EA & Rockstar PlayStation Store Sales Start Today in North America

Because your money won’t be taken away in the coming months with all the big releases, EA and Rockstar have each decided to run publisher sales this week on the North American PlayStation Store.

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Wedge191144d ago

Awesome. Love sales, except they build the backlog

sanosukegtr1231144d ago

Its a good sale with descent games like midnight club etc.

WeAreLegion1144d ago

Please stop the sales. I can only get so errect. And so in debt.

choujij1144d ago

You should probably get that looked at.

WeAreLegion1144d ago

Your mother looks at it every night, Trebek!

traumadisaster1144d ago

If the sale price saves you $15 on a $20 game, but you finance that with credit then $5 plus the finance charge depending on how many thousands some are in debt. On top of backlogging longer than a year is losing you money cause the price will drop again before you get to it.

Remy_Chaos1144d ago

That is one creepy Shepard, that face alone should've scared the Reapers away.

thricetold1144d ago

Damn! Was just about to overlook this but there are some keepers on that list. Even though I own the disk it'd be nice to have the digital version for convenience at such low prices.

akurtz1144d ago

Getting the warriors for nostalgic purposes and crysis!

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The story is too old to be commented.