Tomonobo Itakagi's Exit And Why It's Symbolic Of The Struggling Japanese Industry

Tomonobo Itakagi has caused a stir in the game industry because of his recent decision to not only leave Tecmo, but also for filing suit against them for not fully paying his bonuses. This will effect the possible quality of the next Ninja Gaidens and Dead or Alives that Tecmo will inevitably make, but there is also something more significant, symbolic to all of this. This news represents the inability for the industry in Japan to keep up with the West.

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Silogon3834d ago

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! I'm so sick of the following stories in gaming.

Is mgs4 going to the xbox 360?
Itakagi leaves Tecmo, is he microsoft bound!?
Wifit girl "why every guy should buy their girl a wiifit"
PS3 is doomed!
PSP is doomed!
Gta 4 out paces PS3 version!

just give it a damn rest! Gaming is so damn gay anymore. Everything attached to gaming just sucks anymore. People like you make it so too. You all and your little fads and trends.

Please, I'm about done with console gaming for good. Got me a killer pc now that can run Crysis at full settings and console gaming is just too melodramatic.

GiantEnemyCrab3834d ago

Sounds like you need a break man. I am starting to think once you start following the game industry it can make you a jaded gamer quick. I enjoyed gaming so much more when I didn't care or follow the industry. I just waited for good games, played them and that was it.

ash_divine3834d ago

for the first time i totally agree with you. i say the same thing to myself all the time. makes me regret ever getting involved with following the industry.

Dir_en_grey3834d ago

It really lets you get a glimps of what the Japanese gaming industry is like...

avacadosnorkel3834d ago

are selling out to Americans.

They are trying to be something they are not.

Isaac3834d ago

Like Namco, Square, Mistwalker, and Capcom. If they care so much about expanding the audiences they should support all platforms equally, meaning that if they make a game taking advantage of a particular console, they should do it with all consoles, not just making low quality ports. And if they're actually gonna make a port, then they should start multiplatform development from the beginning instead of crapping on any consoles fanbase because console A developer decided that console B fans shouldn't be able to get X game unless they get console A.

Console game developers should either buy indies (like Sony did with Evolution Studios, Guerrilla, or Insomniac) or recruit startups themselves (like Microsoft did with Bungie, a new Canadian Studio and Mistwalker) instead of buying already established studios outright like Rare and Lionhead, much less 50 million dollar agreements for publishers crippling one game by making the other more appealing.

ash_divine3834d ago

everyone loves to think japan is doomed(similar to how everyone thinks the wii will fade away). I'm mean, why should i believe some some "backwater" site i've never even heard of. All he did was talk about how "great" american companies are and how japan's a sinking ship(as if american companies don't have their own troubles). He doesn't even provide proof. Just talks out of his ass about something i don't think he knows anything about. How does he know how japanese developers are paid or treated? the truth is he most likely doesn't.

Dir_en_grey3834d ago

Just like you talk out of your ass, right?
I went to school in Japan, and have a friend working at Namco, her starting salary after graduation was $25,000-$26,000. You are expected to work more because that's how the society works there, everybody's expected to work hard. It IS a difference in culture thing.
Starting salary is crap in the game industry there and that's why I came back.

Where in the article does it say that Japan is doomed? Seems like you are judging this article with your own predetermined mind-set to start with.

ash_divine3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

i never said i was credible and i didn't state any false facts, so how the [email protected] am i talking out of my ass.

and secondly, you say he's credible but fail to prove why... um, yeah, way to go dude. that's sticking it to me(not)

and did you forget that you're just as credible as me? how do i know you're not bullsh!ting about working in japan and stuff. so you're talking out of your ass my friend.

oh and by the way when i said doom and gloom i was reffering to the tone of the article and the other hundred articles about how western game development is superior.

599USD3834d ago

I get my information from many sources. Sites like Gamasutra and are just a few. The quote in the article as well as some of the ideas are taken from

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