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The State of the Xbox One: Nine Months Later

Despite few missed steps from the start, has Microsoft's console found its footing? (Xbox One)

Quicktim3  +   396d ago
things are certainly looking up for the console from what it was before.

if you dont own a ps4 and an XBO this gen you're doing it wrong, and missing out on some great games.
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Funantic1  +   396d ago
Yeah I got both. I started with the X1 first and then got a PS4 later. No way can I miss out on Uncharted, The Order 1886, Gears of War, and Quantum Break. Yeah I get involved in the fanboy wars but I'm just a gamer at the end of the day.
mikeslemonade  +   396d ago
I bought the X1 yesterday. Now I don't condone owning both if you don't have much money. If you got money to spend then get both and don't short yourself.

If you can only afford one you get the PS4.

I like the X1 controller over the PS4. The triggers are just better and more ergonomic. The control looks more sleek as well. Then the UI is more sleek also. And the system is about twice the size of the PS4, but seems like the form factor is better in quality for the X1.

Now those are the only 3 things I would give over the PS4. One more wildcard is Microsoft has money and who knows what developer they will buy next. Deep pockets help.

I would be a Nintendo owner as well but I vowed to skip this generation because the Wii1 pissed me off, so Nintendo can keep that WiiU and rot in their poor sales. I will buy their next systems.
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donman1  +   396d ago
@ MasterCornholio

I fully agree with you. I own the PS4 and don't see the need to also own the XboxOne (not a fan enough of any of their 1st or 2nd party franchises to get me to invest in that console). The WiiU is also my secondary console and is always a crowd pleasure when friends or my girl comes over (which is weekly). WiiU/PS4 combo is the way to go.
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   396d ago

People keep saying that the Xb1 is getting some great exclusives but from the looks of this list the offerings seem pretty weak.

Applejack  +   395d ago
Now that's what I like to hear right there.
MasterCornholio  +   396d ago

I respect your opinion but I would have to disagree with it. I'm planning on buying a Wii U as a secondary console because the Xbox One, in my opinion, is way to similar to the PS4. The Wii U with its controller should provide plenty of unique experiences not available on either of those two consoles.

This is just my humble opinion and I hope you will respect it. Instead of claiming that there's something wrong with me for having it.
TongkatAli  +   396d ago
I say get a X-box One for the online, achievements, friends list and Sunset Overdrive.

Having played 400 hours of Smash on the GameCube and another 200 on the Wii. I'm not going to cry for missing out on the new Smash Bros, for real I'm good. Lol.
kratoz1209  +   396d ago
Um I have never purchased a xbox and I still don't see any reason to.
It's got no JRPGs
Perjoss  +   396d ago
As much as I hate sticking up for MS and the Xbox, Lost Odyssey was one of the best JRPGs of last gen.
Letthewookiewin  +   396d ago
There is still absolutley no teadon to own a X1.
kratoz1209  +   396d ago
Lost Odyssey...
i dont think so Ni No Kuni, Tales of Xillia and Demon souls where the king of JRPG's

But i would have to give it to Persona 4 Golden that game is incredible.
LAWSON72  +   396d ago
Lost Odyssey
Blue Dragon
Tales of Vesperia (west)

These are all great JRPGs exclusive to Xbox 360
GundalfDeGrej  +   396d ago
To be honest there aren't that many great games for either console (X1 and PS4) as of yet. It's not THAT necessary to own a next gen console right now let alone two.
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Volkama  +   396d ago
It is true that there are not "great" games for either console, but I find I can take a lot of enjoyment from 'good' games. And there are loads of those on both consoles.

I recommend everyone frees themselves from the shackles of demanding only the greatest games. There is a lot of fun to be had outside of blockbuster AAA media darlings.

In terms of the Xbox, yesterday I bought Child of Light for £8 and read Need for Speed Rivals is about to be added to EA Access. Then it clicked that I actually have a pretty decent catalogue of games on the console now, though I don't really know when that happened.
GundalfDeGrej  +   396d ago
There are definitely some good games out there. What I mean is that so far they don't have a whole lot more to offer than what can already be found on last gen systems (apart from the obvious graphical differences). While both the Xbox One and PS4 are great consoles I wouldn't call either of them a "must buy" right now and you're certainly not "doing it wrong" If you don't own both of them.
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Matt666  +   396d ago
how are people wrong for choosing one console over the other. At end of the day it's up to that person weather they own one or both a Xbox One and PS4. By the way I own both because there both great consoles with great games.
Seafort  +   396d ago
I'll get a new console when it's worthwhile for me. I've just upgraded my PC so not looking to get a console any time soon.

