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Xbox One Pre-orders Pretty Much Don't Exist In Japan, No Red Dead Redemption Remake For PS4/Xbox One

It seems like Microsoft have already lost the next-gen battle against Sony in Japan. (PS4, Red Dead Redemption, Xbox One)

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Kingthrash360  +   403d ago | Funny
Ouch.....but Xbox never does well in Japan.
This was expected...imo
Even if the x1 was a stronger cheaper console that came with a free exclusive monster hunter game called monster hunter Xplosion hyper megaplex dragonpunch 6: pandas rather.
It would still sell less than ps4
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LightDiego  +   403d ago
I don't understand your disagrees because that's a fact, when Xbox and Xbox 360 was a success in Japan?
Japanese gamers nowadays care for IOS (sad, but true), also Sony and Nintendo platforms.
uptownsoul  +   403d ago
His disagrees are because of people's dislike of the situation, not because they think @Kingthrash360 is incorrect (he is correct, as you pointed out). But like you said, Japan never fully embraced the Xbox Brand. And combine that with the fact that Japanese are moving more toward handhelds and mobile gaming, the Xbox was probably never going to out sell Sony or Nintendo's home consoles.
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k3rn3ll  +   403d ago
Well his statement starts with a fact. Yes it has never done well. Then he follows with an opinion on wether it was expected. That's to the person talking. Then he follows with a theory based on a game that doesn't exist and has a made up flamboyant title to try to add humor to his theory. The last 2 parts are open to disagrees.

I don't disagree. Just getting tired of people on n4g say "why did I/you get disagrees," when it is loaded with opinions and hyperbole.
RumbleFish  +   403d ago
I have been to Osaka this summer and I have been to Yodobashi Umeda (a VERY big electronics store). They advertise the Xbox one big time there. Multiple Xboxes where you can play/test games and employees demoing the Xbox. MS puts a lot of effort into selling the Xbox to japanese gamers. The sales put these efforts to shame though.
Japanese customers rely heavily on japanese products. A healthy stance I think.
larrysdirtydrawss  +   403d ago
their called bots,they cant even think for themselves.
mikeslemonade  +   402d ago
Let's see if the six new internal studios show up at TGS. Even despite poor sales Microsoft can throw money around. If I can get a "Blue Dragon" or "Lost Odyssey" I will be happy.
Omeganex9999  +   402d ago
It's not that Japanese people despise non Japanese products. I would say that it's actually the opposite, since Japanese people just appreciate quality. It's just that xbox, as a brand, doesn't have games that appeals to Japanese gamers. That's the same reason why PS Vita is successful in Japan while struggles to find itself a market in Europe/US. The number of games they have for that console here is crazy high.
come_bom  +   403d ago
Yep. Xbox is practically dead in Japan... and Microsoft ignoring TGS won't help. Microsoft needs a few JRPG's to increase their sales over there.
k3rn3ll  +   403d ago
What makes you think they are ignoring it? Last I checked they just weren't having a keynote. Still have a large chunk of floor space. And to boot their former conference is now a 24hr livestream tailored to the Japanese audience. If anything you could say they are focusing on it more than Sony. Idk what Nintendo's plans are but considering they did the same thing at e3 that MS is trying to replicate, I'm assuming they are doing something similar
ThunderPulse  +   402d ago
MS doesn't even know what JRPG means yet.
lonelyplayer  +   403d ago
Actually the original xbox sold very well at the beginning. Microsoft did something wrong that the Japanese people is not forgiving.
aceitman  +   403d ago
7 years later and the 360 only hit 1.6 million in japan .the wiiu passed it already
Alsybub  +   402d ago
I remember that when the original Xbox came out there were reported issues with disc drives in Japan, it was even on the news here in the UK at the time, that kind of thing can permanently damage a new brand in Japan. They'll often give foreign brands and companies a chance but if they put a foot wrong at the beginning that's pretty much it forever.

