People Are Complaining About The Anime Schoolgirl Sony Used To Demo Its VR Headset

Sony has showcased a potentially controversial new game to show off the technology behind its new Project Morpehus virtual reality headset.

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TimeSkipLuffy1293d ago

Sadly this is part of Japan's culture... and it is accepted as such... in Japan.

NewMonday1293d ago

so siting and talking with a virtual girl is controversial now?

TimeSkipLuffy1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

The problem is that this girl is 14-16 and that is underage. The target audience will be middle aged who will play even more explicit games because they like to sleep with young schoolgirls. That sometimes include r**e and more other things.

It is because it does not stop there.

jujubee881292d ago


Ah, ok. I see why people would be upset. (Doesn't mean they are correct, but I at least understand). Personally, I don't think she is that young looking.

She looks 18, 19, 20 to me.

NewMonday1292d ago

maybe they should ban Teen Vogue and any show with a teenager in it then.

not every Japanese game with a girl is hentai, dating sims are popular in Japan and don't have sex in them, Person3/4 is part dating sim.

BitbyDeath1292d ago

America does not understand why no gun is displayed on screen. Just confusion is all.

Jughead34161292d ago

I'd play it. lol.

Seriously, people need to get a life. Gaming is supposed to be fun. Stress reliever. People get way too serious over video games. Every form of entertainment has mature themes/audiences. Games aren't just for kids anymore.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1292d ago

This is the culture everywhere, I just think there is much more hypocrisy about it in the US.

Sex is life, people.

Reddzfoxx1292d ago

Feminists are okay with this stuff if it was made by a woman. But if its made by a man then they say it "wrongfully depicts women as sex objects".

This toxic nonsense is being spewed so certain feminists can fund their kickstarter campaigns.

johndoe112111292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

the people complaining are from a western culture, they have no idea about the Japanese culture. The demo was for a Japanese audience. Don't expect westerners to understand that, we just love to force our way of thinking on the rest of the world (well, at least not all of us do).

roboteye1292d ago


There was no age given to this character.
She can be 18+ and still be in high school.
Also I'd suggest you go to any porn sites and search for school girl. There you will find plenty of US school girl porn offerings.

Bimkoblerutso1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Sitting and talking with a REAL girl is apparently controversial now.

Haven't you heard? Men are all rapists.

Edit: and by god, I think it's really telling how out of control this is getting in the media now when there is a link to the Sarkeesian "Rape Threat" story at the bottom of the page, too.

Redrum0591292d ago

People must not know about how small Japan's relationship with sex is when compared to the US. I live here in the US and everything is sex here, if you aren't having sex in America then ppl think there's something wrong with you. In Japan, adults will rent rooms in sex themed hotels (the few that there are) just to play card games n such. They aren't a sex driven ppl like Americans are.

badz1491292d ago


"The problem is that this girl is 14-16 and that is underage. The target audience will be middle aged who will play even more explicit games because they like to sleep with young schoolgirls. That sometimes include r**e and more other things.

It is because it does not stop there."

wait...wait...are you saying what I think you're saying? for you, it's wrong because adult will play the game? but you're totally OK with kids playing games with guns killing people like CoD, BF or play as psychopathic killer/driver in GTA? guns and driving are illegal for kids too, you know.

come on, this is just a game. are you one of those who are saying playing GTA makes someone a killer irl?

hkgamer1292d ago

well, it was the fact that the user was staring at certain locations which was controversial.

however its japan and they are a little freaky.


was the age ever specified? where did you get 14-16? im guessing more high school, so around 15-18. so if its 18 then theres nothing wrong in a sense. doesnt make it less weird though.

PSVita1292d ago


You remember milo???

SilentNegotiator1292d ago

You're clearly playing the role of a rapist.


UltraNova1292d ago

So what if it was a 14-15 year old school boy there instead? How would they spin it then?

