Guitar Hero World Tour's New Guitar Control Revealed, Priced

Kotaku writes: "Also in the batch of leaks going up on NeoGAF and elsewhere: Guitar Hero World Tour (aka GH IV) will feature new controls on the guitar neck, plus a raft of A-list artists including, curiously, the Doors".

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zethos563837d ago

I can't wait to play some Jimi Hendrix/SOAD. The new drums also look awesome.

americanGTA3837d ago

Come on, the only thing that makes GH so awesome is the awesome guitar. The game in innovative but it just does not have that guitar hero feeling.

SullyDrake3837d ago

Most modern Hard Rock/Metal is either DLC or not even included. I love hearing new songs but I love even more rocking out to my favorites.

If they include more songs out of the box and the music creation system is diverse enough, this'll topple Rock Band.

Only gripe is I'd be worried about breaking the cymbals.

skynidas3837d ago

Ill wait to see how Rock Band 2 is going to be

thekingofMA3837d ago

i was a big GH fan but since getting Rock Band, i've switched sides

while ill still most likely get GH4 and Aerosmith, Rock Band is my new thing

it's going to take GH4 some epic new features and an awesome setlist and better DLC to switch me back...

junk563837d ago

whats the point of a touch sensitive neck o_o...
if they mean like how hard you press the different sounds... thats completely retarded

plus.. how the hell is this gonna sell? every1 bought rock band already, nobodys gonna dish out another 200 on this...

seriously.. activion milked the GH franchise. once devs make games for money and not from their passion, i see no reason to buy their products. An example of how lazy neversoft is compared to harmonix

in rock band, if you miss a note, THAT exact chord will not play back. However in guitar hero, if you miss one note, it'll just cut off the music, not just that single note. Thats laziness right tehre

davidadrake3837d ago

I am not going to buy another music game, unless it is compatible with my existing peripherals. Other games don't make you buy a new controller, so the music ones should not be able to get away with it. Microsoft needs to nip this in the bud before it gets completely out of hand. We are the ones getting screwed. Boycott!

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