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Submitted by aquamala 453d ago | news

Destiny review copies to arrive to reviewers one day before release

"Destiny developer Bungie and publisher Activision have decided to ship out review copies for their game for arrival on Monday, Sept. 8. As the game launches on Sept. 9, there is no practical way for us to have a Destiny review in time for its launch at midnight on the 9th in your territory of choice." (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Mikelarry  +   453d ago
I played the beta so i am not that worried as i know what to expect.
Palitera  +   452d ago
In terms of content you don't. They can make the game insanely repetitive if they follow the mission design used on the beta missions. And to be fair, that's what I think will happen. Will hurt reviews? Absolutely, but tho$e DLC have to be needed...

Also, the story can suck and the equip progression can be badly made, since it's their first time dealing with loot. Judging from the beta, it seems like you'll need a hundred games (notice: on the same damn few areas) to get even one piece of equip. I'm ok that high tier stuff needs work to be got, but not in a Dragon Age 2 level design.

Etc etc etc.

Anyway... Some people praise even Warframe as a great game, so whatever...
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Mikelarry  +   452d ago
After reading your comment below i cant really take you seriously. brainwashing.. sheep, so tell me if all reviewer gave it a 10 would that make you run out and buy a game instead off you playing a beta and researching the product thoroughly.

if you search the internet you will find videos of bungie talking about what to expect in the final game

so ill make my statement clearer, i have played the beta, i know of bungie past work and i have watched the videos of them explaining what to expect when the game releases so i am not that worried about reviews and if it turns out to be a bomb i will have noone to blame but myself because i did proper research into this title before preordering

i also find your hypocrisy laughable, games you care about like pt and wild even though you just like me you have seen a small section of the game you praise them like the second coming but just because you dont care for destiny you try to down play it...

and i quote from your comment history

"Now wait this baby grow and have an affair with No Man's Sky... Boom! The game to kill all games. "

"More likely to blow my heart.

Seriously, this teaser is already dangerous"

"Judging for the demo, I vote the opposite. It was masterfully done in first person.

The scarier, the better"
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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   452d ago
lol im pretty sure Destiny is Packed with Content nothing can have less content then COD games lol now thats repetitive and we see how well that does..
NukaCola  +   452d ago
A game this big needs at least 1 to 2 weeks. You won't get to see much of anything in 24 hours.
3-4-5  +   452d ago
If I want a game.....I'm getting it, unless it's a unanimous 4/10 or something like that.

Some of my favorite NES/Genesis/SNES/N64 games were 5/10,6/10 type of games.

I just didn't know it at the time because I was having so much fun.
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Phene  +   452d ago
So true ...if I want something I'm buying it. Battlefield 4 is a perfect example ...turned out to be disappointing, but I preordered because I love the franchise.
Walker  +   453d ago
No surprise there. It's a big budget AAA title in 2014; any and all tricks in order to skate by with higher sales will be used.
longcat  +   452d ago
If they gave reviewers early copies, some would simply accuse them of trying to influence them with perks and favors. There's no winning. This is actually fair to smaller outlets that do not have the influence necessary to get an early copy. Its actually pretty fair. All reviewers get the game at basically the same time.

They had a beta to demonstrate the game and they are not forcing anyone to buy it day 1.
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1nsomniac  +   452d ago
The vast majority of titles get shipped to reviewers way before release so by that logic the majority of reviews are all biased?

