The death of the “gamers” and the women who “killed” them

Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian prove points a certain gamer-type refuses to hear.

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StifflerK1362d ago

I'm sure this article will go down well. Lol.

Nobody hates Sarkeesian because she's a woman, nobody hates her for expressing her opinion.
People dislike her for her constant misrepresentation of gamers and the industry. We are NOT misogynists or rapists.

Freedom of speech and criticism applies equally to those with a differing viewpoint than hers- she should accept that too.

Most gamers feel her behavior is deliberately attempting to provoke anger, and any single reckless backlash is used to further misrepresent ALL gamers. How is that fair?
Abuse in the industry is bad, but abuse towards gamers is acceptable??? Why the double standards?

Gamers DO like women in games - there are plenty of talented women in the industry who have their respect and admiration.
Gamers Do like diversity in games - gaming today is more so than it ever has been before. I shouldn't need to point this out to a games journalist - you should know this already.

When it comes to controversial people like Sarkeesian , Quinn, Kramer, Alexander, Hernandez - it's NOT their gender that upsets people , it's their actions.

Believe it or not the LAW, stands for something, it has a purpose, and people who break it are generally frowned upon, irrespective of gender.

Slander, fraud, gross misrepresentation, false censorship - there is proof linking them all to the above. (Actual proof, without the suspicious inconsistencies.)

There's no excuse for such behavior, especially from industry professionals.
So, what exactly is your justification of the IGF competition fixing??? What would you say to the other entrants who unfairly lost out despite paying the entrance fee?

There's also no excuse for Hernandez's anti 'white man' articles (- which are the most narrow minded and blatantly racist articles I've ever seen , and on a major media site no less,)- we're all supposed to be more inclusive and accepting, right? Right?

People should be treated as individuals, but that also means being held accountable for their own actions.

When are these people going to be held accountable for theirs?

Eonjay1362d ago

"Gamers DO like women in games - there are plenty of talented women in the industry who have their respect and admiration. "


And the fact that there are plenty of strong female characters in games. The fact that she never mentions them shows that she is an attention whore. She doesn't even praise strong characters like Lara Croft, Ellie, even Claire Farron (bonus points if you know who that is). There really are too many good examples to ignore. Now, I would like to see even more, but not because I think people are hateful rapists. My mom has probably played more video games than this lady.

ThunderPulse1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Too bad they ruined Lightning's series....

Dee_911362d ago

"When are these people going to be held accountable for theirs?"

If we keep getting fud articles like these my guess would be never.

The funny part about this is, when a gamer "harass" or "attack" a game developer.. its just THAT game developer, however, when said game developer retaliate, its against ALL gamers.
Sort of like how redneck racist have this fixed image of all blacks or jewish people.. The irony and hypocrisy from these sjw's that support this makes my stomach hurt from laughter.

REALZILLA1362d ago

Agreed, Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword is my most favorite character in gaming.

Blacktric1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

The only ones who are misogynistic, racist and sexist overall are SJWs who are trying to shove this shit down our throats and trying to back us down by attacking us with laughable ad hominem filled "arguments".

Recently, in addition to Gamergate, a new hashtag on Twitter started; notyourshield. It's used by people who are blacks, asians, homosexuals, transsexuals, etc and who are also avid gamers and are against this corruption crap and gaming media and SJWs using their identities as an excuse to attack gamers for being sexist/homophobic.

Guess what happened? SJWs started rushing in and blaming homosexuals for being homophobes. Blacks or Asians for being white. When these people pointed out that they were, in fact, homosexuals or non whites themselves, they got blamed for being "internalized" sexists/racists/homophobes.

Keep up the good fight. Do not back down. We are crushing them by using the greatest weapons we have; strong arguments and civility. All they have is rabid attacks and calling people "fat basement dweller nerds". And soon, all of them will have to accept defeat and get the f**k out of the industry and take their godawful, one sided politics with them.

You can see that it's working by checking how much damage sites like Kotaku and Gamasutra have endured since mid August;

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Ozmoses1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

so I just watched the video a little..

we can end her real easy....

watch and listen at around the 6 minute mark when she talks about the pimp/prostitute in far cry 3...

she clearly says "prostitute of color" it was blatant racism in my book... she refered to characters as women up until that point she had only called them women..

watch the video again and check it out... I ain't making this up. she said "prostitute of color" and there was absolutely no reason why she should have said "color"... simply saying it was a scene with a pimp and prostitute would have been fine.

shame!!! her argument is no longer valid.. a person can't claim prejudice when they are prejudice

if someone switches the argument into that exact quote she said, she is done.