It's true that Xbox has never had a good line up of Japan centric titles but I think the seed was sewn when they had the issues at launch in the early 2000's. Sales didn't pick up and so devs weren't enticed to develop for that platform or the 360 and it will likely be the same for the One. It's a cycle that Microsoft will always find very difficult to break.
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firelogic  +   403d ago
If they had an exclusive MH game, it would fly off the shelves. They're not hating on the XB1 because they hate America. They love everything about american culture. Music, movies, clothes, food, entertainment, etc...
Cryptcuzz  +   403d ago
One thing they don't like at all are big consoles.
Typical Japanese rooms and homes aren't that big. So with a big box like the X1 aren't helping their decisions to buy one in the first place.
gokuking  +   403d ago
Monster Hunter isn't as big on consoles as it is on handhelds. The best selling entry on PSP sold 4.5 million units in Japan. The best selling entry on any home console in Japan sold just under one million.
3-4-5  +   403d ago
They need a Monster Hunter Clone EXCLUSIVE to Xbox One & Japan, and THAT + a XB1 Pokemon type game would start the sales, and get things going.
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Azzanation  +   402d ago
Sony isn't doing that great in Japan either. Nintendo are killing them there.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   403d ago
Ah, Japan has been a problem for MS. Meanwhile, Japanese devs are pushing for western appeal more and more.

Now with China I hope MS can just drop Japan completely. The games coming out of Japan are niche to their market and the bigger ones have a western publisher. I don't think it is as important as it used to be to be connected with Japan. The industry has moved well beyond what it used to be with the most successful studios now western.

MS sales and marketing will still continue to try I suppose.
castillo  +   403d ago
That would be awesome and super cool.
Quicktim3  +   403d ago
i agree a lot of japan titles are ninch. the only games that seem to have mild success here is square enix.

i dont even know how all this will even help the ps4 sell. all those titles announced didn't exactly have killer software sales.

microsoft should srsly put double the effort in china because that market has way better potential. and it seems like they're doing just that. they just need to allow cross platform play to port over FF14 to china.
voodoochild346  +   403d ago
The word I think you're looking for is "niche".
Kribwalker  +   403d ago
They were topping charts when preorders opened up, better then infamous ss did on a preorder basis


And the day one edition sold out all over the place in the first day of pre-orders


They said infamous ss sold 35k in the first week and never came close to number one, so I guess next Wednesday when the media create charts come out we will see how it does
poor_cus_of_games  +   402d ago
I wouldn't believe that whole sold out of day one editions. Ms said the same thing about the country that I live in and for months after release you could still buy the day one editions.
BitbyDeath  +   402d ago
What if they do even worse in China though?
Don't think you can bank everything on an unknown.
Big-finger  +   402d ago
What's your rationale for us chinese supporting the xbox one? I am just curious, since many xbox one fans seem to expect us to embrace the xbox one here.
Rimgal  +   403d ago
Correction. No Red Dead Redemption Remake For PS4/Xbox One that Shinobi602 knows about.
BG11579  +   403d ago
They probably bring the sequel instead. ^^
patrik23   403d ago | Trolling | show
TheHaydenator  +   403d ago
PS4 isn't doing well in Japan either
GTgamer  +   403d ago
If the PS4 isn't doing well in Japan then what does that say for the Xone :/.
Mikelarry  +   403d ago
its Xboned... ill see myself out
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Xsilver  +   403d ago
Dead on Arrival
HeWhoWalks  +   403d ago
Which means what for Xbox? Furthering that, do you remember PS4's launch numbers? Right, the X1 won't get anywhere close, so bringing up PS4 is grasping at best.

TGS, on the other hand, shows 2014 PS4's JP sales will soon be a distant memory.
MrSec84  +   402d ago
The funny thing is that the Monday conference wasn't even anything to do with TGS.

Sony's true pre-TGS conference happens on the 17th of this month and Sony have already said they've got plenty more to show off.

Considering the SCEJ event on Monday was all basically geared towards 2nd and 3rd party offerings in Japan Sony must be holding back some pretty stellar announcements for their proper TGS conference.