There's only 1 reason for not providing early review copies & everybody knows the reason for this by now.
thunderbird86  +   452d ago
Which would be relevant if they didn't have an open beta. How much do you think the game has changed in a month and a half?
Shadonic  +   452d ago
I doubt its because of that, most likely due to leaks plus the Servers not even being active until the day before release as well. I wonder how their going to even review Destiny as a whole considering how the game will be adding new things ( possibly large and small things ) over the time on a daily bases. Will they give it more time or take what they have at face value ignoring a major part of it being an open and ever changing world?
Phene  +   452d ago
I've seen ign review of a period of time, I'm assuming that's how they'll do destiny. But let's be real this game is gonna receive high praise.
OrangePowerz  +   452d ago
Most played the beta and know what to expect. Maybe they just don't want stuff to be leaked.
admiralvic  +   453d ago
I'm not surprised. The game requires server access, which Bungie has already revealed won't happen until it's the 9th somewhere (or something like that), which means it would be impossible to play the game until then anyway.
Alex_Boro  +   453d ago
Ahh that sucks
Quicktim3  +   452d ago
its because they know it will get high reviews. however i feel like a title like this requires people to experience a lot of the multiplayer capabilities with the masses to get a better picture.
corroios  +   452d ago
Just hope that they are not trying to hide something...
Shadonic  +   452d ago
like spoilers
Palitera  +   452d ago
Don't hope too much. Every smart gamer knows what it means when a developer is hiding its game...
LAWSON72  +   452d ago
And people told me I was wrong when I said no early reviews...
thunderbird86  +   452d ago
It requires servers to be online and they aren't opening servers early to those who fraudulently get the game early. How is this tough to understand? They had an open beta a month and a half ago. How much do you think the game has changed?
scottieleverne  +   452d ago
He stated "And people told me I was wrong when I said no early reviews". He's not wrong. Don't be so weird and defensive.
LAWSON72  +   452d ago
Which is what I pointed out when the time of the servers going up was announced. Also good job jumping to conclusions and putting my words in my mouth. The fanboys war are putting people over the edge lol.
I simply stated one sentence that related to the article about when the servers were going live and I said there were going to probably be no early reviews and got loads of disagrees and comments on how that was not true
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Alex_Boro  +   452d ago
They can make special copies to go on press servers. They did that with the last of us remastered because when I got it 4 days early I couldn't play mp but the press could.
Codewow  +   452d ago
I was already skeptical of this game, but hiding reviews until the day of is very low for a publisher to do. Especially when the person is going to have to no-life the entire day, then stay up all night to write the article.
BX81  +   452d ago
Hiding reviews?
Codewow  +   452d ago
Activision is hiding the reviews of the game by forcing the reviews to be made the day of the release.
OrangePowerz  +   452d ago
The Last of Us had an embargo with reviews going very close to the launch online. Sometimes companies just don't want things getting leaked or spoiled. Also like others said it needs servers and Bungie said they won't go online early so people who get the game several days before can't spoil things or get an advantage.
Codewow  +   452d ago
It is very unlikely that their servers won't be up a week ahead of time they need to prepare for the onslaught of connections by running all sorts of tests.
BX81  +   452d ago
That's not hiding a review. That's not giving someone a copy of a game early so they can't review it. There is a huge difference. Have you considered the reasons they wouldn't want anyone reviewing there game early? This game is based largely on the multiplayer aspect. How do I know all these reviewers are going to be online at the same time to get the games full affect? You're talking about devs who have proved their worth in this industry time and time again. Hell you had the option to try the game your self for a substantial amount of time. Skeptical you say? I'm skeptical of your skepticism. There can be more than one reason for holding off on review copies. Players got to play the game already but something must be up if review copies don't go out. Look, if you tried it and didn't like it then that's cool. You're entitled to not like it. It's ur money. They aren't hiding anything, and if they are.... Well then this post was a waste lol.
Codewow  +   452d ago
Couldn't they send the game early, allow all the reviewers to team up on multiplayer and go on from there like every other online game that gets a review?
Slevon  +   452d ago
I'm getting the game because I enjoyed the beta but I'm really curious as too what reviewers are going to say about it. I just want to know if it's going to get good reviews or great reviews plus it would have held me over till launch.
ImHyjack  +   452d ago
The game is whatever you want it to be Sony Fan Jam 2014... Anyone that has never owned a Xbox product will be dying to buy,play and proclaim Destiny the best shooter ever having never played Halo. The rest of us well take it for what the demo/beta was it's not as good as Halo MP and it's a bad knock off of Borderlands co-op only difference BLs co-op is 4 players and fun.... All that said I'm buying it to play with buddies and I'll trade it in once I'm done with it or leveled out.
cr33ping_death  +   452d ago
trying your best to downplay the game :) itll be a great game. some people just refuse to acknowledge it because of some bitterness towards Bungie.
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gangsta_red  +   452d ago
Of course, they know this game is riding on hype and the Bungie name alone. Lord forbid that the reviewers find the game not as lived up to the hype as a lot of beta players found it to be.
Shadonic  +   452d ago
It also possibly has something to do with the possibility of leaks which have been rampant for a while now for basically every release, there's already people who have Destiny in their possession from what I've seen on Reddit. It would suck to be spoiled of some huge thing in Destiny by some Arse like i was with Halo 4's story. Its a good thing that servers dont come up until the day before release as well.
scottieleverne  +   452d ago
You'd have to have an actual story to have leaks.
JohnApocalypse  +   452d ago
Didn't they say that the servers won't be up till the day before the release?
thunderbird86  +   452d ago
WHAT?!?!! You mean it's not a scheme to get more pre-orders? People are too stupid to understand this concept. Everyone had access to the beta. Everyone knows how the game will play.
Palitera  +   452d ago
The problem is not how the game plays. It plays great... Mostly. After all it is not easy to screw Halo so much. The problem is the lack of content and constant repetition. Even in the few missions of the beta the quests reused the same places on the "open world" (lol?). Loot simply doesn't drop, seems very derivative, the game looks like a very repetitive grind over the same locations and lots of repetition of repeated areas repeated a lot.

