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Submitted by GamerGaming 451d ago | screenshot

Planetside 2 gets impressive new screenshots to show off new aircraft

Take a look at the new screenshots for Planetside 2. (PC, Planetside 2, PS4)

oODEADPOOLOo  +   452d ago
I can see a squad of these easily being more effective then a single galaxy transport, Esp in a large outfit.
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CloudRap  +   451d ago
So about that PS4 release date......
Moe-Gunz  +   451d ago
spence52490  +   451d ago
Hopefully this ship can transport us a little closer to that PS4 release date.
Spid3r6  +   451d ago
I will predicted this right now...PSN shutdown due to planetside massive battles;)
CloudRap  +   451d ago
If destiny's online holds up well on launch I sincerely doubt this game will crash it.
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cj1pate101  +   451d ago
Wow he compares a co op based game "(player vs. player modes are limited to either 6 vs. 6)" to a game in which a single server can hold up to 2,000 players at once. Please just stop trying.
Nykamari  +   451d ago
MAG didn't crash it, I believe PS2 will hold up.
Christopher  +   451d ago
SOE utilizes their own servers and the only element of PSN involved is in the initial credentialing for the user account and verification of a legitimate copy/version of the game and any add-ons.

Also, much like DCUO has done now, SOE will also have it so that if PSN goes down or you get a certain login error on PSN, they will keep you logged into their game and not otherwise affected as they will maintain your session on their end (read: their servers) and not require constant PSN validation (read: SEN servers)
King_of_Nothing  +   451d ago
Oh hey look its planetside 2, yea that game thats been out since 2012 on PC and was supposed to be out at launch on PS4.

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