Forgetting the obligatory Last Guardian speculation GT7 is probably a pretty likely bet, Dark Chronicle was re-trademarked earlier this year too, Japan Studio being the biggest that Sony has can easily have multiple games in the works, with one or two ready to show off.

There's always a chance that Media Molecule and Guerrilla Games or any of Sony's other western studios could drop their new IP announcements.
If Quantic Dream has been working on something based around their Kara demo, but made into a new kind of game, with the Singularity name that was trademarked before PS4's announcement I can see that suiting the Japanese market quite well.

So much potential it's really hard to contain my excitement.

I definitely agree that sales of PS4 are going to take a big spike once the Japanese focused exclusive titles start to drop.
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FITgamer  +   403d ago
PS4 first week sales > Xbox One first year. (Japan)
MrSec84  +   402d ago
Sounds pretty likely too me.
Going by VGchartz numbers PS4 sold 319K in it's first week over there, 360 was at 229K by the end of it's 1st year, I recon XB1 will be lucky to do 250K-300K in it's 1st year in Japan.

I guess we'll see though.
Big-finger  +   402d ago
After the onslaught of game announcement a few days back, the ps4 will pick up pretty fast. People are holding back due to the lack of jrpg, but the time will soon come.
ritsuka666  +   402d ago
Lol @ old argument "jrpg will save PS4 in japan"" good luck with this.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   403d ago
MS shouldn't waste there time over there. Its just a waste of money and most importantly, time.

They have Scale Bound they could of shown off but it needs to be more than 1 game it needs to be many like 4 or 5 new Japanese games for MS.

Its a lost cause but knowing Phil, he'll try anyway.
rainslacker  +   402d ago
They can't really ignore the market. They need Japanese developer support, which is their biggest reason for releasing over there regardless of how much it sells.

Obviously they would want to sell a lot over there, but it's more about maintaining support.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   403d ago
It's been said many times. Xbox is dead in Japan. No fanboy talk, it's true.
johny5  +   403d ago
No Red-Dead remake? Worse news for me this year!!!
Quicktim3  +   403d ago
and this is a surprise to.....no one.
chikane   403d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Max-Zorin  +   403d ago
Microsoft just skip Japan already.
cyhm3112   403d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
KakashiHotake  +   403d ago
It doesn't help that they have no TGS show or anything.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   403d ago
Yep no TGS show. Not giving Japanese any incentive besides a party.

X1 is doing worse than 360 and it hasn't even released yet over there.
TheRedButterfly  +   403d ago
They've got one. It's in the "Nintendo Direct" format, which was arguably one of the best "conferences" out of E3 this year.

If that is them "hav[ing] no TGS show" then I guess you're right... Much like Nintendo didn't have an E3 show.
Enemy  +   403d ago
That's what proves that even Microsoft has given up. There's just no way the Xbone will ever be popular there. It's struggling bad enough worldwide already.
polloloco  +   403d ago
I recall reading articles how xbox had all this Japanese dev support. |Not 1 game was shown. Any time i read xbox news i take with a grain salt now. So many lies.
KakashiHotake  +   402d ago
One thing I've learned about Microsoft over the years is that unlike every other company not even just in gaming they have no fight. They just don't have the ability to create for themselves or innovate. The only way they know how to win is by buying off other property's just like they did with Tomb Raider and every other timed exclusive they have. And when they don't have an answer to an obvious problem ( like support in Japan ) they just go silent and pretend like everything is fine. Just like like with XOne's sales figures, last we heard was 5 million shipped almost 5 months ago. That does not instill much confidence. Microsoft would do so much better if they would just be honest. They need to realize this is the social media generation where information is spread rapidly like wildfire, not the 1980's or 70's where communication was limited. They need to realize people aren't ignorant to what's going on and them trying to cover things up only makes matters worse.
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Aces17  +   403d ago
Why would people want a remake at this point? Just make a sequel.
oSHINSAo  +   403d ago
So, Japanese support their Consoles... Sony and Nintendo, Otherwise in the US, citizens Doesn't Support MS? in financials and culture, thats a big problem for your country US
strangeaeon   403d ago | Immature | show | Replies(4)
Christopher  +   403d ago
Why would I support a company just because it originated in my country? I might support local companies instead of big chains to give small businesses a go, but that's about as far as I'd go.

Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and more? Their country of origin really has absolutely no bearing on their business model. And supporting them just because they originated in your country is a pretty sorry reason to support them considering you nor your country gain nothing from it. I mean, you do realize that retailers who sell stuff make money no matter the origin of the product, people are employed to sell them no matter the origin, and all of these people produce/manufacture the products outside of the country, right?

In the end, support what is best for you. That's it.
LamerTamer  +   402d ago
No, most Americans want good $#!+ for their money. That is why we buy Japanese cars, electronics, consoles, etc. Most know that most big corporations are multinational and don't give a crap about people in their native country and many are politician bribing tax dodgers anyway.
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HanzoHattori  +   402d ago

Microsoft needs to change the way it does business. Smoke and mirrors isn't going to cut it in the information age.
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llxKonanxll  +   403d ago
Anyone have an idea of how the Xbox One will perform in China? If this rumor is accurate the console could very well flop in the East.
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Bzone24  +   403d ago
Not sure if this matters in the overall preorders, but Microsoft has two Xbox One SKUs in the top 20 in Japan right now.

Chevalier  +   402d ago
There are only 5 Xbone items in the top 100 on amazon Japan. Destiny bundle is also higher than both of those Xbone sku's. Literally 95% of the top 100 are Sony and Nintendo products. Only days away and 5 products in top 100 isn't exactly amazing.
Darkxen117  +   403d ago
Microsoft is going to have a launch party in Japan soon and they confirm that they are having a inside conference for the gaming media and also they gonna have various famous Japanese developer's to talk about the games that are coming to Xbox one Microsoft Phil Spencer said that they already have 50 Japanese developers studios working on Xbox one and including some Japanese indie games. And I know that for Xbox is being rough to get in Japan but I think Microsoft are trying harder than ever before to win the Japanese gamers and I hope they do well in Japan on Xbox one. And to finish I hope some people here instead of trolling Xbox they should supported after all is an American company if we support Sony and Nintendo here in America why not supporting Xbox and teach the Japanese gamers do the same with our American company we do with there's company.
LeCreuset  +   403d ago
Wow. What's with all the jingoism today? I'm pretty sure we're all just supporting China, anyway. You know, that place these consoles are all manufactured on the cheap, while the corporations bank the profits of exporting labor overseas, while expecting us all to support them on the basis of their headquarters location.

Patriotism is something only the working class is expected to practice.
polloloco  +   403d ago
I call more microsoft BS ! If they have 50 Japanese devs working on xbox they would not have skipped TGS.
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Spotie  +   402d ago
I've never understood this argument. I guess because it's stupid. So of Microsoft was involved in all manner of shady business practices, I should pick them over a more honest company from, say, Belgium? Solely because they're from my country of birth?

Eff that. I support companies I like that produce products I like. Where that company has its origins is irrelevant to me, and I can't figure out why it shouldn't be.

As far as gaming is concerned, Japanese products have appealed to me more- and their makers have offended me less- than any American company since Atari.

I don't think you people know what patriotism is. It's not supporting a country because it shares your nationality, though; I can assure you of that.
kingdom18  +   403d ago
"Xbox One Pre-orders Pretty Much Don't Exist In Japan" I thought they were getting lots of preorders at first, now they don't have any?
RedDeadLB  +   403d ago
No Red Dead Redemption Remaster is the sadder news here.
xJumpManx  +   403d ago
Sony fans need a good version of RDR as well. The ps3 version was utter garbage.
HeWhoWalks  +   402d ago
Um, no, it really wasn't. It was behind the 360 version (as many multiplats were), but it was anything but garbage.

