Will the Next Gears of War live upto its Hype? Where is it Headed?

SegmentNext - "If I were to jot down my absolute favourites of the last generation, Gears of War will surely make it to the list."

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Codewow1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I loved Co-oping Gears with my brother and friends. I wish more games would do co-op campaigns. So I hope this game lives up to the hype.

ninsigma1177d ago

There are not enough games doing this at the moment! Games that do this like gears, halo and the first resistance were awesome fun with couch co-op. It just seems like it's a dying feature :(

christocolus1177d ago

I'm a big fan of gears and I've been hyped for this since i heard rod was going to be working with the amazing talents at blacktusk. They've also got some key guys from irrational games working there now. I've got high hopes for this game. Can't wait to know more. Hopefully at e3 next year.

ninsigma1176d ago

I haven't played a gears game since the first one. Though I played a little multi player from the third I think. I'm a PS gamer primarily and sold my 360 early on last gen. Regretting that decision now because I'm looking to buy another one to play all the games that I missed! Any game suggestions would be appreciated :P

On Topic:
I'm sure gears will deliver this gen, as far as I know It's been a solid series and from my experience I really enjoyed the first one. I would imagine it's going to look great too. It's one of Xbox's big hitters so I can't imagine anything less than awesome :)

Transporter471177d ago

I don't know about there being a hype for it. I loved the first game, the second one was okay, but that was it. Third and after were not good at all.

UbiquitousClam1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

The fact that People can fly/Epic Poland are not making this one gives me hope. Also the fact that Rod is back at the helm and has acknowledged that they went in the wrong direction with Judgement gives me hope as well.

I am hoping that the backlash towards Judgments multiplayer have have a similar outcome to what happened with 343i on Halo 4. Everything they have detailed about Halo 5 multiplayer shows they have listened and learned from there mistakes and hopefully Black tusk will do the same (even if there aren't there mistakes).

user56695101177d ago

i was about to say the same thing its barely any hype at all for this game. i dont even remember when was the last article on this site. dont mean to be off topic but if you said a ps exclusive with on gameplay or info it would be hyped through the roof.

hello121177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I really need a next gen Gears. For me all the next gen shooters, have so far missed the spot to keep me playing. Gears i played for hours and hours and rarely got bored playing online.

qwerty6761177d ago

meh probably not. new studio. and what else can they do to make the game better?

dont have high hopes for this franchise at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.