Sunset Overdrive Delirium XT Edition coming to UK with a cool Hoodie

SegmentNext - "UK retailer GAME has listed a Sunset Overdrive Delirium Edition which includes something special for the fans."

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IanVanCheese1330d ago

Looking forward to the game, but I wouldn't be seen dead in that hoodie lol

-Foxtrot1330d ago

That's why the guy has his head looking shame

qwerty6761330d ago

cool hoodie. although i would never wear it in public.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1330d ago

Yeh, it's a definate hang on your wall not on your back type affair

Software_Lover1330d ago

I'm too much of a grown man to wear that.

TongkatAli1330d ago

I want this game, good Xbox one game, that hoodie is ok, it's meant to be over the top like the game.