Even mentioning these things are stupid enough. Its sad really, that everything is used to gain publicity. Nothing's sacred anymore, the common moral ground has collapsed in its entirety for the sake of publicity and whatever it entails for those who stand to profit from disgrace.

kparks1292d ago

16 is not underage they only need to be 18 if your gonna film it.... Grass on the field play ball!

extermin8or1292d ago

The clip they showed at the confrence didn't show sitting and talking it was somewhat suggestive, ofc this is accepted in japan and seen as ok. Personally I see it as a pervert simulator and as quite disturbing but...

bouzebbal1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

what's wrong if she's 16, 14 or even 80? it's all about people's intention.
You use VR to explore a world itøs free for you to look where you want, it just reflects the real world.

People who complain about this are the same ones who have no problem with jap porn cartoons.. girls look way younger over there.. hypocrits!

andibandit1291d ago

Wish i'd gone to high school in Japan

DanteVFenris6661291d ago

Has no one here seen an animated between ages 15-40 they all look like there at their prime beauty. Just stop over complicating and stereotyping people. Japan has the best culture

DevilOgreFish1291d ago

I'll let the people who are willing to pay to play this, i just know i wouldn't. not because of lack of weapons, but more like i have the whole internet to explore for this specific subject.

I buy games that have story and enough potential to be on my shelf or hard drive. the game can have weapons or no weapons, but a story or a purpose is a must in my books.

TheRedButterfly1291d ago

You, I, and EVERYONE ELSE know that that isn't what's controversial about this demo.

frezhblunts1291d ago

Dude I run into kids on ps4 all the time more than my wii u weirdly. Kids now like all the action gory bloody games and get their hands on it like GTA5

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kratoz12091292d ago

She looks virtually legal ;)

poppinslops1292d ago

So it's okay?
I'm no feminist, but 'Men' like those above are part of a wider problem, and their comments are shameful... Saying it's cultural is a cheap excuse (One the Japanese seem less inclined to push, having FINALLY outlawed child porn)...

To those that built and endorse this crap... well, you're basically selling a peodophile simulator...

roboteye1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )


I agree. We should also stop selling any games with guns because they are murder simulators.

jnemesh1292d ago

@poppinslops why won't anyone think of the virtual children!

johndoe112111292d ago


I agree, we also need to start arresting and jailing all clothing company execs and employees who make bathing suits and bikinis for any females below the age of 17 because they are encouraging pedophilia.

Not to mention the creators of every anime ever made. Those [email protected]$ need to go down. Heck, and while we're at it we need to make it illegal for any male above the age of 18 to sit and talk to any female below the age of 17 who is not an immediate family member.

Heck, I'm voting for you next election.

MRMagoo1231292d ago

It's a game there is no legal age to have sex with a computer game. @poppin it's not paedophilia it's hebephilia the girl is obviously going or has gone thru puberty. Paedohilia is children below the age of puberty. Maybe if you whiteknight/feminists read more books you would not look so stupid

King_of_Nothing1292d ago

@poppinslops you forgot your fedora

bloodybutcher1291d ago

@poppinslops they should also ban donald duck cartoons, he is clearly running around with his underage nephews without pants

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Killzoner991292d ago

This is no different than bikini girls selling cars. I hate to break it to you but sex sells and Playstation is a mature brand so it is advertised to mature people. The PS4 is not a kids toy.

Sharky2311292d ago

People need to get over this. This tech demo will never see the light of day in North America or anywhere else for that matter. People pick the craziest stuff to get riled up about. It's not like half this stuff hadn't already been in a game in some form.

sonic9891292d ago

You know what is sad it will become a gay simulator when it comes to the west because that is more acceptable there.
Now please people leave your culture at your country and dont bother others with we couldnt care less what westerns think.

KwietStorm1292d ago

Ain't that the damn truth. And it will be heralded for it's heroic stance. A revolution.

sonic9891292d ago

Hahaaaa dude thats so true and disgusting too xd.

