act 2. I agree this is one of the best experiences I have ever had gaming.

LinuxGuru3807d ago

It gets waaaaaaaaaay better, my friend.

You haven't even begun to enjoy it.

Megaton3807d ago

Like LinuxGuru said, you haven't even begun to enjoy it yet if you're still on Act II. The game keeps getting better and better as it progresses. Just when you think you've played the best part, Kojima hits you with something even better.

Dark General3807d ago

Act 3 and the last parts of it was awesome. It definitely had that Metal Gear charm that i felt it was missing in act's 1 and 2. It seems to progressively get better. I hope it keeps up this pacing, because right now i'd give it a 9.5 i need something else to really put it over the edge to a 10 for me.

sonarus3807d ago

Watch out PSU. Gamedaily is pointing fingers at you right now for kojima worshipping

BulletToothtony3807d ago

i also loved the ending of act 3... and unless you don't know much about the mgs series it will still get to be at least a 9.8 since the story is so important...

But if you know some of the story, the ending is definitely a 10..

I had only play mgs2 and part of 3 but i watched the retrospective videos on gametrailers twince (takes about 1 hour each time) and that was enough to pretty much fill me up in the gaps that i was missing i would strongly suggest if you don't know the story to do so..

anyhow you still have the best of the game to come..

Dark General3807d ago

I played through and beat MGS3 followed by MGS2 (i'm a fan of the series) but i never played or beat MGS1. And the story is absolutely a masterpiece in my eyes already. It felt like it was missing some Metal Gear charm at first but just progressively it got better and better and after act 3 i can say i was wowed. I just hope it at least keeps up this pacing because i felt earlier in the game it wasn't what i was expecting and left a certain something to be desired. Now i see it's just all coming together very nicely.

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Tmac3807d ago

You guys are awesome for delivering good journalism, thanks PSU.

LenHart3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

PSU is a cool website.

Their editors are good too

BTW people please do give me some bubbles

***********PLEASE **********

Jim Crowslaw3807d ago

i got u Lenhart

oh and so true about after act stuck rite now for the first time against *******, but ill figure it out

Big Boss mode btw....everyone should be playin on this

LinuxGuru3807d ago

Who the hell asks for bubbles? Oh that's right....LenHart does.

*rolls eyes*

timmyrulz3807d ago

Cool nasim, another "figure" you can quote when your on one of your rants! :)

name3807d ago

I prefer psxextreme, but psu is good too.

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