It'll probably be end of next year when Uncharted 4 comes out for PS4 when I'll buy one.

Not interested in XboxOne as I have a gaming PC and most MS "exclusives" come to PC anyway.
lifeisgamesok  +   396d ago
It's definitely a good console with a good library already

The updates have been nice too

The rest of this year belongs to Xbox One with Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, Ori, and Forza Horizon 2
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llxKonanxll  +   396d ago
The rest of the year belongs to Playstation. The Xbox only has one or two games that will possibly push sales enough to make a difference(Halo: MCC and Call of Duty:AW).

OT: As far as the nine months since launch, the Xbox has received numerous beneficial updates for the system along with Games with Gold; however, the games have been lacking to a high degree; their competitors have been releasing more first party support.

Lets hope it's sales pick up going into 2015. Otherwise it's going to be a long generation.
f50liv_imposter1  +   396d ago
yh not even cod aw for that matter cod ghosts sold better on the ps4 even tho the heavy marketing microsoft put into it
gamer1138  +   396d ago
And what games does the PS4 have to push sales? Destiny? A game that is available on 3 other formats?
MasterCornholio  +   396d ago

"And what games does the PS4 have to push sales? Destiny? A game that is available on 3 other formats?"


Multiplats can help push systems especially with bundles like these.

Dont worry you will see PS4 sales increase when Destiny comes out. It would be foolish to assume otherwise.

Just to be fair to you Destiny will help sell Xbox Ones as well.
christocolus  +   396d ago
Great console i must say. MS has been doing a great job with the updates too. Waiting for the release of SO and Halo mcc its going to be great,a few of my friends are also planning to get the console when those games are released.
WitWolfy  +   396d ago
Here in SA we surprisingly have a handful of people counting down the days until it releases here later this month. So I say it still has a chance.
mayberry  +   396d ago
the console is looking more appealing to me, I have the PS4 and it is on constantly, but I will problably get a used X1 and a used copy of Halo-re-mastered when the new gears drops!
Artista  +   396d ago
It's the most appealing console to me this year, and that's not because of the brand, that's because of the games (fall lineup).

Next year may differ.. it could be the Wii U, PS4 or XO.
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mcstorm  +   396d ago
I agree. For me up until this year the WiiU line up has been the best (Of the new gen consoles) But I am excited for Halo Collection and Horizon 2 more then any other games on any other console at the moment Super Smash bros is a close one though.

That said the changes to the console software by microsoft have been 2nd to none. The apps are coming and the bits that were missing from the console in terms of software are also being added.

I know a lot of hate was put on Microsoft at the beginning but just like there was hate for sony at the beginning of last gen it could work out better for us gamers as it makes them give the fans what we want not what a company thinks we should have.

I do think Sony will be the winner in terms of console sales this gen but with what has happened with the WiiU and Xbox one at the start of this gen it will be interesting to see what they both change.

That said I am really enjoying my WiiU and Xbox one right now and im picking up a PS4 when UC is out next year as all 3 for me have games I want to enjoy and don't want to miss out on.
kingvendrick  +   396d ago
"With over 1 million units sold in the first 24 hours, and over 3 million by the end of 2013"

Currently the xbone has shipped 5 million units. So from the end of 2013 to the present day, xbone has shipped barely 2 million units in 9 months.

I think this shows that launch figures don't mean jack, as this is when mainly fans buy the console. And also it shows how the xbone sales dropped off a cliff after the initial sales spike at launch.

Barely 2 million shipped in 9 months since the end of 2013. Not looking good for xbone.

But of course I will probably get the not as many territories launched and 360 users who have yet to buy the console arguments thrown at me. Unortunately though xbone is being trounced in its strongest markets and apparently most 360 owners are upgrading to PS4's.

Might as well skip this gen MS. Can't even beat WiiU lol.
CptVimes  +   396d ago
You fail to mention the Wii U came out a full year before the Xbox but why let something as daft as facts stand in the way of your moronic statement, another fanboy another day!
f50liv_imposter1  +   396d ago
the point still stands in 9 months it has shipped 2 million
kingvendrick  +   396d ago
Yes but its being outsold NOW. The problem for the xbox one is the WiiU has picked up a lot of momentum lately and has been consistently outselling the xbone. After the initial fan rush at the release of the xbone, sales dried up and have been pretty lacklustre ever since.

