The Creator of Halo's Huge Interview on His New Game Midnight Star

Alex Seropian, the man who founded Bungie and created the first Halo game is looking to revolutionise the FPS genre again and Grab It has an exclusive interview with him.

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SlappingOysters1355d ago

Great to see this guy back in the FPS scene and I'm really looking forward to seeing what he can do on touchscreens!

shipnabottle1355d ago

Good to see developers persisting with making the most of the iOS platform and not just pumping out more casual time-fillers. It's a solid platform for deeper experiences. Not sure about how well some genres will ever really fit though, such as FPS.

I think games on iOS can be deep but still need to play to their strength. RTS, top-down or isometric RPG (not really third-person), 2D platform/action - these all work really well on iOS and provide great deep experiences on the platform.

WeedyOne1355d ago

What a waste to have such talent working on tablet/phone games...

CloudRap1355d ago

Totally agree..... mobile games are for casual idiots

SlappingOysters1355d ago

Since so many of the industry's top talent are going mobile, from Ken Levine to Peter Molyneux and now this guy, it seems kind of a harsh angle to write them all off. They didn't suddenly get less talented.

doomtrain1355d ago

'' casual idiots ''

really ?

are you a rocket scientist or something ?

CloudRap1355d ago

yeah I work for NASA howd you know?

breakpad1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

it is a same that such a talent is wasted on mobile phones (the true creative force behind Halo CE and the key factor of its success when he left Halo became an abomination with Halo 2 ,3...etc)...if it wasnt MS to buy out Bungie and force Seropian to go ...Bungie would be a true AAA developer continuing the quality games like Marathon , Myth and of course the real sequel of HALO CE