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Next Famitsu will feature a big new game from Capcom

A big announcement from Capcom is being teased for the next issue of Famitsu. (3DS, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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jonny2by4  +   150d ago
Wonder what it is? any guesses?
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Enemy  +   150d ago
Nope, already a thing.
mikeslemonade  +   150d ago
I hope it's a current gen only Devil May Cry 5.
Big_Game_Hunters  +   150d ago
@mikes lemonade, any DMC not made by platinum is a bad DMC, as proven by DMC 5, you mean DMC6 btw
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abzdiine  +   149d ago
i would love some Maximo with Panta Rhei engine! i miss some variety in BTA but knowing Capcom it will be SF4: super edition zero
Septic  +   149d ago
Power Stone!
Lord_Sloth  +   149d ago
That's an opinion and a completely bs opinion at that since DMC3 is widely regarded as not only the best in the series but 1 of the greatest action games ever made.

And no, DmC:DmC is NOT a part of the main franchise so he means DMC6. It's the same principal behind RE4 even though it came after CV.
thereapersson  +   149d ago
It's likely another remaster.
cfc78  +   150d ago
Most likely Resident Evil or a long shot possibly a new Dino Crisis.
Necr0philiac  +   150d ago
I am hoping for a new Dino Crisis also , if it is more like the first 1 than the third. It could be amazing with next gen graphics.
PS4isKing_82  +   150d ago
Resident evil remake and revelations 2 has already been announced.

Personally I would love a next gen onimusha, devil may cry, or something else from the ps2/gc era that hasn't had a new installment in several years.
DemonChicken  +   149d ago
Was thinking about a Dino Crisis.

Like to add ONIMUSHA and MEGA MANNN ̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪○)=ε/̵͇̿̿/ 9;̿'̿ [ Do it crapcom!

One can dream right? T_T
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madworldps4  +   150d ago
Believe or not it is Devil May Cry 5 new game,it has been a lot of rumors about it...
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kratoz1209  +   150d ago
Super street fighter 4 Ultimate arcade edition remastered turbo
SirBradders  +   149d ago
Kratoz you for forgot the pre order now receive ken and ryu as free DLC.
princejb134  +   150d ago
Onimusha I hope.
KwietStorm  +   149d ago
Oh how I would love a new Onimusha.
Tetsujin  +   150d ago
Super Ultra Street Fighter 4 Turbo Hyper Alpha EX edition

All costumes $6.99
8 new (re-skinned) characters $9.99
CPS1 and 2 soundtracks $$8.99
New modes $6.99

or buy the game new for $49.99 and beta the game for help with rebalancing!

Seriously I hope it's a new game (franchise) and not something they "think" we will like.
ShoryuSwordsman  +   149d ago
Lol at all the street fighter references. Sf4 not getting anymore expansions though. There has been talk of Capcom teaming up with Dimps to make a next gen fighter though, so there's that. Most people are assuming it's street fighter 5
3-4-5  +   149d ago
stupid ios game
NovasRevenge  +   149d ago
im guessing a new tetsanoku vs capcom, dark stalkers or street fighter 5. thats my wish list
levian  +   149d ago
Hopefully Dragon's Dogma 2... Sadly I doubt it
Enemy  +   150d ago
Sounds like this is the surprise game they're going to reveal at TGS.
LordMe  +   150d ago
DMC5? I hope so... But I would gladly take Dragon's Dogma 2!
Snowblind15  +   150d ago
Took the words right out of my mouth.
Der_Kommandant  +   150d ago
A Dragon's Dogma for PS4 would be a dream come true
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Drithe  +   150d ago
Dear Lord I have been dieing to play Dragon's Dogma 2. DD was one of the last generations best games.
BlackWolf  +   150d ago
Ummm... Darkstalkers anyone? I'd love it.
eddieistheillest  +   150d ago
how i wish.
OtakuDome  +   150d ago
It's likely an already established franchise, so the logic choices are: DMC, Resident Evil, Dragon's Dogma, and Street Fighter.
Quicktim3  +   150d ago
yawn. until capcom proves me wrong and puts out good titles i wont be caring what they make.
princejb134  +   150d ago
Lol haven't bought a capcom game since street fighter 4
Geekman  +   150d ago
On the off chance they decide to revive Megaman, please make Legends 3. Or ANY of the 4 cancelled games.
Namikaze_Minato  +   150d ago
Devil May Cry Musou.
LordMe  +   150d ago
I'd buy it!
Concertoine  +   150d ago
How are people not sick of those games yet, jesus.
LordMe  +   150d ago
Same reason Mario, Halo and God of War keep selling. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Musou games are fun, not game of the year games, but they are just good fun.
Big_Game_Hunters  +   150d ago
@ lordme clumping in Mario with those game you listed ignoreing that 3D mario games are vastly different from eachother every time.
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LordMe  +   149d ago

