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Velocity 2X Review | The Vita Lounge

Charlie Large from The Vita Lounge reviews Futurlab's Velocity 2X, the sequel to the ultra-successful teleporting shooter Velocity Ultra, and loved every second of it! (PS Vita, PS4, Velocity 2X) 5/5

vongruetz  +   448d ago
Wow. Two 5/5 reviews on the same day. This has to be some kind of record somewhere. I can't wait to try it out later. I've been playing the original Velocity mini on my PSP to get ready.
Enemy  +   448d ago
FuturLab does it again.
Chaz3010  +   448d ago
They have indeed, it is a great game!
DigitalRaptor  +   448d ago
Holy Sh--

When they self-proclaimed this as GOTY, they weren't kidding. FuturLab were always destined for great things. Can't wait to play this, and to see how they grow as a studio.
magmar126  +   448d ago
Wow, great review and an awesome score! Glad this is a PS+ game, can't wait to play it!
Paul_Murphy  +   448d ago
I've been desperate to play this ever since I played the alpha at EGX last September. I feel dirty getting something like this for "free" so I'm definitely going to get the DLC.
Chaz3010  +   448d ago
I second that! Think the least I could do to show my support for Futurlab would be to buy the DLC packs!
WeAreLegion  +   448d ago
Hey, Sony. Ready your checkbook.
Chaz3010  +   448d ago
They already have, when they snapped it up for PlayStation Plus!
elda  +   448d ago
Getting this today!
redknight80  +   448d ago
Weren't people whining so much of the "poor" PS+ showing for September? All the reviews that I have seen for this game are quite stellar and it is coming as the free game for this month...I am stoked! If this is the "poorest" PS+ month then, hot damn, I can't wait for the greatest month :)
Heisenburger  +   448d ago
So because you want it, means that it can't seem unappealing to another? Seriously man, I've never ragged on PS+, as I enjoy trying games that I wouldn't have necessarily tried.

But that attitude of "this proves them wrong" is a bit silly. This game doesn't look at all appealing to me, neither have any of the other offerings for a while now. But I will continue to give every single one a fair shake.
redknight80  +   448d ago
What? I am not saying anything of the "this proves me wrong" sort nor did I imply this game is for everyone...I am just noticing that this game is getting high reviews all around. I never heard of this game before the PS+ announcement and all I implied was that I am surprised of all the people that complained like mad over the PS+ offerings for Sept. and here this game is getting great reviews, in the so called "worst PS+ month ever". Surely you noticed the many "Has PS+ lost its value...has Sony let its customers down...etc. etc." articles/comments as of late, yes? That is all I am referring to...how could you reckon otherwise?
ruefrak  +   448d ago
I think the best comment I saw on this was, "Stop giving us these amazing "indie" games and give us a mediocre AAA game that is barely a 7/10." Sarcastically of course.

I can't believe this game is launching as a PS+ offering. I'm not complaining, I just don't understand it.
Paul_Murphy  +   448d ago
I don't know about everyone else, but I would certainly rather play something because it was fun, rather than trundle through a mediocre title just because it has a "name".

I play games because they are fun. No other reason. I don't care who made it.
redknight80  +   448d ago
Yeah totally, I am equally surprised that this is launching as a PS+ offer. I never heard of this game before the announcement but my interest is peaked and now I can't wait to play it. I would have downloaded it anyways, of course, but now I am actually looking forward to it.
theshredded  +   448d ago
They weren't kidding when they said that this is a GOTY winner
tigertron  +   448d ago
Just a shame I have to wait until tomorrow after work (EU)...:(
Paul_Murphy  +   448d ago
It's a shame I have to choose between this as well as Don't Starve. That backlog continues to grow...
TylerOlthoff  +   448d ago
Such an awesome review! I've already got the game. Can't agree more with what you say Charlie :)
kacboy  +   448d ago
Can't wait to try it out myself!
ruefrak  +   448d ago
What a freakin awesome week for the Vita. I think everything coming out this week is for Vita in some form or another. Plus Velocity 2X looks amazing.

Now I just wish people would stop complaining about the price of the memory cards and look at these amazing games. LOOK AT THEM!!! And this one is free no less.
Paul_Murphy  +   448d ago
Careful ruefrak, people don't like the term "free" with IGC!

Memory cards are stupidly priced, but once you have bought it, you've bought it. It's not a continual cost (unless you upgrade) and in tandem with the PS + savings it's negated quite easily.

It's just an easy tool to bash the Vita with.
ruefrak  +   448d ago
Well, I got PS+ for the PS3, so everything aside from that, I consider free. When I signed up for it, that's all I was promised. They added PS Vita and PS4 on to the service at no extra cost.

So hence, free.

And yes, the cards are pricey, but they're a one time charge. Everyone brings up the cheap memory on the 3DS, but Nintendo games are always too expensive. So you pay less for the thing you don't need and more for the games that you do. Stupid.

Just get a 16gb card for $30 and move on.
PixelKnot  +   448d ago
5 stars well deserved.

2X is by far superior to Ultra. The visuals have really improved and they look amazing. Especially the explosion effects, they are definitely pretty.

I really love the new transitions between the ship and running on foot. It's cleverly smooth and offers more variety to the overall gameplay. I'm already past level 10.

One of the best free PS+ game in ages.

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