Bubbamilk1292d ago

Gay isn't acceptable in the states. The government just hangs it over our heads because being gay doesn't lose them money like legalizing marijuana and not invading countries for oil would.

With that said bring on the hype train for the gay simulator!!!!!

CoLD FiRE1292d ago

Didn't you know? Western values are the true values of humanity!


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Dynasty20211292d ago

The Japanese certainly aren't shy about "degrading" women publicly.

I was in Tokyo for 2 weeks in Dec last year, and was blown away at how many women outside stores were dressed in next to nothing, building-high ads of women in bras with big hair sucking lollipops.

Walk down the wrong street and there's massage and "happy ending" places everywhere.

Gh05t1292d ago

Yeah but the second you tell women they cant have their picture taken and put on a building or close down a massage parlor or strip club you will be labeled a misogynist who is just trying to control women and tell them they cant do something.

Notice the contradiction here.

Redempteur1292d ago

Sitting and talking to Milo in a kinect tech demo => ( 8 years old ) => praise !

Sitting and talking to a girl that look like 14 or 15 year old in a VR tech demo => people complain

Are you guys sérious ?

1Victor1292d ago

Just Make A Male Version And Problem Solved.I Bet If It Was A Guy With Guns In Short The Females.Wouldn't Be Complaining About It .

Syntax-Error1292d ago

Japanese men have an obsession with lil schoolgirls. Always have. Even some of their fighting games show this. Perverts

Spotie1292d ago

And the ignorance continues...

Tapewurm1292d ago

Sad that people complain about something as harmless as this....chatting with a virtual girl in a room.... ridiculous how some over exaggerate and persecute anything that isn't considered the norm.... add that it is related to gaming and there you have the double whammy.... just a VR experience... get over yourselves people ... Jeebus! 8)

ramiuk11292d ago

exactly,this isnt sony as such,its japans culture and the way they will want to see things envisioned imo.
when it comes out theres gonna stuff thats alot worse made for it lol

Buff10441291d ago

If this were on Xbox One, I doubt the majority if you would be so unforgiving. ;)

Number-Nine1291d ago

Japanese people are extremely pervy. As you said, it's part of their culture

Halo2ODST21291d ago

Age of Consent varies, just because in your country it is higher than other countries doesn't mean those other countries are wrong

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ritsuka6661293d ago

I'm guessing this game with be for the Japan market only and they won't bother to dub that trailer into English as it would just gather more negative attention.

sonic9891292d ago

Sadly we will get more first person shooters I cant stand it anymore.

ECHOBLAST1293d ago

Where the f is the controversy ? More games like that please !

Godmars2901293d ago

More games where you leer at a school girl?

Would rather see flight sims. Sims where you pilot mechs.

jujubee881292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Let's not bury the lead here, this game is very much a sexual fantasy fueled experience. They (Harada et al.) didn't reveal much gameplay or plot, showed a lot of camera angles that focused on the girls legs, breasts, etc.

Right off the bat, I don't think the anime girl looks so young as for this to be labeled a pederast fantasy game. (Again, I'm not doubting this isn't a game that suggests sex and the fetish or being w/ a school girl. I'm just providing my own artistic input about how the girls age might be like: 18, 19, 20.)

Second, I don't find any hentai or anime/manga sexually stimulating. It all looks too abstracted (from photoreal human form), but that's just me. I know that other people do like that and more power to them. I don't think playing this and enjoying themselves does me (or anyone else) any harm.

Last, I am glad that Harada is making this kind of game. Sex is something people don't like to talk about irl or in the comments section of gaming articles, at least, not in the articulate and smart way (biology and psychology of sex) that I'd want to discuss.

TenBensons1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

@Godmars THE most intelligent comment in here +1 bubble for having some brains.

Godmars2901292d ago

This game will likely never officially never leave Japan. It will be imported, used as example from a culture with different standards of how things are supposedly done in that culture, but that's it.

