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Charlie Large from The Vita Lounge reviews Futurlab's Velocity 2X, the sequel to the ultra-successful teleporting shooter Velocity Ultra, and loved every second of it!

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vongruetz1363d ago

Wow. Two 5/5 reviews on the same day. This has to be some kind of record somewhere. I can't wait to try it out later. I've been playing the original Velocity mini on my PSP to get ready.

Enemy1363d ago

FuturLab does it again.

Chaz30101363d ago

They have indeed, it is a great game!

DigitalRaptor1363d ago

Holy Sh--

When they self-proclaimed this as GOTY, they weren't kidding. FuturLab were always destined for great things. Can't wait to play this, and to see how they grow as a studio.

magmar1261363d ago

Wow, great review and an awesome score! Glad this is a PS+ game, can't wait to play it!

Paul_Murphy1363d ago

I've been desperate to play this ever since I played the alpha at EGX last September. I feel dirty getting something like this for "free" so I'm definitely going to get the DLC.

Chaz30101363d ago

I second that! Think the least I could do to show my support for Futurlab would be to buy the DLC packs!

WeAreLegion1363d ago

Hey, Sony. Ready your checkbook.

Chaz30101363d ago

They already have, when they snapped it up for PlayStation Plus!

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The story is too old to be commented.