Godmars2901362d ago

"a person can't claim prejudice when they are prejudice"

Yeah. Yes they can. Such happens all the time. And we're all the worse for it, hence this exact situation of people in the gaming community claiming that gamers are bad for the community. People - though bigots really - who seek to create a sub-division within a general term.

Ozmoses1362d ago

regardless of all you said...

she spoke with blatant racism in that section I described...

it was uncalled for...

a woman is a woman... for the sake of her argument skin color is irrelevant...

so therefore it does actually mean something... considering racism affects more people than sexism.

SilentNegotiator1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

"Colored" / "People of color" is back en vogue among SJW these days.
They LOOOOOVE that phrase because it says "white vs everyone else" without actually saying it.
"The goals of Operation PUSH were economic empowerment and expanding educational, business and employment opportunities for the disadvantaged and PEOPLE OF COLOR"

"a person can't claim prejudice when they are prejudice"
Tell that to "Reverend" Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Dee_911362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I'm not sure if noting a race or skin color = racism.But usually when these sjw's or feminist try to sly in race they do so, to try to provoke feeling and get more people to believe their cause.
I think its really s#itty of her to try to exploit the race card to further their agenda.They have been doing that for the longest on social media.

also what silent said

Godmars2901361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )


Going to have to disagree with you on Jackson and Sharpton. Not that I literally did.

They aren't racist, they're opportunist who use racism. They are what Sarkeesian strives to be as a feminist.

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TheOtherVitaOwner1362d ago

What really irks me about this article is its wording. The author makes it sound like every gamer in existence is in on this flame war when in reality I bet less than 1% of the total gaming community has even bothered to comment. This won't be the "death" of "gamers", most don't even know this whole thing is even happening.

WeedyOne1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Yup, i have seen some of the articles and i still have no f-ing clue what is going on or why i should care, it seems stupid... Just seems like people with an agenda stirring the pot.

HighResHero1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

This article looks like another result of "damage control". Just look at when they started rolling out.
A random quote from 2 weeks ago:
"Prepare for maximum damage control."

Eonjay1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Thank you. You actually get it. This is the most massive attempt at damage control I have ever seen. The feminist angle has nothing to do with the fact that she and others were caught in a big gaming journalist sex/corruption scandal. This is unbelievable. Look what Kotaku and Polygon have wrought.

dj3boud1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Your Comment is "Reddit Gold" worthy!

joab7771362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Very well said. But double standards are all too common today. I stand for something so you had better agree with me while I also generalize and label a different group of ppl as Immoral or evil.

It's crazy really. We have journalists actually being beheaded by groups that give NO rights to particular genders, races, or religious groups, and we grandstand over the fact that our freedom of speech isn't also freedom from critique. Is everyone civil? No. But you knew that when you made a video about the same so-called ppl.

Just remember, if u don't wanna be stereotyped or attacked, then don't reciprocate and expect to be protected.

KakashiHotake1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I feel like a lot of these journalist are intentionally trying to stir anger for publicity. After all negative publicity is still publicity. But I feel like that should be illegal especially when it's so obvious. Some of my favorite characters in games were females and it had nothing to do with gender. Yes in a lot of games females are depicted in a negative light but unfortunately that's the world we live in. Prostitution is real, strippers are real, young women like to expose their bodies, etc. The history of women in past cultures is even worse. Not saying that applies to all women because often times women do better than men especially in this day and age, but that's reality.

rambi801362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

The timing of Anita's new video is no coincidence. She and her minions are trying to derail the conversation. Stay on topic people. The topics are corruption and abuse of power

Tex1171362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

What is unfortunate about the internet is that there are some posters who immediately go into very personal attacks and insults not even listening to the message.

Instead of voicing a critique of the position, truly deplorable slurs are tossed out, everyone picks a side and circles the wagons limiting any intellectual debate.

Here is the typical cycle:
(1) Article is posted taking a social commentary position on video games.
(2) Immature posters immediately start throwing derogatory insults at the author. If the writer of the original article is a minority in the industry, these insults are particularly pointed.
(3) Those who wish to stop the insults (as there really isn't a place for them in intellectual debate) immediately come to the defense of the author. This is more intensified when its a minority in the industry.
(4) Others immediately either hurl insults yet others come to try and salvage some intellectual debate, but with such slurs floating around, this is lost.
(5) Goes on for a few weeks
(6) Next article comes out

And we are right back at the beginning of the cycle. It is going to take a real effort and restraint on the part of the posters to not make these personal attacks.

