PAX Attendees Get Sneak Peak at [email protected]’s Awesome New Lineup

PAX Prime in Seattle is one of the biggest video game fan events in the world, and Xbox was there showing off some of the exciting upcoming games for Xbox One. But with all of the amazing upcoming [email protected] games in the works, there was too much awesomeness for one convention to hold.

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qwerty6761176d ago

speed runners looks hella fun.

stuna11176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I have to agree with you. Looks like it would be hard to put down! simplistic yet enjoyable. Also Warframe great addition.

I have to add, what's someone's motivation for disagreement with any of these comments and, why wasn't I disagreed with as well?

3-4-51176d ago

Volgar & Speed runner look awesome.

So does that Co-op game.

Docknoss1176d ago

This [email protected] is amazing, The competition between the consoles are driving the two company's to give us so many more options than past generations.

dantesparda1172d ago

You forgot to wave around your pom poms. Also, everybody knows that [email protected] is worst than Sony's indie program

lfc_4eva1176d ago

I'm really impressed by some of these games coming out. Keep up the great work guys.

Automatic791176d ago

Same here they look like a lot of fun.

GodGinrai1176d ago

Fulgar the barbarian....From the time I saw the references to rastan, I was like "yeaaaah booooy!" I loved that game on my commodore amiga!

Looking forward to these games!

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