But their 2D games are largely the same. And have been for a while now. And it is in no way an insult to any of the listed games, just the first three long running games like DW I could think of.
MegaRay  +   150d ago
Devil May Cry 5? New MegaMan? No? Then i am not interested.
youndamie  +   150d ago
Those are the only two i want from Capcom, maybe Onimusha.
krontaar  +   150d ago
Dragons dogma 2 PLEASE
Aleithian  +   150d ago
You on the community?
Rask  +   150d ago
ape007  +   150d ago
Resi7, please make it like Resi 1,2,3 and 4
gantarat  +   150d ago
Capcom : play Revelation
ape007  +   149d ago
ape007 : played it, pretty decent but nowhere near those classics, the level/enemy design feel generic in comparison
WeAreLegion  +   150d ago

Do it or we riot!
eaise  +   150d ago
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on Wii U?
Yeah I know. Not gonna happen. But a guy can dream
HentaiMasterRace  +   150d ago
MH5 on Vita plus PS4. Yes!!!!!
MSBAUSTX  +   150d ago
Omg dude that would kick ass!
HentaiMasterRace  +   150d ago
I could actually see that happening too. Better have some cross save.
breakpad  +   149d ago
yes that s i m waiting for ...or Dragons Dogma 2 , at least not be a the Resi revelation 2 we already know
Scark92  +   149d ago
Thats all I want... Why cant they deliver, Oh I remember, Its Capcom -_-
Beetey  +   149d ago
If they announce a new MH before MH4G releases, it will probably be on the 3DS, as the only real reason they would have to do that is to show that the system will continue to be the main home of the series.

That being said, there is not a single announcement (basically in all video games) that would make me more excited than MH5 on the Vita/PS4.
eddieistheillest  +   150d ago
Im not trying to be funny, but I think its Street Fighter IV ( whatever ) Edition or Monster Hunter for ps4/x1. But here s hoping for new R.E game( like a good one ), Dino Crisis, Breath of Fire, Capcom vs SNK 3, Darkstalkers, Mega Man ( lol yea right , will never happen ),Okami , Onimusha,or Viewtiful Joe. Any of those are acceptable. But you guys already know it wont happen. I hope i get to eat my own words .
Majin-vegeta  +   150d ago
People always say C VS SNK 3.Yet no one ever mentions Capcom vs snk: SVC 2 :(.
Raider69  +   150d ago
A new Maximo,Onimusha or Viewtiful Joe its all im interested in from Capcom!
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shadow18spirit  +   150d ago
I really hope its Dino crisis , possibly a remake.
MSBAUSTX  +   150d ago
Dino Crisis was great. Still own my orriginal on PS one
MSBAUSTX  +   150d ago
I wish the Lost Planet games didnt become so unpopular. I really liked the firs one. But i would also love to see a new Mega Man, but I bet it is a new Street Fighter
VsAssassin  +   150d ago
I hope it's a new IP. a 32-pager coverage of a game points to it being an AAA title.

If it's going to be an established franchise, it could either be a proper Devil May Cry game or Resident Evil. The latter is unlikely because we already have HD Remake and Revelations 2.

Edit: It could also be Monster Hunter or Breath of Fire!?!?
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iSpeakTruth__  +   150d ago
Dino Crisis is all i want. As long as Regina returns as the main protagonist
GamersHeaven  +   150d ago
Dead Rising 3 PS4
IIZANGETSUII  +   150d ago
Idc about anything else, just pls, PLS dont make it cross gen, enough with the ports, remasters and ****
Aleithian  +   150d ago
Dragon's Dogma 2, please and thank you.
Psygnosis333  +   150d ago
I like to se new Dino Crisis game so bad-elements of survival horror and action
SLUG  +   150d ago
I heard its might be lost planet 5 i hope its true lost planet is one of the 6 games that capcom is bring to next gen consoles so resident evil is all ready coming out so and dmc is coming to the wiiu and a new dead rising game coming to ps4 soon i heard and street fight is coming to next gen consoles only monster hunter game is coming to wiiu only so who left lost planet this is what i read and heard from capcom 4 months oh go capcom said these are the only game that we are working on and thats it no megaman or any ohter games that people wants
sanosukegtr123  +   149d ago
Maybe A resident evil game.
rebeljoe14  +   149d ago
New Onimusha or GTFO Capcom
Donnywho  +   149d ago
Mega Man Meets Okami, The Lord what have we done chapters. Regret version 1.
Sheed  +   149d ago
I know it will never happen but, i would love a power stone 3.
KentBlake  +   149d ago
In my dreams, it's a new gen only sequel to Dragon's Dogma...BUT, it's probably some Ultra Mega Ultimate version of Street Fighter.
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