It is also going to take a real effort on behalf of the gaming journalists and other posters to encourage the intellectual side of these debates.

garrettbobbyferguson1362d ago

It's on the other side too, if you haven't noticed.

1)Article is posted
2)There are actually people who critique it and say why it is wrong
3)Extremists call them misogynists and rapists for not agreeing with it
4)Everyone gets pissed off, but the extremists on one side look like they're victims

viperman2401362d ago

I'd like to add to what Stifflerk said, I don't like doing this but I want more eyes to see this, but I'm going to copy and paste what I said in a different article.

"When Jack Thompson popped up in the scene claiming games make people violent and that we are all going to go out on a shooting spree. Yet he was laughed at, and everyone ignored him. Hell the gaming media defended us, destroying his claim. Only thing that sucked for him was being exactly that, him; a male. If he was a female, or a male who identified as a female, sadly, he would have been taken seriously.

OT: The internet has always had people acting immature and stupid. People calling you a faggot, telling you to kill yourself or even straight up saying they would rape/kill you. But what everyone used to do, is argue back or just troll them back, thats it. What ever happened to "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me".

Now we have these feminist/SJW who wear these baseless threats (that should be ignored) as a badge of honor and lump every male/gamer to further their own agenda just cause some immature twat gave them a baseless threat. Instead of the gaming media being sensible and calling out their thin skinned BS, they defend them and blame us as they are doing right now.

This is getting out of hand, I can't believe it has come this far. I thought ignoring these SJW/feminist would solve the problem, but they have grown in numbers and have gotten into position to influence so many others, in a bad way.

I can keep going on, on how they are destroying the industry/hobby I used to love. Instead I'll just end with this.

callahan091362d ago

Just 5 off the top of my head:

Samus (Metroid)
Jodie (Beyond: Two Souls)
Ellie (The Last of Us)
Elena (Uncharted)
Aurora (Child of Light)

These characters exist, and represent females positively.

There are also plenty of idiot, meathead, moron males who run around with their shirts off and their muscles bulging in videogames.

I think the honest vast majority of videogames don't even really feature human characters, or even characters at all (puzzle games, etc.) There are a lot of fictional creatures, some humanoid, many not. Most games featuring human/humanoid characters let you select or build your own character, including female genders, and are not positive or negative or attempt to influence you one way or another with regard to what gender you play as. Mass Effect, Dark Souls, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and countless other games let you pick what gender you want to be and don't sexualize or otherwise demean the females in any way shape or form.

The games that do demean women are a stark minority in the industry. You have to seek them out. And even then, they almost never reach anywhere near the low levels that cinema goes. I just saw the second Harold & Kumar movie on TV the other day, and there is an entire scene that's just all about showing women with no pants on. That's the whole scene, the entire point of the scene. The women in that movie are vapid, useless human beings who serve no purpose other than to be sex objects.

And there are thousands of movies that come out with similar treatment and usage of women. There is an entire genre of movies called "late night comedy" that is pretty much just about loser dudes who try to sex up women and attempt to get slapstick laughs out of us.

UnHoly_One1362d ago

Could this lady possibly miss the mark on more of her examples??

This one absolutely kills me.

"The video includes examples from games like Watch Dogs, where the main character watches multiple instances of violent domestic abuse and, rather than take even a second look at the woman who suffers it, is required to amble off and track down the man who did it."

Ok, let's stop and take a look at this for a second. The character you are playing in the game is a Vigilante. His whole "purpose" is to catch the "bad guy".

He's not chasing after the criminal because the criminal is a man, and he's not ignoring the victim because the victim is a woman. He's just doing his "job".

If it was a game about a counselor, then maybe he would call the police on the bad guy then stay to talk to the woman, but that isn't what the game is.

This lady just cherry picks examples and twists them in a way to make them sound bad, and all she ends up doing is making herself sound like an idiot. It's embarrassing.

SilentNegotiator1362d ago

Absolutely hilariously ridiculous.

1) Even if he were a cop...are police supposed to stop and pat a victim on the shoulder when the perpetrator is 25 feet away and running?

