Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Atlas Pro Edition is already sold out on Xbox One in UK

SegmentNext - "With more than two months until its official release date, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Atlas Pro Edition has already sold up on Xbox One in the United Kingdom."

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AngelicIceDiamond1142d ago

Very nice news.

Glad the Bundle's off to a great start in the UK.

ScorpiusX1142d ago

Hopefully it the beginning of change .

LAWSON721142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

CoD does not need to change, let people enjoy what they enjoy. Just because the formula does not do it for you does not mean millions of others think the something. Why should their experience be slaughtered so you can get some thing new when you are not as huge a fan as they are?

A new engine is all the series needs and maybe a couple of small additions every now and again. If you want a new experience find a different IP not request a franchise gets overhauled so you can enjoy it.

ScorpiusX1142d ago

What are you talking about , my comment is reference that folks are starting to see what the Xbox can do and that this surge in sales is the begin of a tide change.

BX811142d ago

no need to respond my friend, this one's on me.

oh, my bad!

Artista 1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

That's not a surprise at all. . This fall is gonna be hectic.

Quicktim31142d ago

makes sense, most people associate cod with xbox consoles atm.

Ninver1142d ago

It's the dude bro preference. All other genres almost never sells as much.

LAWSON721142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Well Xbox Live last gen was the place to play MP primarily due to party chats they were a huge addition that took over MP gaming. It was by far a better place to experience the game for the social aspect at least. It is preferred by dude bros for a good reason, it was a better social platform last gen by a wide margin last gen.

Codewow1142d ago

Console is the home of Call of Duty, so it's not really big news.

spacedelete1142d ago

yeah its the home of Xbox even though most of the games have been on PS3,PS4, PC and even wii and wiiu. its just that MS lacks in actual exclusives so they just make it seem like it is exclusive. Activision must be laughing all the way to the bank.

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