Assassin's Creed Unity Gets New Screenshots

Assassin's Creed Unity Gets New Screenshots

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GarrusVakarian967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

Ah, I see Ubi still uses those highly touched-up bullshots.

Might as well just call them Ubishots™.

ftwrthtx967d ago

N4G should add that category. LOL

aCasualGamer967d ago

The first one is clearly a bullshot with post editing such as bloom effects and light scattering effects... but the other ones look accurately taken from in engine gameplay.

Anyways, this game is already pre ordered. I love this franchise so much.

WeAreLegion967d ago

Why do they so heavily edit the screenshots? Just let the game speak for itself. It's gorgeous, as is.

Lwhit6967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

Either way I still thought these were pretty cool. Maybe Ubisoft just wanted to make something cool that added to the lore of the game?
Elise (whatever her name is) looks super beautiful. Stoked for the story behind her.
And that white assassins robe is reminiscent of AC2. Pictures done got me all stoked again!

shooter1967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

This is one game that I'm looking forward to the most. To me the outfit looks more like Altair's from AC1.

skulz7967d ago

That Ezio inspired outfit...looks stunning!
This game is really looking up to be something special.