Dragon Quest Heroes Foreshadows Bright Future For PS4

Hardcore Gamer: Dragon Quest Heroes is a step in the right direction for the series.

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ValKilmer1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Quite frankly, it's the first PS4 game that's gotten me excited about owning the console.

Can't wait.

pedrof931362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I remember the first time I saw a Dragon Quest related picture, I was like "Wow, those guys looks like they're from Dragon Ball..." guess what, Akira Toriyama...

Also the Chrono Trigger character design was also made by Akira Toriyama, It became clear to me when I've notice that the last boss in the game looked like a Cell/Piccolo hybrid, and then his name on the credits !

XtraTrstrL1362d ago

What about Piccolo now? I really hope the action/rpg combat is done well. I'm really into the whole DQ world and always wanted a properly done action/rpg one. This could be epic.

S2Killinit1362d ago

Mr ValKilmer
As much as I'm surprised by your statement, I can respect your opinion.

3-4-51362d ago

I hope this helps the chance of Dragon Quest 7 3DS or ANYTHING Dragon Quest for ANY system head over to the U.S.

Just bought an XB1 and loving it, but I'm definitely getting a PS4 like 2-3 years from now specifically for it's exclusives, which by then there should be a ton.

-Foxtrot1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Wonder if they'll ever do a proper Dragon Quest game for the PS4 if this one sells well.

Last one for a Sony console I remember was Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

They could make a seperate DQ franchise for the PS4 if they wanted since doing a Wii U/PS4 Dragon Quest game would obviously hold back the PS4 version

Something like

Dragon Quest <new name> which sequel would then be Dragon Quest <new name> II and so on

pkb791362d ago

I'd settle for a HD remake of DQ VIII at this point.

Jyndal1362d ago

Was that the one with the king who had been turned into a goblin-looking thing?

Jyndal1362d ago

I've played so damn many JRPG's that they tend to blend together in my head. Is Suikoden still a thing?

Magicite1362d ago

wake up, its long gone, same as breath of fire, wild arms and many others.

NxeonPwn1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Don't worry its an Action RPG and remember what they said? Dragon Quest is Coming back To PlayStation with a bang ;) so the traditional RPG will come after this title.

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gangsta_red1362d ago

So Dynasty Warriors meet Dragon Quest is a bright future for the PS4?

Maybe if they would have shown this before Hyrule Warriors maybe there would have been some excitement but Dragon Quest spin offs games have been done before and are no where near as popular as the actual RPG franchise.

vickers5001362d ago

While I do agree with you, it's better than nothing. Those who are even slightly interested in this game should buy it so that Square Enix sees that it's not a waste of resources to bring Dragon Quest titles to ps4 and the west. Actually don't know if it's coming to the west for sure, hope it does.

jonboi241362d ago

I hope this leads to a proper Dragon Quest sequel on PS4. While I do have my reservation on a Dragon Quest/Musuo hybrid, the fact that they said this isn't a Musuo game has my a little optimistic.

CocoWolfie1362d ago

i never played dragon quest before but it looked really fun!

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