Seems all you can do is resort to namecalling gecause you can't refute the facts. Xbone is struggling in last place, and the butthurt really stings.
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AussieBadger  +   396d ago
Great console. The only people saying otherwise have not got a clue as they obviously don't own one. Both consoles are great.
MRMagoo123  +   396d ago
The amount of second hand xbone at eb games would kinda show you that not everyone that has one likes it, considering it's sales figures have dropped would also show you. It's not a bad console but it's not the best in the majority of customers eyes, especially considering even the wiiu is outselling it now.

I'm not trying to start a fanboy argument but like I said not everyone that has one thinks it's the bees knees.
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Volkama  +   396d ago
Second hand games are no indication of the quality of the console.

All you can reasonably take from that is that people are buying games. Perhaps you can make some sweeping generalisations about the state of the industry and the longevity of retail games.
Seafort  +   396d ago
@Volkama Maybe read MRMagoo123 post again. He said "second hand xbone" not games.

However you look at it it's not good for MS and MS are the only ones to blame for the poor sales performance.

Their vague statements and backtracking throughout the year has just whittled away at the consumer confidence in the console and MS as a whole.

If the console manufacturer seems to not have confidence in their own products why the hell should the consumer?

They needed to have a vision and stick to it no matter what. Even if they failed at least they stuck by their vision of the product they are selling.

Their 180 after 180 backtracking diluted their vision of the console and the sales show all you need to know about their lack of conviction.
Volkama  +   396d ago
Quite right, his comment makes a lot more sense if I read it properly.

You can ignore my earlier response, maybe forget it ever happened.
AussieBadger  +   396d ago
Whatever magoo. There are also alot of 2nd hand ps4's out there as well. So what are you getting at fanboy. Wii U should be out selling it considering it's been out 11 months longer.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   396d ago
havent turned mine on in 6 months, but that will change this holiday
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Bennibop  +   396d ago
Mine has not been on in 5-6 weeks either. Got bored of Titanfall and am buying multiplats on PS4 as they are the better versions. Halo MCC will change that but I am not interested in any other X1 releases this year, Insomniac games are always overated and very average IMO, every other game I want is multiplat so will be getting them on PS4 along with LBP3 and Driveclub.
NBT91  +   396d ago
For me (and I have all three of the major consoles) it goes like so:

PS4: The best choice for gaming, better exclusives and better versions of multiplats

Xbox: Great mix of gaming and multimedia functions that the PS4 is missing make it just as good a choice

Wii U: this generations Dreamcast, but not in a bad way. Get one in addition to whichever main console you choose or you will miss out on some truly unique gaming. Plus it is quite cheap anyway.
psnCAShville_615  +   396d ago
i dont get people who say" i own both console" everyone else is nonsence because they only 1, maybe people dont want to buy two expensive machines? no time for two? people have lifes?

Just because you have both consoles doesn't make you more credible to spout your BS.
Perjoss  +   396d ago
A person who owns all 3 consoles and a PC is in a much better position to give constructive criticism about the strengths and weaknesses of the platforms then someone who owns just 1.
HanzoHattori  +   396d ago
That doesn't mean that your OPINION is any more relevant than anyone who has one console. You can own every console ever created and any statement you make as it relates to the quality of any given console will still be an OPINION.
kingvendrick  +   396d ago
@psnCAS, great point. A lot of people are content with just one machine. Plus you'd also have to pay for 2 subscription services as well.
rapidturtle  +   396d ago
They made a mistake forcing Kinect down our throats, and pricing $100 more than PS4. Motion control gaming isn't the future, it was a fad and is in the past.
strangeaeon  +   396d ago
I agree about Kinect, although it has come in handy for voice and Skype. It should have been an inexpensive add on from the start, and the X1 should have had better hardware.
D-riders  +   396d ago
I know its considered that MS won last gen. but did they really they were last in sales and sold slower than any other console. maybe if they stop thinking they won last gen they would have approached this gen as the underdog and be doing alot better.
KingKevo  +   396d ago
This article does almost feel like reading a commercial. Whenever there is a bit of negativity they quickly relativize it. Seems like a weird agenda or a strong opinion piece by an Xbox enthusiast. But well, although there is a lot of negativity surrounding the console it still does pretty well and there is much to look forward to for those who have one.

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