Microsoft Has Big Goals for Xbox One in Japan; Believes Market Share Can Change with New Generation


We’re less than 24 hours from the release of the Xbox One in Japan and Microsoft is going to try and dazzle the local audience with a day long launch marathon, while the company’s executives share their enthusiasm and expectations.

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AngelicIceDiamond1359d ago

Sigh....Good luck.

Is all I have to say.

christocolus1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I wish them the best too. Just after E3 they did say they had some surprises planned for Japan. Have no idea what it could be but i know i would love more ips like fuzion frenzy,otogi,blinx and maybe a sequel to lost odysee in addition to that, mystwalker could ressurect Cryon and level 5 could start working on True fantasy live online again.also whatever big exclusives they release over there should be localized for the west to maximize returns.

Best of luck Takashi S. All the best.

TKCMuzzer1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

It's about brand recognition and unfortunately Xbox is a brand the Japanese don't really recognize. It would have to do something they have not seen to stand a chance and considering they are tech mad it just won't stand out enough as they have probably been there, done that.
It's also safe to say, Japan is a mobile gaming country and I can't really see that changing, hence why Sony hit the US and Europe first with the PS4.

Why o why1359d ago

Boi....I need some of your PMA in my life right about now chris man

Septic1359d ago

I just honestly don't see it happening. They need luck, luck and then some.

To be honest, even getting back the US market from Sony now seems like an uphill task in itself. Just doing well in Japan would be a MASSIVE achievement.

The skeptic in me says that the Xbox will trail behind Sony in virtually every market out there, USA, Japan and others. The generation may have just started but the sheer momentum Sony have plus MS' slew of bad decisions and constant playing catch up is just too much. I wish them all the best but they're going to need A LOT of luck to pull off a success in Japan.

IndoAssassin1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )


I think X1 will eventually outsell PS4 on a regular basis by next holiday.

darthv721359d ago

Like they say, third time is the charm.

but then again....the third console curse exists for a reason.

christocolus1359d ago


I agree with you. Sony has been riding really high. At this point i just want the xbox one to be successful enough to get a successor. They definitly need to keep doing all they can to correct the mistakes they've already made.It may take a while,they may not even get to correct it all this gen but they just need to keep doing things right and remain focused. New studios, sequels to existing ips working with feedback from fans to make the experience better,great ads, constant updates to xbx one and xbox live.all round improvements and a constant inflow of new/killer AA ips.

I think they've been going in the right direction since Phil became head of xbox.

GoGoGadge71359d ago

Even if they gave the XBOX One tentacles, made it say Desu desu desu every 6 seconds, while it sprung boobs.. the Japanese STILL wouldn't want it.

nX1359d ago

^If X1 outsells PS4 it's only because everyone has a PS4 already... or maybe during a Halo launch week. In Japan, PS4 will outsell the Xbone 3:1 even in a Halo launch week, no doubt about it.

indyman771359d ago

Back to the article, if Microsoft actually thought they had a chance they would at least have a press conference! Not just have games.

IndoAssassin1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

If X1 is a dud in Japan they really should pull out and invest that money in new studios. I don't understand how their investors let them bleed money in this region.

@ my above comment. I meant in America X1 will eventually outsell Ps4 by next holiday

ShinMaster1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I hope their big goals aren't to make exclusive deals.

It would be a waste. The Xbox fanbase aren't big into Japanese games. Quality games could go to waste.

ScaryMonkey1358d ago

@ IndoAssassin

I dont think you could be any more wrong if you tried.

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Death1359d ago

You have to give them credit for trying.

choujij1359d ago

Do or do not. There is no try.

Magicite1359d ago

they will loose lots of ''credits'' with this.

jonboi241359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I think many small Japanese devs will avoid MS unless MS pays them to make a game. I think companies like Compile Heart, Nippon Ichi, Gust and etc all know that they have a chance to make more money if they stick with Sony. Sony has proven over the years that the niche Japanese games have a strong and passionate fan base outside of Japan and most of them are Playstation consumers. It's the biggest reason why they keep localizing these kind of Vita games. I'm usually surprised that many of them usually break even or make a small profit . Rarely do you see a niche Japanese game get released on even Nintendo devices unless Nintendo or the big Japanese publishers publish the game.

DevilOgreFish1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

lost odyssey 2 announcement or a scalebound gameplay blowout and i'd be totally be cool with them for their event.

OrangePowerz1359d ago

They keep telling themselves since over 10 years that they can be successful in Japan. Not even Nintendo or Sony do that great with their console sales, so I don't know how they can think they have any chance.

Death1359d ago

In their defense, they aren't looking to dominate in sales. They are simply trying to make a profit and establish some kind of footing in a region where they are irrelevant. They have the resources to do it. Most others would have been forced to give up by now.

styferion1359d ago

X1 launch must seem like an afterthought to Japanese now after Sony's pre-TGS conference, so much beloved Japanese IP announced..

avengers19781358d ago

The current state of there preorders, or lack there of in Japan says, says they have a serious uphill battle

Kayant1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Should be interesting how they do at launch tomorrow. Although their efforts will likely be in vain sadly.

Reminds me of similar statement being said by Xbox German about getting 40% marketshare only for that figure ironically to represent the different between it and PS4 atm.

atm based on media-create numbers x360 does about 100+ units each week. This week it did 66. This obviously is numbers that are near the end of the x360 life cycle but to compare the PS3 did 6,225k units.

Launching in Japan tomorrow

Edit -
Corrected time of launch

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FlunkinMonkey1359d ago ShowReplies(1)
qwerty6761359d ago

hahaha they cant be srs?

i mean i get its their job to try to sound enthusiastic but thats just "words"

how about put your money where your mouth is Microsoft?

what games did you position to launch on xbox to appeal to the japan crowd? any? any at all?

Death1359d ago

They can't have a worse showing than Sony did as far as games go. No one is expecting "big" sales so anything over zero is great. Double digits will probably set the nets on fire. Triple digits will be written off as incorrect numbers reported.

From the looks of it, the Xbox One launches at a reduced price and with Titanfall in the box.

Nothing Japan specific from the looks of it, just the existing catalog of games.

S2Killinit1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

what? did you even see the pre-TGS event? Sony blew it out of the water. I don't think MS has enough games to show, they should skip TGS so they have something for the next conference. (isn't that their gameplan anyway though?)

GiantEnemyCrab1359d ago

God bless the Xbox Japan folks. It's like the band that kept playing while the boat sank.

MrSwankSinatra1359d ago

sinking? The boat has been at the bottom ofthe ocean for years already.

Mikefizzled1359d ago

Unfortunately last seen around 2008. As MS moved away from getting Japanese exclusives.

-Foxtrot1359d ago

Except Microsoft have been trying to turn that boat into a submarine so they can keep on going.

WeAreLegion1359d ago

Don't worry. James Cameron will save it!

NikX1359d ago

Like the band from Titanic lol

GamersHeaven1359d ago

Xbox one in Japan is D.O.A Microsoft can't even compete world wide never mind Japan that ship never sailed.