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PSU Reviews Metal Gear Solid 4 10/10

PSU Writes:

The Bottom Line:
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a stellar entry in the series and ultimately one of the most rewarding videogame experiences of the decade. Absolutely essentially, regardless of whether you are a fan or not (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 10/10

TheExecutive  +   2478d ago
in act 2. I agree this is one of the best experiences I have ever had gaming.
LinuxGuru  +   2478d ago
It gets waaaaaaaaaay better, my friend.

You haven't even begun to enjoy it.
TANOD  +   2478d ago
a very professional review from PSU
well done Merc
Megaton  +   2478d ago
Like LinuxGuru said, you haven't even begun to enjoy it yet if you're still on Act II. The game keeps getting better and better as it progresses. Just when you think you've played the best part, Kojima hits you with something even better.
Dark General  +   2478d ago
I myself just finished
Act 3 and the last parts of it was awesome. It definitely had that Metal Gear charm that i felt it was missing in act's 1 and 2. It seems to progressively get better. I hope it keeps up this pacing, because right now i'd give it a 9.5 i need something else to really put it over the edge to a 10 for me.
sonarus  +   2478d ago
Watch out PSU. Gamedaily is pointing fingers at you right now for kojima worshipping
BulletToothtony  +   2478d ago
@ 1.4
i also loved the ending of act 3... and unless you don't know much about the mgs series it will still get to be at least a 9.8 since the story is so important...

But if you know some of the story, the ending is definitely a 10..

I had only play mgs2 and part of 3 but i watched the retrospective videos on gametrailers twince (takes about 1 hour each time) and that was enough to pretty much fill me up in the gaps that i was missing i would strongly suggest if you don't know the story to do so..

anyhow you still have the best of the game to come..
Dark General  +   2477d ago
I played through and beat MGS3 followed by MGS2 (i'm a fan of the series) but i never played or beat MGS1. And the story is absolutely a masterpiece in my eyes already. It felt like it was missing some Metal Gear charm at first but just progressively it got better and better and after act 3 i can say i was wowed. I just hope it at least keeps up this pacing because i felt earlier in the game it wasn't what i was expecting and left a certain something to be desired. Now i see it's just all coming together very nicely.
zimbo007  +   2478d ago
another 10/10
keep them rollin!
TANOD  +   2478d ago
Mgs4 now has 95% average at Meta
Tmac  +   2478d ago
You guys are awesome for delivering good journalism, thanks PSU.
LenHart  +   2478d ago
PSU is a cool website.

Their editors are good too

BTW people please do give me some bubbles

***********PLEASE **********
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Jim Crowslaw  +   2478d ago
i got u Lenhart

oh and so true about after act 2.....im stuck rite now for the first time against *******, but ill figure it out

Big Boss mode btw....everyone should be playin on this
LinuxGuru  +   2478d ago
Who the hell asks for bubbles? Oh that's right....LenHart does.

*rolls eyes*
BulletToothtony  +   2478d ago
yeah lenhart i don't know how you lost your bubbles but it's ok..
you usually find cool news anyways... ;)
timmyrulz  +   2478d ago
Cool nasim, another "figure" you can quote when your on one of your rants! :)
name  +   2478d ago
I prefer psxextreme, but psu is good too.
B-Rein  +   2478d ago
i just finished the game
the best ever experience in my whole life, this is the best game i ever played, the way its put together the story line, game play it just amazing. It well deserves a 10/10 the reviewers that give it 8/10 are retarded or xbox fanboys, this game after playing is truly the best experiences in a game i ever had.
DARK WITNESS  +   2478d ago
well thats your opinion, The reviewer is only stating his opinion... that does not mean he is a fanboy or a retard.

I am an xbox fan myself, or more of an xbox fan, but i do own a ps3 and i will say it is the best and most satisfying next gen title and conclusion to a game story i can think of.

that is my opinion. yes the game has lots of cut scenes, but it needs that to tell such a great story and i only wish more dev's would put in the time to make their storys as compelling. If the story is good we won't mind sitting through 3 hours of cut scenes, i have watched less interesting films over the same amount of time.

and i have to say this. i have never felt so sorry for a game character before. talk about someone going through hell...

I spent the whole game wishing something good would happen to snake, but things just seemed to get worse and worse.

i would definitely say so far this is my game of the year, it was GTA 4, but this has really shown how high the bar can be raised.

it may not be to everyone's taste, this is just my opinion. If there was one thing i wish i could add to it, it would be the ability to climb anything like AC. in the first act, i kept looking up at stuff and thinking i could just run up and climb, or at least he should be able to jump from the ground up and grab onto stuff.

still, it is the best example of a 10/10 game in my book. i wish more games were like it.
DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl  +   2478d ago
@4: i just finished the game the best ever experience in my whole life
Just started act 3 and this the best game I've played this gen. but your WHOLE life wow, maybe your young because while it is the game to have, the birth of my son, recieving the Holy Spirit, watching my team win it all are a little bit better! (but not by much!!!)
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BulletToothtony  +   2478d ago
i'm with 4 and i've been playing since 1987 lol
wait till you finish the game ;0)
Fishy Fingers  +   2478d ago
On my 3rd play through now, Extreme Big Boss Hard... it's nails. Especially the Boss fights :) Love it.

The last 3 hours are the best experience I've ever taken from a game, certainly a must play title.
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Ali_The_Brit  +   2478d ago
WTH? sorry fishy fingers, but i thought you was some sort of xbott before...... btw AWSOME avatar
Obama  +   2478d ago
dammit I need to get a hd tv before I play this. I have the game and have played it for 10 minutes but I refuse to go further without getting a hd tv :(. I wonder if I should get a 37,42 or 46 inch tv?
BulletToothtony  +   2478d ago
try to go as big as possible, i got a 42" and after about a month i regreted it, wish i would've saved some more money
but then i sold it almost at cost and saved a little more and bought a 1080p 52", it really adds to the experience man.. i do need a better surround system thou... my $150 does ok..

I know is hard to buy something expensive, but you have to think that, that tv is gonna last you for the next 7 to 10 years so it's worth to spend the extra cash if you have it...

If you don't have that much cash then buy like a 27" and use it as a tv/monitor on your desk that way you still get great image and you're comfortable playing on your computer chair ;0)
DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl  +   2478d ago
come on with those second stimulus checks and we can all be playing in HD! unless your headed to the store in the next ten seconds to go get your tv don't deny yourself any longer!

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