An the story? Ugh. I made a better story on the 2nd grade. The evil approaches. Bwahaha. Good guy comes to save the world. Pleeeen! Forgot the names. How are they anyway? Evil and good? Oh, darkness and guardian. LOL

One of the most hyped games of the history (and no doubt one of the most expensive marketing budgets behind) wants its reviews to arrive only after the release date.

Yeah, some people are dumb indeed. This includes Activision, because, according to some users here, they don't want people givin HIGH REVIEWS for their game. No... They totally don't need more exposition and sales. And even if they needed it, they wouldn't want. No, no. They are perfectly sure that the game rocks.


PS: given the hype train and all the sheep brainwashing, I say this game gets a 82 Metacritic. Without it, I'd bet for a 76. We'll see.
Anyway, I'll probably get it given the barren year, but paying 20 USD by some nice means for business I don't want to support.
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Artista  +   452d ago
Reviews will be late. Good.

Bad for those that purchase their games based on metacritic.
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Stapleface  +   452d ago
Oh no, I can't base my purchase off of someone's opinion but mine until the day before release! If only millions of people had got to play the game and already have had a chance to form their own ideas of the game. If only..
bosoxs505  +   452d ago
I'll wait until reviews come in. The beta and alpha were great but the MP was outperformed by Halo in terms of fun and gameplay. Also, I want to see how much content is in the final game.
Yo Mama  +   452d ago
I'd just chalk it up to the fact that they're afraid of letting a few people online to review it when it really needs everyone online to get the full feel of it. I don't blame them. I wouldn't want someone reviewing my game if it was almost completely empty. The social aspect is too strong with this one to be reviewed any other way.
Shadonic  +   452d ago
I don't understand all the hate for this honestly. If the reviewers getting it a day before release is that big of an issue for people who are making statements about this being some sort of conspiracy theory tactic to get higher sales I don't see the reason for why they just couldn't wait a bit. While the people who will buy it day one have nothing to worry about at this point their already committed to getting it.
Sevir  +   452d ago
Ofcourse the Destiny haters have there as to why the review copies are late, people will hate! But as it stands, BF4 had a 3 day review event and they game's online was crap...

Review favors or not, the game will perform well and I can't wait to join on Day one, Theyve tweaked the spawning on the interceptor to only spawn one per match and toned down it's fire rate, Added power to the hand Cannons and Scout rifles so people could combat against auto rifles and a host of other changes.

Considering Every review outlet played the beta and the Alpha it's pretty much a given that most reviewers know what they are getting the only thing that's different is that no portion of the game is capped and walled off.

So content will be there. *puts on tin foil hat*
JakeTyler93  +   452d ago
I'm not worried. I put an insane amount of time into the Alpha and Beta. I could see myself blowing through the story but spending more time exploring with friends and playing crucible.
DenzelJadeli  +   452d ago
You rely on reviews to determine if you like something... What has this world become? Do your mothers still dress you daily? Take all the facts from the beta and information from the devs and make a decision. Grow up.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   452d ago
While take all the facts from the beta makes sense, taking all the info from devs makes none.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   452d ago
My guess is they are letting slip copies to IGN and such. Halo 4 did the same thing.

Kind of shameful.

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