2) Feminists, you can't have it both ways. Are women major victims that are always getting harassed and 11 out of every 10 women will be raped in their lifetime? Or is the depiction of women as victims horribly offensive and inaccurate? Either that's the norm and the depiction is accurate (thus unoffensive), or it isn't.

SilentNegotiator1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Gamers are showing that we aren't falling for this campaign against the term "gamer" which certain parties are trying to demean in order to have power of them.

Christopher1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

***Nobody hates Sarkeesian because she's a woman, nobody hates her for expressing her opinion.
People dislike her for her constant misrepresentation of gamers and the industry. We are NOT misogynists or rapists. ***

The thing is, she's never called gamers this. She says that the game developers design games in a misogynistic manner. She has never called gamers anything you just said.

The problem with certain gamers here is that they put words into her mouth that don't exist.

Anita says that women are used sexually as background filler, people assume she means that the people who play them are misogynists? That's not what she's saying.

Anita says that women are used as helpless people who the player is enticed to save or who is allowed to watch them be killed brutally, people assume she means that the people who play them are rapists? That's not what she's saying.

The funny thing here is that 'gamers' are taking the side of the war on games we've had before. The concept that playing violent video games makes you a violent person. Something we've said isn't true for ages. Now, they are flipping it and taking an examination of how sex is utilized in games and taking it to mean that she must mean the individual gamer is a rapist or hates women in some manner. Both arguments are stupid and unfounded.

Having said that, the argument that because someone says something we don't like never is a good reason to attack them in the manner that she has.

Blacktric1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

"people assume she means that the people who play them are misogynists?"

She says playing these games will turn gamers into sexists eventually because of the effect it has on the players. And not only in her video. In one of her recent tweets, she said "game developers should be aware of what games teach to players when it comes to dealing with conflicts", basically confirming that we shouldn't play "violent games". But it's good to know that agenda pushing through disinformation is also present here. Makes it obvious why that initial Zoe Quinn story that was focusing on corruption part got deleted from the website after blowing up to 1000 degrees.

Here's the tweet in case you try to pull this into some other direction;

And if she was being honest about anything she spouts, she wouldn't have showed the footage of some mad kid killing strippers in the club for no good reason (and getting penalized) and dragging them around in Hitman: Absolution as; as you can see, game encourages players to do this!

Anyway, I'm not gonna waste my breath to someone who defends a professional victim, who posts tweets of 13 year old kids as "look I'm being attacked!" and announces that she's left her house on her twitter after getting death threats, which is something the police and FBI completely warns you against. Oh and, let's not forget that one of the next tweets she posted after that was "DON'T FORGET TO SUPPORT MY NON PROFIT! LINKS ARE ON MY SITE :)".

Christopher1361d ago

***And not only in her video. In one of her recent tweets, she said "game developers should be aware of what games teach to players when it comes to dealing with conflicts"***

And where in that does she call anyone a misogynist? She said "teaching" not "making." Much like how a person learns from those they are around, you don't think that kids will learn to emulate in some fashion what they hear in movies, tv shows, and video games? Heck, I've seen how my nephews have acted after watching certain movies, I can only imagine what they would think after playing Trevor in GTAV a bit.

***But it's good to know that agenda pushing through disinformation is also present here.***

What disinformation? I have yet to see you provide something that says she calls gamers, myself included, a misogynist or a rapist.

***Makes it obvious why that initial Zoe Quinn story that was focusing on corruption part got deleted from the website after blowing up to 1000 degrees. ***

You mean the one that lambasted a person over their personal life and nothing else? Yeah, sorry, we're not here to spread things like who had sex with who. Notice how we haven't done squat to stop the many opinion pieces related to it though? I mean, we're so covering that up, aren't we?

***And if she was being honest about anything she spouts***

There's honesty and then there's ignorance. I think Anita is misinformed on some things, but she is not incorrect on a lot of it. You just assume there's a purposeful dishonesty in her opinion that is somehow aimed at you when she really puts all the blame on game developers and not the people who play them.

***Anyway, I'm not gonna waste my breath to someone who defends a professional victim***

Yes. A professional victim who never had threats assailed at her on YouTube? She must have made all of those accounts and posted to herself with the first video she made.

I think her points are ignorant, but I also think the reaction to said events have been horrid and the people on the Internet, like so many things, have made it just as much a cry to defend everything she does as it has to decry everything she does.

Me? I just think people need to stop with the hatred against her. And, to say she's a professional victim and that none of it is warranted? You're in La La Land with that.

