Ultimate Band on Wii - leaked movie

The video after the link shows Ultimate Band as a band-based rhythm action game for Wii where all musicians are controlled with the Nunchuck and Wiimote.

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Yoma3838d ago

This game looks boring compared to Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

EastCoastSB3838d ago

Yea it looks pretty lame. =/

SullyDrake3838d ago

It's out this week on Wii... Who really wants to wait for a mediocre Wii exclusive? Rock Band isn't some lame air-guitar affair like this, Rock Band is hands-on, accurate arcade instruments.

IzKyD13313838d ago

another game looking to bank off the originality these days

Filanime033838d ago

Yup so much for motivation that Wii is promoting.

Millah3838d ago

That looked terrible. Its really a shame whats happening with the Wii.

MGRogue20173838d ago

Thats embarrising... omg.