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Submitted by Jackhass 524d ago | opinion piece

The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be A Glimpse At The Wii U’s Future

Could a New Wii U follow closely behind the New 3DS? (3DS, Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles)

4logpc  +   524d ago
Doubtfull. Nintendo has revised their handhelds before with new hardware that make only some games possible (DSI and Gameboy Color) but doing that with a home console which requires a much bigger investment of money is a lot more risky.
shaw98  +   524d ago
The only time Nintendo did it with home consoles was with the N64 and the expansion pack. Though it was with an accessory, not an entire console upgrade.
Kevlar009  +   524d ago
And games like DK64 came with the expansion pack, so you didn't feel taken advantage of.
darthv72  +   524d ago
Or perhaps one reason this new 3ds has a bump in specs is nintendo wants to make it be able to work with the wii-u base unit itself.

As an alternative to the wii-u tablet....?
GordonKnight  +   523d ago
It wold be nice if you could play your Wii U games on the go with The New 3DS. Where ever you access to wifi.
shaw98  +   524d ago
No, it would be to risky. 3ds is at a much better position as was the Dsi and Gameboy color when it did the same. Consoles such as wii u are no near healthy enough to risk it.
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Geekman  +   524d ago
I swear, the same topics always appear on this site.
AKR  +   524d ago
That'd be pretty stupid. The 3DS is a handheld...MUCH less risk to "upgrade" than an entire home system. And Nintendo has done it before with their handhelds (Gameboy ---> Gameboy Color ---> Gameboy Advance ----> Gameboy Advance SP and then DS ---> DS-Lite ---> DSi ---> DSi XL).

This isn't new.
gokuking  +   524d ago
The author of this piece seems to have forgotten that New 3DS is as much Nintendo emulating Apple as Wii U and DSi were. Apple released something called the New iPad. It caused massive consumer confusion and Apple reverted back to a more normal naming scheme.

I also disagree with the opening comment about wanting to encourage more hardware revisions. Part of the reason people buy dedicated hardware for video games is because it's simple. There shouldn't be compatibility issues like you'd find on PC and mobile. You lose that when you start segmenting the userbase with constant hardware upgrades.
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DC777  +   523d ago
True but this generation's hardware will be outdated a lot quicker than in the past.
SLUG  +   523d ago
Yes it is there will be a new wiiu coming soon and when it comes then i buy a new wiiu then it needs to be online with every game it comes out and it needs to be a more powerful then wiiu that is out now then you will see third partys making games for the new wiiu then
N4g_null  +   523d ago
There won't be a new wiiu coming. Everything else will be built around the wii and wiiu tech it would seem.

The plan follows that the os becomes unified. Which means games can be scaled to more powerful hardware. The new 3ds is basically a wii with more powerful tech in it.

The next step is a super 3ds that is basically a wiiu with more power or at least the ability to run scaled down next gen console games from nintendo next home console.

Suddenly you are just playing a Nintendo regardless of the tech under the hood. You simply buy the games and then choose your platform. Maybe it is an old new 3ds or a brand new 4k home console. You choose your power and the tech you are willing to pay for.

This is why the move to the wiiu based on wii tech super charged is a game changer. If they can include an portable solution into the equation and get it running wiiu level tech then we have a game changer.

Nintendo effectively doubles or triples their game output. While also letting the customers choose where they want to play.

The devkit holders simply turn on or off portions of their games to accommodate the hardware.

Nintendo could potentially release a pc like console to top what sony or ms could ever think about releasing by using this idea. They simply keep current console owners happy and release tech that can play those same games at higher quality for early adopters. As the system price falls or as more buy these consoles then we simply move up stream.

What is also cool about this is a certain amount of backwards compatibility is built into creating a unified archecture.

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