Blacktric1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

"And where in that does she call anyone a misogynist?"

She doesn't directly call anyone. She just implies that people who're supporting games that has that trope have/will turn into one, sooner or later.

"you don't think that kids will learn to emulate in some fashion what they hear in movies, tv shows, and video games?"

None of the games that have low age ratings have people yelling "bitch" or "whore" in them. And if you're talking about laughably petty tropes like "damsel in distress"; no kid will learn to be a misogynist that sees women only as a goal to be achieved or saved because they've played Mario. And same applies to becoming a murderer, since kids to this day are still playing violent games thanks to ignorant parents. And blaming developers for having stereotypes and sex specific insults in their games, which are aimed at mature audiences, is also nothing short of pathetic on her part. It's art. It should be free to depict all sorts of people.

"Kotaku Staff Reported to Exchange Positive Game Coverage for Sex" was the title of the article that got failed after tons of people have read it. And it didn't lambast anyone as you can see for yourself below.

"She must have made all of those accounts and posted to herself with the first video she made."

Irrelevant. Everybody receives death threats or harrasment online, regardless of gender or race but by just sharing an opinion or being part of something. And eventhough this doesn't make it right, it makes it obvious that nearly every single one of them are empty threats sent by angry little kids. The way Anita approaches to so called death threats is of relevance here, as she uses them to propel her campaign or videos or spread her donation account. Posting the picture of a tweet made by someone born in 1999 doesn't constitute for posting evidence to prove credible threat. And like I said before, both police and FBI are against doing such things and the first thing they tell you is not to respond or agitate them in any way (assuming there's credibility). Yet she posts about how threats drove her out of her home and right after that, talks about how "harrasment against women in tech must stop!". It's clearly agenda pushing to get her more supporters.

And sorry for calling you an agenda pusher. That was unwarranted. But constantly being called a sexist and racist online for being a gamer (happened on Twitter, unrelated to your post) can make you blind for a short time.

Christopher1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

***She doesn't directly call anyone. She just implies that people who're supporting games that has that trope have/will turn into one, sooner or later.***

No she doesn't. She does no such thing. She says exactly what she says. You're reading way too much into it that isn't there.

***None of the games that have low age ratings have people yelling "bitch" or "whore" in them.***

And yet most of XBL and PSN online gaming has kids and adults recanting those exact same thing. Where do they learn such things from? Movies, tv shows, and video games are a big part of the culture as well as their peers.

***Irrelevant. Everybody receives death threats or harrasment online, regardless of gender or race but by just sharing an opinion or being part of something.***

Wrong. I've never received such things. Been online since the 90s. Nor do most people have threats of being raped or the like.

This mentality that you have that 'everybody has it' is wrong. Most people don't. And, most people don't have it done in such a public manner for said reason. Furthermore, most people don't have it done by a massive number of people at once for their opinion on something so trivial as tropes in video games.

***And it didn't lambast anyone as you can see for yourself below. ***

From the article: The original source of the allegations are from Zoe’s Ex-Boyfriend who claims she was cheating on him with multiple press members in order to get her game Depression Quest coverage and ultimately greenlit via steams Indie game submission platform.

It's not lambasting, and not the original that was failed on here (and this probably failed because it was a duplicate of the original), but it's still slanderous. There's no need for anyone to destroy someone's life because some ex said it was so. To get that through, you really need some proof to back it up when it comes to calling someone out like that personally.

Blacktric1361d ago

"She says exactly what she says."

You don't have to read too much into it to understand what she implies. It's not that hard to extrapolate.

"I've never received such things."

Play a competitive game with a big fanbase devotedly or basically share an unpopular opinion on Twitter with a popular hashtag and you will. In a world where even 10 year old kids are getting doxxed and threatened (by social justice warriors nonetheless), it's inevitable. Me and my friends have received plenty of death threats from little kids to older men, both verbally and by ingame messages, and most of us have also been online since late 90s. Being on the internet most of the time brings anonimity, which gives people an excuse to lash out threats in moments of anger. It doesn't mean they're credible as there aren't any game journalists out there who were killed after getting death threats. And plenty of them DID get death threats. It may be ugly, but it's what the "free speech" backed up by anonimity brings on the internet.

"Where do they learn such things from?"