TimeSkipLuffy1292d ago

If you are a teen that might be ok to be a stalker and leer at school girls that are under 18??
But if you are an adult I recommend to play other games ^^

MRMagoo1231292d ago

I recommend you let people decide what they want to do themselves , it's a game not real life.

ECHOBLAST1292d ago

Oh yeah ? Games like Lego and all that stuff ? That kind of game (with the girl) can be usefull for some people. Crippled, ultra shy... It can even be used in therapies.

Of course there will be some burned-brains who will sit all day, doing stuffs with that/those girls, but those guys have a deeper problem. Plus they already exist.

Freedom is the most important, play what you want the way you want.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1292d ago

Thanks ECHOBLAST, finally someone with intelligence.

mochachino1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Both men and women are lying to themselves it they think they find a fully developed fit 17 year old body gross. Doesn't mean they want to have sex with the person, but they're hypocrites and liars if they complain about it while secretly finding it somewhat attractive.

I wasn't that long ago when people were marrying 15 year olds. It's not some aberrant biological defect indicative of pedophilia to appreciate someone younger than 18, a 14 year old sure, but the distinction between adult and minor is a legal creation which varies by country. Appreciating fully developed boobs is natural regardless of whether the girl is 17, 18, or 21. Laws have made it undesirable to do anything more than look but don't lie to yourself and denounce it as disgusting when you probably don't find it as such.

If you want to campaign against sexualizing high schoolers start with all those teen vampire shows, pretty little liars, gossip girl, hollywood movies, etc. where they use actual underage people or depict them clearly as underage, both males and females, and get them shirtless or in bras every episode.

How many of these people complaining were gushing over that shirtless wolf guy in Twilight, or the countless other "teenage" ripped guys in TV and movies? Half of them probably had the hots for Harry Potter.

Yi-Long1292d ago

There's a huge amount of hypocrisy going on in the 'developed' western world when it comes to sex/sexuality.


jujubee881292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

What's funny is that if you open up a discussion about sex to those in your social circle; it's really fascinating and fun. You get to know a whole new side of people you didn't know and it's funny and totally awesome what people say and think when it comes to sex.

Back onto the game though, it's pretty interesting (now that I think of it) if a VR game can really capture that feeling of a first meeting and/or "date". I think some people would actually get to know a lot about themselves by playing a game like that. Or, it would cement what they already know about themselves and work as a reflection piece where one can think back "Hey, I remember my first crush went kinda like this!". :)

ShaunCameron1291d ago

It's funny how they claim to be against sex-trafficking while making up the majority of said industry's client base.

Soldierone1292d ago

Pointed this out to a "feminist" the other day. They cry how woman are portrayed in a game aimed at a guy, yet walk down the romance book aisle that these same feminists love.

100's (seriously) of books with a shirtless guy, extra big muscles, perfect abs, etc.... and in the books are these "dream guy" characters. Yet thats all perfectly acceptable. Turn the book around, put a picture of a female in a school girl outfit and act in a way guys love and it becomes "offensive" and "wrong." Could you imagine if 50 Shades of Grey was for men?

Yi-Long1292d ago

Not just that: Go to any concert of one of those boy bands and look at how the girls/women are behaving. Ask guys like Tom Jones or Mick Jagger how women have thrown themselves on them.

Can you imagine guys acting like that at a Beyonce or Shakira concert? Throwing their boxers on stage, waiting at the exit to see if Beyonce might fancy a 'quicky'...!?

And just look at the magazines women read: Most of them are about sex, picking up men, how to look attractive for men, about cheating/affairs, etc etc.

Again, the hypocrisy is humongous and ridiculous.

We all have sexual preferences, desires, etc etc. So yeah, we prfer to look at sexy women, be it real or virtual. Nobody is going to care about the girls in Dead or Alive when they're fat veganists who enjoy reading books and dress like grandma and don't shave their legs.

People need to stop being so overly sensitive and be realistic, so all this hypocrisy can stop.