I'm guessing you think most X1 multiplats are garbage too?
xJumpManx  +   402d ago
RDR was a much poorer port of that game I thought. Rarely do I care or notice the differences but that game was pretty diff experience on both consoles. Actually I can barely notice a diff in this generation at this point. RDR was just one of the exceptions.
HeWhoWalks  +   402d ago
Your personal perception != the game was bad on PS3. And the differences this gen are not just graphical, but res AND frame-rate as well (some games as much as a 30fps difference).

The point stands.
rapidturtle  +   403d ago
Japan consumers are a loyal bunch. They don't like American cars, and they obviously don't like an American console.
I know the Xbox isn't manufactured here, but I would be willing to bet the PS4 isn't made in Japan.
Knushwood Butt  +   403d ago
'They don't like American cars.'.

That's a pretty dumb, blanket, and inaccurate statement.

Sure, you don't see many in comparison, but the competition from Japanese cars is strong.

Why go out of your way to probably pay more, and have a headache getting to your dealer, when there are cheaper, easier alternatives? Do you drive a foreign car with a dealership miles away?

I saw someone driving a Hummer just the other day.

Then, a few weeks ago, I came across a Corvette owner's club, and one guy was driving a Pacer.
polloloco  +   403d ago
Lol Americans dont even like Americans cars. We drive Hondas Toyotas, mercedez, BMW.
#22.1.1 (Edited 403d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
tee_bag242  +   402d ago
Not sure if saying "they don't like American cars" is entirely accurate. It's more to do with Import laws, taxes, and also a healthy dose of patriotism. I have lived in Japan for 4 years now and driving here for about 3.5 years and can tell you about 1 in every 100-200 cars is American. Normally it's an exotic like Mustang or Corvette. But your general A to B American cars don't really sell here.
#22.1.2 (Edited 402d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
rapidturtle  +   402d ago
I was simply stating that maybe they have home country loyalty as consumers. It's also a well known fact that American cars don't sell well there.
I think my statement may have flown over your head, as you talk about a hummer and corvette owners club, which is just plain stupid.
G20WLY  +   403d ago
Generally, the world doesn't like American cars... ;^P

Who cares what is made where? Apple is selling hugely in Japan - now what..?! The Japanese competitors' sales pale in comparison. Is it different for phones?

Perhaps it's different for consoles too and the poor sales are a reflection of legitimate brand preference rather than the patriotism everyone chooses to pretend exists?
#22.2 (Edited 403d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Knushwood Butt  +   402d ago
How can it have flown over my head? You said, 'They don't like American cars.'.

Did I miss the hidden meaning there?
Flames76   403d ago | Trolling | show
hiawa23  +   403d ago
No surprise
acemonkey  +   403d ago
Damn fanbait or not if its true its not selling well or decent its bad news
KNWS  +   403d ago
Shinobi has been spot on with most his information, so far. The rest of the insiders are hit and miss and i don't believe them. Its probably true as he gets most things right. We will see anyway soon enough if Japanese gamers are interested.

He could be referring to pre-orders in store (Japan) You can buy a x box 1 in a store now. Online pre orders isn't a true reflection of demand.
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Majin-vegeta  +   403d ago
Same thing happened to the PS4. Dont believe me??Google it. Also depends how many units the distributors got
mcarsehat  +   403d ago
I don't get the title. How do console sales and Red Dead remaster fit in to the same sentence?
Alsybub  +   402d ago
I often notice titles with negative sentiment will then have an unrelated story that involves the competition tacked on in order to be picked up in the opposition's feeds. That way it ends up being seen by both sides and causes heated arguments, drives up the popularity of the article and increases clicks.

In short: If you can put PS4 and Xbox One in your article's title you're guaranteed to get more traffic than without.
#28.1 (Edited 402d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
S2Killinit  +   403d ago
it was sort of expected. There is no way xbox is going to sell well in Japan. even PS4 isn't doing so hot there. I've heard China is also in favor of Playstation, but i'm so curious to see how that market plays out.
gokuking  +   403d ago
A very reliable blogger in Japan expects Xbox One's first week sales in Japan to be 38k. That would be just a bit over a tenth of the numbers that 3DS, Vita, Wii U and PS4 pushed. It would be less than some hardware revisions like Vita TV.
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