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Top 5 Next Gen Survival Horror Games

Apixelatedview takes a look at 5 big named upcoming survival horror games for the Xbox One and the PS4. (Alien: Isolation, Dead Island 2, Dying Light, Industry, PS4, Survival/Horror, The Evil Within, Until Dawn, Xbox One)

incendy35  +   331d ago
You forgot to add The Maze, by me on Project Spark : )
thunderbird86  +   331d ago
The Price is Right losing horn just played.
Number-Nine  +   331d ago
i wouldnt really call dead island "horror"
genius  +   330d ago
believe it or not

until today there is NO good and true Survival Horror Games in this generation or the last generation looks like RESIDENT EVIL 0,1,2,3 and code veronica expect DEAD SPACE 1 .
jokerman27  +   329d ago
I don't know, Alan Wake was a great game, did you try that out?
genius  +   329d ago
yes jokerman27 i forget that game , i agree with you
hot4play  +   330d ago
No Outlast and Silent Hills?
RevXM  +   330d ago
Not much is known about the coming SH game but I figure It'll be great: Fox engine, Toro, Kojima, (P.T) and Reedus.
Unless more Outlast have been announced it doesn't need to be on the list. Sure Outlast is awesome and the headline doesn't say it, but it is a list for upcoming survival horror games And Id have SH on there instead of Dead island 2. DI2 is more comedy than horror I guess.
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Summons75  +   330d ago
No P.T./Silent Hills? Clearly you don't know what real horror is made of. Alien should be #1 and everything else looks decent at best....Dead Island is comedic, not really horror.
jokerman27  +   330d ago
I mentioned PT at the end, I wanted to include it on the list but there isn't much known about it yet other than who is making it. I wanted to know more before I included it. But I am very excited for it. You have no idea!
RevXM  +   330d ago
Looking forward to Alien Isolation!
Dying light looks cool as hell so I might pick it up.

But Isolation almost for sure, don't agree witht he DLC crap they are pushing but the game is so goddamn promising.
TheFallen1327  +   330d ago
Dayz is better than the last of us
jokerman27  +   329d ago
Isn't DayZ coming to consoles one day?

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