Destiny Planet View Goes Live

Destiny Planet View, purporting to be created using Google Technologies appears to host worlds full of Easter Eggs for the savvy explorers to find.

Head on over there now to jump right in to see what exactly Destiny has to offer from Mars, Venus and the Moon when it is released next week on Spetember 9th.

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Yo Mama1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Tried to use it twice and it keeps crashing Firefox. To be fair, I think it's my computer and not the website. Others, let me know if it's just me. Thanks.

EDIT: Yeah, seems very resource heavy on my machine too. Mine crashes right after the planet "Fly in".

JoeMcCallister1359d ago

I've had it work - the intro sequence seems a bit heavy and chugs, but going in to the maps and such is cool - just basically street view on Venus, Mars, etc.

nX1359d ago

For me it works perfectly, it's a cool way to show off the planets. I hope the game is as great as it's marketing budget :D

BattleTorn1359d ago

This is exactly what I needed for my boring day at work...

now, if it were only Sept 8th...

KwietStorm1359d ago

Google already owns Earth. I wonder if this is a hint at what other planets they've added to their army.

smolinsk1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

IS that all? only 3 planets and not total freedom on them? looks very limited.

KwietStorm1359d ago

Are you talking about the game? Because this is just something to do before the game comes out. But would you really expect "total freedom" on entire planets?

Palitera1359d ago

Yeah, that will never happen!

Until No Man's Sky?

Nic_Bunce1359d ago

It's not particularly smooth on my machine either, and my rig is a bit of a beast. Sad times...

Stapleface1359d ago

Once you explore the planets you get something. I won't say what and ruin it for those that are willing to go through all of it. I think it's a pretty cool idea. It was a nice way to kill about a half hour.

SpitFireAce851359d ago

You get a In game Emblem don't waist peoples time..

So half hour of your time for in game emblem..

Heisenburger1359d ago

You totally didn't come off as a brat there.

It's waste bro. Waste.

Stapleface1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

No. Not half an hour of my time for an emblem. I was enjoying the extra FREE thing they did for people interested in the game before I got the emblem. How am I wasting peoples time any way? It's not like people are going to make the decision to view this, and look at everything based on my comment here on N4G. Nor did I make this, or post this article. Your comment however is a waste of time. It adds nothing to the discussion. At least I gave an opinion on what I think of the subject in this article. What exactly was the point of your comment?

Palitera1359d ago

To inform people about the cool or not so cool reward?

BattleTorn1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I completed each planet.

Where does it mention unlocking anything?

Where does it ask to link your account, or find out your psn/gt?

Edit: welp, refreshed, and lost all 'progress' - I guess I can do without an emblem.

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