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It's no Shenmue 3 but this Shenmue jacket is still awesome

A new Shenmue product is coming but it won't be Shenmue 3. Fans will have to settle for a Hazuki Jacket inspired by the game series. (Culture, Retro, Shenmue, Shenmue II, Xbox)

Septic  +   29d ago
Bleedin ell...we're so desperate for a Shenmue game that we've sorted to staring at Shenmue jackets. Next up, Half Life 3.
NukaCola  +   29d ago
This is the 5th "it's no..insert the game you want more than anything now but here's some random swag instead" article in thr last few weeks.
digger18  +   29d ago
Look like a real dork wearing that. Hahaha
LogicalReason  +   29d ago
$111 plus shipping for this? Maybe if it was at least pleather and actual stitching and patches. All this is heat transferred designs on some cheap jacket.

Look, I love Shenmue a lot. I'm actually replaying the first one now and it's the sole reason why I originally bought a Dreamcast (for the first) and an Xbox (for the second) but even then I would never...I COULD never...pay this much for something of this craftsmanship.


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