WARNING: WiiConnect 24 kills Wiis

The joys of having a Wii on launch has come to a sudden, disturbing end for a few gamers in the US, who've reported an online update fed to their console through the WiiConnect 24 service has killed their new console.

According to IGN, faulty consoles affected by the update display an error code indicating the nature of problem, with the most fatal codes being 110213 and 32002.

Users who experience problems can either contact Nintendo to get a replacement console sent to them or, if their Wii already contains data they wish to keep, they have to send their console to Nintendo for repair.

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Balance4406d ago

oopps. that is the risk of getting a piece of electronics at launch. i wonder what the update was supposed to do? kind of odd to have an update of something that just went out the door, you would think an update wouldn't come for a week or two after launch.

potato4406d ago

no problem with mine =)

ChickeyCantor4406d ago

i bet they turned of the Wii while updating.

cmarks034406d ago

Sadly, my Wii is getting this error (110213 to be specific). In my opinion, the message along with the code is somewhat misleading: "There is a problem with the WiiConnect 24 service. Please try again later". It implies (to me at least) that the problem is on Nintendo's end, not with my console. So I just went on happily assuming that Nintendo was getting DDoS'ed by a million Wiis trying to update themselves.

Anyway, one thing that the stories I've seen here and elsewhere are not mentioning is that the consoles still function except for the online part (at least mine does, no clue about other people). I can still play games and such (Wii Sports Baseball was a nice diversion while on hold waiting for a Nintendo rep). But the stories (again, in my opinion) imply that the console is just bricked.

And Nintendo was real nice about everything. They're sending me a brand new Wii (since all I have is 4 saves and my Mii character, all of which can be transferred by me one way or another) and the stuff to send my non-fully-functioning one back to them. 3-4 business days puts me at the end of the week or Monday at the latest. I hope to be enjoying classic gaming by next week. ::crosses fingers, praying it will arrive Wednesday or Friday::

As for what it was updating, who knows... Probably installing the final client software for the WiiConnect 24 service and the rest of the channels (the demo unit at Gamestop only has the Disc, Mii, and Photo channels, and I think mine was the same way too).

Sidar, I didn't turn my Wii off while updating.

I think I'm done with my rant here.

epter4406d ago

I turned my wii off like 3 times while updating cuz it kept losing the ip. make sure you assign your wii console a static ip before updating. So far my online works okay. i hope i dont jynx myself by saying this