Rumor: Three Dozen Team Ninja Members Leaving With Itagaki

Departing devs also supposedly suing Tecmo.

In case you thought Team Ninja's former boss, Tomonobu Itagaki, was leaving game publisher Tecmo as a solo act of attrition, think again. If that act was a single shot across Tecmo's bow, here comes the fusillade. Word on the street is that key members of Team Ninja -- as many as three dozen or more -- are headed out the door as well, but that's not all. It seems that each one of the soon to be ex-ninjas will be serving Tecmo with a class-action lawsuit in regards to unpaid bonuses for completed games.

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BIoodmask3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

that was what was going to happen. Itagaki said that the members of Team Ninja were 'his close friends.' I figured if Itagaki left they would follow. Now Itagaki will most likely form his own studio with his old crew and still make high quality titles.

And in the meantime Tecmo will turn into something like EA. If you offer bonuses you should pay them out, simple as that. It's the little guys who are working the long hours to get the projects done and are making less money. While the corporate bigwigs rake in the bonuses and take 3 month vacations.


Agree with everything... aside from the high quality tittles!

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Really, the guy is good, NG is good, but he don't need and no way have the right to be such an @ss. Do you see Kojima (MG, ZOE, Snatcher), Myiamoto (Mario, Zelda), Yokoi (early Metroid), Mikami (Resident Evil), Sakaguchi (early FF), Igarashi (Castlevania) Kitase and Nomura (actual FF, Kingdom Hearts) acting like that?

But I just missed the focus, if the guy don't get paid, he have the right to complain, independently if he believe to be god or not.

Superfragilistic3830d ago

If this is true it directly contradicts Tecmo's claims that this was an isolated incident and that the rest of Team Ninja were hard at work on further sequel. It would perhaps also further justify Itagaki's decision.

I just hope MS picks them up and forms a new studio.


That was a bit ignorant! What about the stellar studios Ensemble, Turn 10 and the largely successful arcade developer Carbonated Games? And don't forget Mistwalker and Wingnut Interactive along with strong alliances with Silicon Knights, Epic and Bungie (amongst others). :)

Bleucrunch3830d ago

They can leave but they aint doing nothing so forget them.

HateBoy3830d ago

I don't care about any of that, all I want is people working on a patch for NG2 which a) removes levels 9-10, and b) improves the camera. So they better hire some new people fast!

These new people should also be capable of beginning work on NG2 "White" which will fix the above mentioned issues as well as add a couple of levels and making Muramasa and Joe Hayabusa playable.

@bishop: You can bet your ass all those guys are grade-A asses in private as well as Itagaki, they just hide it when they are in contact with the media. He (Itagaki) got his face sliced up by the ninja who inspired him to do NG and he doesn't care about anything anymore. o_O, here come a million fanboys!

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Stryfeno13831d ago

Good for them...MS should step up and help them out because they had supported the Xbox brand from day one.

Sayai jin3831d ago

Well it seems that MS is in the drivers seat, now lets see if they make or break this. I would not doubt if they already have something lined up. Time will tell.

Game on...

meepmoopmeep3831d ago

agreed. MS should pick them up and make a 1st party dev studio with them. if the paperwork hasn't happened already.

Stryfeno13831d ago

I like to see what else they can do outside the NG and DOA ip. Team Ninja is a very talented group.

NG and DOA wont be the same without them.

mistertwoturbo3831d ago

Microsoft isn't that smart enough to start a first party developer. They'd rather drop another $50 million on DLC for something else.

Who knows, what if Itagaki starts his own production company if they win the lawsuit. That already would be an X360 exclusive company so either way it would be good for MS. But I just don't picture MS actually being the one that takes charge.

Xi3831d ago

they have a couple first party developers already, they recently let bungie go independent and incorporated fasa studio (they still own all original IP's for fasa though, and the halo ip, as well as pgr).

Seraphim3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

I'd expect that if they don't want independent MS would scoop them up and create a development house for them. And if they do want to be independent I'd imagine they'll somehow get MS to help fund them. Even as an independent studio it's obvious they'll be creating exclusive 360 titles. Maybe even branching out and creating something on the DS. Whatever it is you can count on anything they now do not coming to the Playstation...

But the biggest question is this. How do they now go about creating a new IP and more importantly selling it. Do they create a new action/adventure IP, and fighting IP to continue doing what they've done? Do they start from scratch and do something totally new and unique? And just how creative and successful can they be in making a new IP? We all Itagaki isn't the best of storytellers. Whatever he does I'm sure you can count on plenty of blood and boobs.

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Fatmanp3831d ago

I think MS need to get all of Team Ninja need to be picked up by MS and given a budget which will allow them to create a new IP to drive up the 360s appeal in Japan and bring more games with the production values of NG to the 360.

user8586213831d ago

either starting a new company or a gay pride parade

NinjaRyu3831d ago

I think I'll start talking one of your bubbles!

aaquib53831d ago

The last game they worked on was a 360 game...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3830d ago

Tt's ok though, you will just come back with a new account like all droids do.