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Much like the Blue Blur once did, Velocity 2X takes an established genre and injects it with equal parts speed and ingenuity. It skillfully uses its well-thought-out mechanics to lay out a clear path to mastery, and walking it gave me a near-constant sense of gratification.

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DarkOcelet1270d ago

9's and 10's everywhere . Thats pretty good.

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MasterCornholio1270d ago

Wow and we will get this game with plus. I'm definitely downloading it.

mixelon1270d ago

Well, this is great news!

Wait, werent people complaining about how bad PS+ is at the moment? This looks pretty good to me. :)

darren_poolies1270d ago

Apparently people don't care about the quality of the games they just want 'AAA' games.

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