From adult videogames their irresponsible parents have been buying to them. Just because a younger demographic seeps into the game's recommended, doesn't warrant them to be censored or toned down. The box says 17+, only teens who are over 17 should play it. You cannot blame the developers for what's basically the fault of irresponsible parents. Or violent television media that "accidentally" shows uncensored footage of people committing suicide, getting murdered or yelling profanities.

I can agree with the article being slanderous.

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Back-to-Back1361d ago

If we could have less Sarkesians and more Amy Hennigs, the gaming industry would be alot better off. People like Sarkesian add nothing positive to the industry.

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Monkeycan81362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I approved this because of how ridiculous it is.

WilliamUsher1362d ago

Also, it proves them wrong:
opposite of them we're willing to hear them out.

Instead of censoring their opinions we'll let it ride.

It's too bad they can't say the same, what with all the closed-threads, removed posts, blocked, banned and barred users.

I wonder how well that's going to work out for them when the sponsors start pulling out?

Speaking of sponsors...

the gamers against corruption Facebook page has info on how to get in contact with the sponsors who pay these sites. It's worth checking out if you want to get proactive.

mixelon1362d ago

?? If we started attacking each other here with the veracity that people
have been attacking the writers of some articles I can assure you the posts would be moderated, and users banned or suspended.

You/we can't really take the moral high ground as its not even remotely proportional or similar.

johndoe112111362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )


I have come to the realization that the fact that you are a journalist has prevented you from being even remotely unbiased about this situation. You, just like all the other so called "journalists" out there are not focusing on the real issue or what started this whole gamer "witch hunt" in the first place.

You fail to acknowledge all the evidence that has come to light that is casting very very serious doubt on the validity of the claims of quinn and sarkeesian on their so called "death treats" and "harassment" and you, like most of the other journalists, ignore the fact that gamers are fighting against a corrupt gaming media.

To me it seems like "certain journalists" have been using certain sites to help misguide and derail the issue at hand and push their aganda. As far as I'm concerned, which i'm sure does not matter to you but I really don't care, you have ZERO credibility as it is obvious that you are NOT dealing with the main issue of corruption in gaming journalism.

You keep talking about harassment as if anyone here EVER said that it was ok to harass people. NO ONE here said we agree with harassment so why do you keep bringing it up here? Who are you talking to? Why are you not talking about the corrupt gaming media? Hypocrisy at its finest.

LeftPawedFox1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I just want to point out that I dissagree with this. I just wanted to share it.

longcat1362d ago

I cant believe someone hit that. I would rather masturbate. No Joke.

001362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Apparently two full grey hound buses full of people would hit that.

TongkatAli1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

You know this is the real reason why the brown paper bag was made.

@longcat rofl! Jesus is the truth.

Monkeycan81362d ago

Id hit it.... Witha bat...

(joking I dont condone violence)

longcat1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

yeah, what did that poor bat ever do to you?

longcat1362d ago

I got a disagree...somebody here needs Jesus

mixelon1362d ago

Good to see you doing your bit to not perpetuate the negative gamer stereotypes. :P

longcat1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

"Self Improvement is Masturbation" - (Fight Club)

i just wanna have some fun man. I'm tired of trying to be part of the solution. Being part of the problem is much more satisfying

madjedi1362d ago

And good to see your still perfectly willing to let an entire group of individuals be demonized as scum of the earth by these people because a few immature asshats.

Who gives a rat's ass about the moral high ground. Morale high ground is typically a copout to absolve the person claiming it of any repercussions or accountability for treating someone else like shit.

No one is without some bigotry or prejudice, but the way many of these people act they are absolute saint who would never be capable of any such act.

We still have racism, discrimination,homophobia and every other pleasant act mankind is capable of committing against each other.

Despite their best efforts these beyond reproach journalist's bloggers and proud social justice warriors are still failing miserably.

So either gamers aren't the demonic hoards we are made out to be or the same people that belittle gamers are just as capable of evil or malicious intent as we are.

No one is putting a gun to your head and making you play games, if the shame of being a gamer is too much for some people, find a new hobby.

LightDiego1362d ago

One bubble for intelligent or well said.
Decisions, decisions.

ShaunCameron1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Some guys are just desperate for female attention like that. Especially nice guys and white knights.

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mixelon1362d ago


Some people just want to watch the world burn.

This is going to be hilarious.

madjedi1362d ago

The hilarious thing is you think you aren't one of them.

Most of us would settle for not being treated like shit because our hobby is the current work of the devil rhetoric.